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Top 5 Best PC Cleaner For Windows 11, 10 – [2024 List]

In this digital Era, laptops and computers have like a part of our daily lives. We can say we are dependent on these devices just like any information we need they provide us, if you want some entertainment in your life they will help you and mostly these devices increase our productivity in our daily lives. Laptops and Computers not only connect us to a global community but also enable us to show our creativity and talent.

While Using these devices we must maintain the optimal performance and durability of PCs and laptops. PC Cleaners also improve the life of your PC and make your system caching speed and performance up to date. PC cleaners prevent the system from viruses, bugs, and malware from contaminating your important official data as well as your data. These cleaners are also effective in enhancing your computer speed and increasing your work productivity. They play a vital role in maintaining and long-lasting performance in your computer and remain reliable, responsive for your system.

There are many free PC cleaners and optimizers that offer a better faster performance of systems, but not all live up to the mark. That’s why we have tried many most popular options and rounded up the ones that we believe will give your PC a noticeable speed boost, remove junk files, optimize settings, and better performance with durability. In this topic, we will list the 5 best PC cleaner software for Windows 10, including free and paid software.

List Of Best PC Cleaners For Windows.

1. Advanced SystemCare:

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is an extensive PC utility that is proficient at scanning, removing junk files, and optimizing many important aspects of your system. The primary objective is to address any issues that trouble your computer. This not only involves organizing unorganized files, clearing malware, and rectifying invalid access but also enhancing your computer’s performance and boosting your internet speed to elevate your overall PC experience.

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Advanced SystemCare cleaner is an easy-to-use and informative application that cleans, configures, and optimizes your PC with Ai Mode. This Cleans your PC and makes a customized plan for scanning, and removing junk files, irrelevant logs, and caches and protects your system from harmful third-party apps, tools, browsers, and even your own Windows system.

Advanced SystemCare also helps your system make an optimum speed, lacks defragmentation from other many programs running behind your system, and makes your surfing safe by cleaning traces & blocking suspicious processes.

2. Microsoft PC Manager:

Microsoft PC Manager

Microsoft PC Manager is a powerful PC cleaner tool created by Microsoft to cover the aspect of Windows. Microsoft made this cleaner to safeguard the PCs simply and reliably. This cleaner cleans your system and frees up spaces by removing malware and caches to enhance the performance of your system.

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Storage is the issue that sometimes affects the system badly but, this cleaner gives your PC a feature to manage your large files and also maintains your system to free up storage for you. You can find and fix issues in a moment for scanning and clearing threats with a single click. Your system will be fully protected with Windows security all the time.



CCleaner is one of the other popular PC cleaner applications that you can use to optimize your PC’s performance, manage running programs, clean your system caches, and remove junk files. You can use this cleaner to boost your PC performance, safeguard your personal or important data, and boost your internet speed as well.

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4. Tweaking Repair:

Tweaking Repair

Tweaking Repair is the best tool for your PC. This is designed to fix many of the common issues that can make your Windows system optimized. These issues can include unorganized settings, bugs, malware in the system problems with internet speed, windows updates, and even errors in the Windows Firewall.

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Mostly malicious software or poorly installed programs can infect your system, making it run defragmentally. However, with Tweaking Repair, you can make your system work properly and efficiently for long-lasting durability.

5. Ashampoo WinOptimizer:

Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is an awesome tool for your PC! This PC optimizer not only optimizes your PC speed or performance but also removes junk and malicious files, clears caches, and boosts your internet speed to enhance the durability of your PC.

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer also cleans your startup folder in a moment and makes more disk storage for your PC. It’s the perfect cleanup utility to make your PC faster and free from web browsing traces and protect your privacy with features of deleting, encrypting, and recovering files safety options.


As we all know PC and laptops are a part of our daily life. So We must take steps to maintain their performance and optimize using a good PC Cleaner is important for optimized system performance. In this article, we’ve described five PC cleaner free downloads for Windows.