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Top 10 Best Android Apps For Medical Students – [2024 Edition]

AALAndroid smartphones provide a common platform for sharing information in different fields with the help of their amazing apps. We can learn many courses and stay updated with the latest information with Android apps.

The medical field can not remain immune from Android apps. These Android apps are beneficial for medical students. Doctors and physician also get the latest information about new medical researches.

Medical students do not need to carry heavy books all the time to study. These android apps for medical students help in studies. Students can study various general topics from these apps.

In this article, we are going to explain about the best Android apps for medical students with a brief description of each. We have curated this list after reviewing each application based on interface, features and more. Hope, you like it.

  1. Medscape.
  2. Diseases Dictionary.
  3. Visual Anatomy Free.
  4. Anatomy Guide.
  5. 3D Brain.
  6. Prognosis.
  7. Pharmacology.
  8. Physiology Learning Pro.
  9. Daily Rounds.
  10. Basic Biochemistry.

List of Best Android Apps For Medical Students.

1. Medscape.

Medscape Android AppThis app is awesome for Medical students or other students. It has a rating of 4.4 on Google play store. The nurses, physicians and chemists mostly use this app for healthcare information.

We can easily study on our Android phone through this app. We also read the latest medical news from this app. It is a lightweight Android app. We can know about drug information, Medicine from this app.

It also covered the 1000 medical topics. It supports Android 2.3 or higher version. We can access 129 medical calculators which are covering the formulas, scales, through this app. Approximately 5 million users downloaded this app.

Medscape: Download.

2. Diseases Dictionary.

Diseases Dictionary Android AppDiseases dictionary app is most important in all android apps for Medical students. Students can easily search any medical words and symptoms of diseases with a complete definition.

It does not require an internet connection and works completely offline. It is a lightweight Android app. This app is used by the Hospital nurses, Health Professional, Medical students and Physicians.

This app tells us about different diseases with definition and meanings. It requires Android 2.3 or higher version. Approximately 5 million people downloaded this app.

Diseases Dictionary: Download.

3. Visual Anatomy Free.

Visual Anatomy free Android AppThis app provides high-resolution images of different parts of the body with a description. It supports languages such as English, French,  Spanish, and German. It also provides audio pronunciation.

We can easily understand anatomy and physiology with the help of this app. It provides a good search option; we can easily search the different body organs and parts.

It has many contents like Muscular System, Circulation System, Urinary System,  Skeletal System, Female and Male Reproductive System with descriptions. About 5 million users downloaded this app.

Visual Anatomy Free: Download.

4.  Anatomy Guide.

Anatomy Guide Android AppAnatomy guide app is a simple and easy way of learning of different anatomical structure. This app is amazing in all android apps for Medical students. This app is providing us diagrams, photographs, lectures and tutorials.

It is divided into subcategories such as Anatomy guide,  Cardiovascular system Digestive system, Endocrine Alimentary system etc. We can share information with our friends through this app. About 1 million users downloaded this app.

Anatomy Guide: Download.

5.  3D Brain.

3D Brain Android App3D Brain app is awesome in the list of android apps for Medical students. If you want to know about the different parts of the brain, then this app is beneficial for you.

It covers entire topics associated with internal and sensitive parts of the brain. Also, it improves our knowledge. It gives us 3D images, labels and information.

Besides, It has many categories related to brain-like Pons, Perirhinal Cortex, Somatosensory Cortex, etc. Approximately 1 million people downloaded this app.

3D Brain: Download.

6. Prognosis.

Prognosis Android App

It is another good medical app for Android users. This app tells us about diseases within one minute. We can sharp our medical skills and treatment medical cases with this app.

It is providing different scenarios within a few minutes. One new scenario is added every week. It has a rating of 4.6 on Google Play store.

It is also helpful for Medical students and other health professionals. About 1 million users downloaded this app.

Prognosis: Download.

7.  Pharmacology.

Pharmacology Android AppIt is another amazing in all android apps for medical students. It is a good source of knowledge for medical students involved in clinical practice. Also, it is too lightweight android app.

We can share link our app on Facebook, What’s App etc. This app has divided into a further category such as General concepts, Autacoids, CVS, Renal much more. It provides more than 17 topics related to medical students.

Every chapter includes mnemonics to remember different topics. Approximately 0.5 million users downloaded this app.

Pharmacology: Download.

8. Physiology Learning Pro.

Physiology Learning Pro Android AppThis app is covering important topics with the help of animation.  It is handy for medical students or nursing students and other medical-related students. Also, it provides tutorials and quizzes.

It has many features like multiple choice questions which help us for exams preparation, zoom in and zoom out. So, it provides information about internal body parts to show an image with the label. Approximate 0.5 million users downloaded this app.

Physiology Learning Pro: Download.

9. Daily Rounds.

Daily Rounds Android AppThis apps is beneficial for physician and medical students. It has a rating of 4.6 on Google play store. We can easily learn clinical cases, and these cases are based on real-life scenarios.

It also provides multiple-choice questions that are helpful for our exam. It has included questions associated with diseases which help us share our knowledge for interview exam or paper.

We can know about new in the field of medicine from this app. About 0.5 million users downloaded this app.

Daily Rounds: Download.

10.  Basic Biochemistry.

Basic Biochemistry Android AppIf you want to understand the concept of biochemistry, then this app is perfect for you. It has many topics such as Cells, Water,  Protein, RNA, DNA,  Lipid and much more. It covers the basic knowledge of all the topics in this app.

Also, it is a lightweight Android app. So, it is compatible with all versions of Android. It provides a good user interface and easy to use. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

Basic Biochemistry: Download.

In conclusion, we hope that this list for Best Android apps for Medical students proves helpful in your studies. Do not forget tho share what u think in the comment section below.