Best Android Apps 2020 (Top 50+ Category Wise)

Best Android Apps 2019

Android is a fast growing OS just because variety of different best apps. The huge amount of Apps are in the Google Play store. Apps are listed according to the different categories and you can download any app according to your own choice in your android phone. Android apps work like and additional extension to add more features to your device. Android phones always come with inbuilt apps but sometimes those are not essential for us all the time. There are many other apps that you should have on your android phone. So we have listed out  few important best android apps according to the particular category, which you should have. These apps can be helpful in your daily life like Fitness apps, business, shopping, calling, security apps which is also essential for your phone privacy, photo editing apps etc are the important Apps. So we here have made collection of all best android apps which you can choose according to your requirement.

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List Of Best Android Apps 2019

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We hope you likes all these best android apps according to there different purpose. If you find anything missing please leave your precious comments.