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Top 10 Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android – [2024 Edition]

Today Android smartphone becomes a multipurpose device. We can easily play games, listen to music, surf the fast internet, watch videos and much more. Android is also very popular among the youngsters for gaming purpose.

The android market provides games in many different categories. Android addictive games are top-rated among youngsters. These games are full of adventure and fix your hand with glow with your mobile screen.

Google Play store also provide virtual reality apps for android User. Virtual reality apps for Android provide a real feeling of a place, driving, visiting a horror place, watching 360-degree videos, etc.

These apps provide a virtual environment simulation of actual places with little hardware support like Google Cardboard VR headset or other VR hardware. We can take enjoy different feelings without going anywhere with the help of these Apps.

Today we will provide you a list of virtual reality Apps for Android with a brief description of each. So, you get to know about each one of them before choosing.

  1. Fulldrive VR.
  2. Cardboard Camera.
  3. VRSE Virtual Reality.
  4. Cedar Point VR.
  5. Insidious VR.
  6. Jaunt VR.
  7. Discovery VR.
  8. Youtube.
  9. Expeditions.
  10. Titans of Space.

Best Virtual Reality Apps For Android.

1. Fulldrive VR Virtual Reality.

fulldrive vrIt is also a high rated app in the list of best VR Apps for Android. It has a rating of 4.1 on the Google play store. This app works fine with any virtual reality viewer, such as the Google Cardboard VR headset.

We can easily stream YouTube videos in a VR video player, which provides you a feeling of real theater. We can also use the internet and camera in VR mode. Approximately 1 million users downloaded this app.

Fulldrive VR: Download.

2. Cardboard Camera.

cardboard cameraIt is a wonderful app in the category of VR apps for Android. It has a rating of 4.4 on the Google play store. With this app, we can easily capture photos with depth and sound that we can see in and hear in VR.

We can easily view photos in virtual reality using Google cardboard. Approximately 1 million users download this app.

Cardboard Camera: Download.

3. Vrse Virtual Reality.

within vrIt is also a good app in the list of best VR apps for Android. This app is based on providing you a view of filmmakers’ 360-degree camera videos. This camera provides us a circular view in all directions from the camera point.

This app provides high-quality videos with a more realistic view. It is a lightweight app that requires an android 4.4 or higher version. Approximately 1 million users download this app.

VRSE Virtual Reality: Download.

4. Cedar Point VR.

cedar point vrIt is one of the wonderful app in the list of Best virtual reality apps for android. Cedar Point is preparing to make the world’s longest dive coaster in northern Ohio.

This app provides us a feeling of this world’s longest drive. It provides us the more realistic scenes and graphics. Approximately 0.5 million users download this app.

Cedar Point VR: Download.

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5. Insidious VR.

insidous vrIf you like horror adventure and want to take the experience of it, then this app is really for you. It has a rating of 4.3 on the Google play store. Elise rainier act as your guide in the horror adventure.

For the best experience of this app, you require Google cardboard and a VR headset. It requires Android 4.4 or higher version. Approximately 0.5 million users download this app.

Insidious VR: Download.

6. Jaunt VR-virtual Reality.

jaunt vrIt is also a good virtual reality app for Android users, which provides various videos in different categories like nature, music, comedy, etc. It provides an immersive cinematic VR experience with the help of its 360-degree video view.

In this app, all the videos are available for free, and content is updated regularly. It is a lightweight android app that has a rating of 4.2 on the Google play store. Approximately 0.1 million users download this App.

Jaunt VR: Download.

7. Discovery VR.

discovery vrIt is also an amazing app in the list of VR apps for Android. This app is specially designed for the android user who likes discovery and wildlife.

This app provides us a closer view of discovery with its amazing high-quality videos with a 360-degree camera view. It requires Android 4.2 or higher version. Approximately 0.5 million users download this App.

Discovery VR: Download.

8. YouTube.

youtubeYouTube is, no doubt, the biggest and best video streaming website on the internet. Google itself owns it. YouTube offers a lot of virtual reality content and 360-degree videos that you can enjoy using VR headsets.



Youtube: Download.

9. Expeditions.

expeditionsExpeditions are great in all Virtual reality apps for android. With this App, users can view various destinations, landmarks, landforms, waterscapes, and tons of other VR mode places. This App is available for free on the Google Playstore.



Expeditions: Download.

10. Titans of Space.

titans of spaceTitans of Space is an app that offers a complete tour of the solar system on your Android smartphone using Virtual Reality. You can compare planets’ sizes, roam around freely, learn more about various planetary bodies, and much more. It is a must-try VR app.



Titans of Space: Download.

In conclusion, These are the best Virtual reality apps For your android smartphone. Just slide your phone into a VR headset and enjoy the virtual world.