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Top 10 Best Android Apps For Women’s/Girl Safety – [2024 Edition]

Android smartphones also play a good role in Women’s or girls Security with some awesome women’s safety Apps. Parents always worry about their daughters when they travel outside at night.

Sometimes in trouble situations, Girls can not make a call or type a message in a hurry and worry. In that situation, Android women’s safety apps, or we can say android apps for girl safety, provide easy one-touch message and email sending.

We can also customize app settings to send messages using the power button and shake the phone and volume up-down button. These apps also provide GPS tracker to track our exact location by our friends or other trusted contacts.

We can also add multiple contacts to these apps for our help. We can easily find the nearest Police Station, hosp, ital, etc. in a trouble situation and make calls to the ambulance, fire brigade, and police.

  1. Women Safety.
  2. Complete Safety.
  3. Raksha Women Safety Alert.
  4. Women Safety ToTem SOS Help.
  5. Women Safety Secured.
  6. Women Safety Bharati.
  7. RedEye Women Safety.
  8. GoSafe Girl Safety.
  9. Be Safe.
  10. Girl Safety.

List Of Best Android Apps For Women’s Or Girl Safety.

1. Women Safety.

Women Safety Android AppIt is one of the best Android App for Women’s safety. We can easily update our dear ones about our location or other information. This app can capture pictures from the front and Rear Cameras and upload them to the server.

Also, a link to photos is emailed to our pre-configured Mail Address. This app has three buttons according to the seriousness of the location. Suppose we are in danger, press the Red button for help. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this App.

Women Safety: Download.

2. Complete Safety.

Safetipin Complete Safety Android AppIt is an awesome android app for Girl safety that provides a full-fledged system for girl safety. It provides GPS location tracking, emergency contacts, direction to a safe location, pins showing safe and unsafe locations.

We can find nearby safety services like hospitals, Police stations, etc. We can also know about the location information before visiting the location. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

Complete Safety: Download.

3. Raksha Women Safety Alert.

Raksha Women Safety Alert Android App

Raksha Women Safety Alert is popular in all Android Apps for girl safety in India from It is easy to use with an attractive graphical user interface. It has a rating of 4.1 on the Google Play store.

We can share our location with our trusted contacts, and we can also see their location. It also provides information about the insecure zone, and we can also send SMS if there is no internet connection. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

Raksha Women Safety Alert: Download.

4. Women Safety Totem SoS Help.

Women Safety Totem SoS Help Android AppIt is another useful among all android apps for Women’s safety app, specially designed for emergencies. We can contact the police, the Fire brigade, Ambulance, etc.

We can also add our personal contacts for help. It also provides tips for women’s safety while traveling. We can send SOS messages with totemsos Remote Bluetooth  Button with three clicks without taking out our phone. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

Women Safety Totem SOS Help: Download.

5. Women Safety Secured.

Women Safety Secured Android AppIt is an Android app which provides weapon in women hand for their security in trouble situation. It is a light weight Android app with an awesome GUI and easy to use controls.

We are unable to make calls or type messages in trouble situations. We need to shout in that situation only. This app considers the loud shouting and crying as an emergency alarm and send a message to our emergency contacts.

Approximately 50 thousand people downloaded this App.

Women Safety Secured: Download.

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6. Women Safety Bharati.

Women Safety Bharati Android App

Women Safety Bharati is a powerful Android app for women’s security. It keeps women safe and secure during traveling. It provides emergency help to women in 28 different countries, including India, Egypt, Ghana, Somalia, etc.

We can directly call the police in an emergency and send a help message to our friends. It also provides a GPS tracker through which our friends can track our location on the internet. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

Women Safety Bharati: Download.

7. RedEye Women Safety.

RedEye Women Safety Android App

It is another popular Android App specially designed for women’s security. It has a rating of 4.9 On the Google Play Store. When we go from one place to another and feel insecure, put our source and destination on this app.

It will show your location to your friends and alert them when you distract from your path or staying for a long period in the same location. We can easily customize settings according to our requirements.

We can make calls with multiple power button pressing and send messages. Approximately 50 thousand users downloaded this app.

RedEye Women Safety: Download.

8. GoSafe Girl Safety.

GoSafe Girl Safety Android App

It is an Android app that is specially designed for women’s or girls’ safety. This app provides the surety to parents that their daughters are safe. It is a lightweight Android app so that everyone can use it.

Girls can send photos of taxis that they hire to their trusted emails also. It provides a GPS tracker to track our location perfectly. Approximately 10 thousand users downloaded this app.

GoSafe Girl Safety: Download.

 9. Be Safe the Women Safety App.

Be Safe the Women Safety Android App

It is a popular Women Safety app for Android users. We can inform our dear ones about our location and situation in a few clicks. It also provides safety tips to women. We can easily customize our settings.

We can send an emergency message to our selected contacts by shaking the phone, power button volume button. Approximately 10 thousand users downloaded this App.

Be Safe Women Safety App: Download.

10. Girl Safety.

Girl Safety Android AppIt is a new Android App for girl safety, a rating of 4.4 out of five On the Google Play store. It is a lightweight Android App with easy to use interface and attractive graphics.

This app comes with 11 predefined messages according to an emergency, and we can also add some other information to messages. It provides a one-touch feature in an emergency; a help message is sent to all our trusted contacts.

Users can also send the photos with an email attachment. Approximately 1 thousand people downloaded this App.

Girl Safety: Download.

Hence, these are the best apps that you can install as a girl on your android device to ensure maximum security at all times. Please share this with your friends to keep them safe as well.