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Top 10 Best Spy Apps for Android – [2024 Edition]

Android provides apps in many different fields according to user requirements. Android provides spy apps to keep track of our friends, relatives, employees, etc. Android spy apps can be used for security or tracking purpose.

These apps can also be used for business purposes. We can easily track our employee’s phone location and the route they follow. Spy apps for android can also be used for backup purposes. We can easily backup our phone data like call logs, contacts, messages, etc., on our registered email.

Install these apps to target phones and spy their messages. With these apps’ help, we can easily take photos and videos without camera preview and sound. We can also customize our camera settings to take photos or movies when detecting smiling faces etc.

We can also take photos remotely from our camera. In this article, we will explain the best spy apps for android for various security purposes.

  1. XnSpy.
  2. Secret Video Recorder.
  3. Spy Message.
  4. Mobile Spy Mobile Tracker.
  5. Spy Camera.
  6. Hide Calls Automatically.
  7. Text Monitor.
  8. Spy My Phone.
  9. Track Anyone Location.
  10. FlexiSpy.
  11. EarSpy Super Hearing.

List Of Best Spy Apps For Android.

1. XnSpy.

xnspy logoXnspy is one of the top spying apps for Android. It is a combination of basic and advanced spying features. It lets you monitor text messages, call logs, instant messenger chats, email, internet activities, track location, control the phone remotely, record calls and surroundings, take screenshots, and a lot more.

The app is lightweight, and it works in complete stealth mode on the target device. The web account from where you monitor the activities has a user-friendly interface. It works on Android version 4.x, 5.x, 6.x & 7.0. It is a fast, intuitive, and reliable android monitoring software.

XnSpy: Download.

2. Secret Video Recorder.

Secret Video Recorder Android AppSecret Video Recorder is an awesome Android App in the list of Spy apps for Android. We can easily record and capture Photos without any sound, and we can also stop camera preview during recording.

It can also record during calls. It also provides options for SMS recording, schedule recording, etc. It is a lightweight Android App that requires Android 4.0.3 or higher version. Approximately 1 million users download this app.

Secret Video Recorder: Download.

3. Spy Message.

Spy Message Android AppSpy Message is a wonderful app in the list of Android Spy apps. We can easily send secret messages to our friends and anyone other. We can easily set a timer to delete our messages automatically without leaving a trace.

We can also set our friend list and easily customize it later with whom we want to share secret messages. It has a simple and user-friendly interface. Approximately  0.5 million users download this App.

Spy Message: Download.

4. MOBILE SPY Mobile Tracker.

It is anoMobilespy Android Appther high rated Android app that has a rating of 4.6 on the Google play store. It provides features like GPS kids tracking, anti-theft, GPS locator, etc. We can easily listen to phone calls, view phone contacts, apps uses, and photos were taken.

It is a lightweight Android app with an easy to use interface. It requires Android 2.3 or higher version. Approximately 50 thousand people download this app.

MobileSpy Mobile Tracker: Download.

5. Spy Camera.

Spy Camera Android AppSpy is another famous Android app in the list of Spy Apps for Android. It has a rating of 4.1 on the Google play store. No one can notify us when we capture a picture or record a video.

This app has no camera preview or no capture sound. We can easily customize the settings to capture or record a video after detecting a smiling face and choose the camera front or back.

We can also capture videos remotely from our mobile with a secret message. Approximately 0.5 million users download this App.

Spy Camera: Download.

6. Hide Calls Automatically.

Hide Calls Android AppIt is another good choice for Android spy apps to enhance our privacy. We can keep our calls hidden from others. We can easily add the phone number to our contact list whose call record we want to delete.

It is easy to use software with awesome graphics. It is compatible with Android 2.3 or higher version. Approximately 0.5  million users download this App.

Hide Calls Automatically: Download.

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7. Text Monitor.

Text Monitor Android AppTest Monitor is another Famous Android app in the list of Spy apps for Android. We can easily backup our phone messages,  call logs and MMS on our email. We can also read our phone messages and read call logs when our phone is not present.

We can easily spy the target phone just by installing this app on the target phone. Approximately 50 thousand users download this App.

Text Monitor: Download.

8. Spy My Phone.

Spy My Phone Android AppSpy My Phone is the most reliable and featured Android app. It is an easy to use Android app with awesome graphics. We can easily backup our call logs, Contacts, SMS, notes, and location with this app and export them to our email address.

We can easily hide the application with a single click and get back by dialing only #000777. We can also convert our call logs,  contacts, messages into excel file. Approximately 0.1 million users download this App.

Spy My Phone: Download.

9. Track Anyone Location.

Track Anyone Location Android AppIt is another amazing App in the list of Android spy app. It is a light weight Android app with an easy to use interface. We can easily track anyone’s location using this app.

Download this app on your phone and ask your friend or employee to whom location you want to track. We can also add our contact list to see another user of this app. Approximately 0.1 million users download this app.

Track Anyone Location: Download.

10. FlexiSpy.

Flexispy Android AppIt is an Android monitoring app through which we can take full control of Android devices through the computer. We can easily spy on voice calls, GPS location, and record phone call through a web interface.

This app can easily run in the background and foreground. We can easily read all the SMS messages, send fake messages, track phone passcode, and much more. It provides easy to use interface and attractive graphics.

FlexiSpy: Download.

11. EarSpy Super Hearing.

EarSpy Super Hearing Android AppIt is another best Android app in the list of best spy apps for Android. We can easily listen to the talks of other people using this app. We can use a Bluetooth headset to listen to other people talk by leaving your phone.

We can easily become a detective using this app. This app capture voice using a phonemic. Approximately 5 million people download this App.

EarSpy Super Hearing: Download.

In conclusion, we hope you use your proper judgment while using these best spy apps for android. Make sure you do not cause any trouble to harm somebody. Respect the privacy of individuals. Share what u think with us in the comments below.