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Top 10 Best MP3 Music Downloader For iPhone – [2024 Edition]

As we all know, the iPhone is a trendsetter nowadays, and everyone is fond of its quality and tempting features. iPhone is getting common nowadays as they are status symbols.

And we are aware that one can not just download an mp3 file on an iPhone. One has to buy them on iTunes or connect his iPhone to a computer to transfer songs from the computer to the iTunes software installed on the computer, then sync it to his iPhone.

Sometimes it is a mess, and all this procedure irritates the user. To solve this problem, many mp3 music downloaders for iPhone can download songs and avoid the hustle of connecting their iPhone to the computer whenever they want a song on their iPhone.

So, today we have come up with a list of the Best MP3 downloaders for iPhone. Each entry in the list comes along with a brief description of its features and functions.

  1. Downloader.
  2. IDL Plus Free.
  3. EDL Free.
  4. IDL.
  5. Google Play Music.
  6. Groove.
  7. Deezer.
  8. Spotify.
  9. Beat.
  10. MyMedia.

List Of Best MP3 Downloader For iPhone.

1. Downloader.

Downloader app iconHaving this application installed on your iPhone, you can easily download any file on your iPhone. You can add numerous downloads simultaneously. Also, you can secure your files using a passcode.

Moreover, you can even pause and resume the downloads and the download keeps running even in the background. This app has support for iCloud, Airdrop, E-mail, Dropbox, Box, and many others.

Downloader: Download.


iDl free app iconIt is a powerful mp3 music downloader for iPhone available on App Store for more than 5 years. This app helps you to store files for offline usage. It also has a built-in web browser that supports various tabs opened simultaneously.

You can integrate this app with iCloud to sync and store your files. Also, it allows you to search for a particular file in the file manager. You can set a Passcode lock to avoid intruders.

IDL Plus Free: Download.

3. EDL free.

edl app iconeDl is a simple and easy file and download manager that allows you to download files to your iPhone. The file manager has a built-in PDF viewer, document viewer, and audio player and can even compress and decompress a RAR and ZIP file.

Its download manager has a fast download speed and supports unlimited simultaneous downloads. You can view any document file in this file manager. A PIN code can be set to secure your files.

EDL Free: Download.

4. IDL.

idl app iconWith this app, you can easily download files from the Cloud and your PC/Mac directly to your iDevice and work with them offline. It features a media player that supports background playing.

You can extract ZIP and RAR archives using its file manager. You can also integrate this app with iCloud. Also, you can view any document from this app itself. It gives the user an option to open their files in other apps.

IDL: Download.

5. Google Play Music.

Google play music app iconDeveloped by a company like Google, users can listen to their favorite music connected to an internet connection. Users can upload their own songs and listen to them anywhere and anytime.

This mp3 music downloader for iPhone sorts music according to genre, singer, and album. After upgrading to premium services, the user can even download those songs to listen to them even offline. This app has received awesome reviews on the App Store.

Google Play Music: Download.

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6. Groove.

Groove app iconDeveloped by a company like Microsoft. Users can listen to songs in this app only after integrating this app with OneDrive. After you have added songs to OneDrive, you can listen to them anywhere, anytime.

Users can discover new songs, albums, and artists right from their iPhones. Users can even listen to radio stations in this app. Add songs, albums, and playlists to your Groove music collection and access them from your phone, Xbox, PC, tablet, and the web.

Groove: Download.

7. Deezer.

Deezer app iconWith Deezer, you can download as much music as you want on your iPhone for free. Just search for your favorite song, artist, or album and listen to it without any limits.

After upgrading to the premium version, users can even download their favorite music to listen to it even offline.

The Deezer app is also available for Apple Watch. You can play high-quality music via your car stereo. This app has a very clean and sorted User Interface.

Deezer: Download.

8. Spotify.

Spotify app iconIt is an mp3 music downloader for iPhone when connected to the internet. It even shows personal recommendations by having a look at your choice of music. To listen to your music offline user needs to upgrade to the premium version of the app.

Once upgraded to the premium, users can listen to high-quality music anytime, anywhere on any device: mobile, tablet, or computer. This app is very highly rated and has received brilliant reviews in the App Store.

Spotify: Download.

9. Beat.

Beats app iconThe beat is a beautiful, gesture-based, simple, and easy-to-use mp3 music downloader for iPhone. It contains a lot of different themes to give you complete enjoyment while listening to your favorite songs.

Intuitive gestures allow you to feel your music and go through the application with ease. User can share what he is listening to on Facebook or Twitter. Users can customize shake gestures to match their needs. Users can even lock this app to avoid intruders.

Beat: Download.

10. MyMedia.

MyMedia app iconMyMedia is a powerful file manager that enables you to manage files on your device. You can play the files, manage them, and export them to your computer. Users can view documents in its built-in document viewer.

Users can extract ZIP and RAR archives from the app itself. Music will play even when the user puts the app in the background and locks the screen. It has a built-in photo and video viewer. Users can protect their data by securing it with a Passcode lock.

MyMedia: Download.

Hence, these are the best mp3 music downloaders for iPhone & iOS devices. Please share them with your friends and tell us what you think.