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“Safe Tricks” created on 6 June 2012, carries the motto – “Technology is the new way of life”. We, at Safe Tricks have been working ever since, to make technology easier and accessible for one and all. It has been and will continue to be a hub for all Tutorials, How to’s, Software Reviews, Tips & Tricks, Apps and much more. Safe Tricks is also proud to boast an all-round coverage on various articles over all major tech platforms including mobile OS ie. Android & iOS, as well as major desktop OS ie. Windows & MAC. Our goal is to be a “Pioneer Digital Resource” for all kinds of tech solutions across platforms.

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Pahul Singh

Founder & Executive Editor

Pahul Singh is a Young Entrepreneur & Founder of multiple websites and online businesses. He started his web journey in 2011 and later on changed this hobby into career and emerge himself as social media marketer with over 3 Million+ followers worldwide. His passion and love towards technology pushed him to chase bigger challenges. In 2012, he started his first website which successfully received over a 10 Million+ users. With more than 6 years of experience in the online industry and countering countless setbacks and achievements, Now he is a successful Digital Marketer, Blogger, Blockchain Enthusiast, SEO expert, SMO consultant, certified web developer & youtube. He is presently working on multiple blogs, Ecom stores and dealing with countless online famous brands. With envisioning ideas and innovative nature, Pahul is moving ahead and has plans to expand his company.

Gurpartap Singh

Author & Editor

Prabhjot Singh

Graphics & Video Editor

Nikhil Chohan

Author & SEO Analyst

Archit Ahuja

Author & Editor

Himanshu Kumar

Content Writer

Karam Boparai