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Top 10 Best Security Apps For iPhone/iPad – [2024 Edition]

It is no longer a hidden truth that Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods are ruling the world nowadays. A few years ago, IT giant Blackberry used to trend, these are now Apple’s years to trend and grow their market share, and undoubtedly they are doing it very well with their new and unique innovative ideas.

Latest masterpiece from Apple, namely the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, are trendsetters. As more and more people are buying these masterpieces, security and privacy issues become very concerned.

Hence hundreds of security apps for the iPhone are available in the App Store. There is a great variety of apps available for different purposes, such as:-

  1. Hiding Files that may include images, videos, audios, or any other document files.
  2. VPN apps that help in the browsing of websites that are restricted by Isp’s.
  3. Password management apps that help in keeping your account and password details safe.
  4. Apps that help in finding your lost idevices.

Following is the list of some of the best Security apps for iPhone that offer users above written services to help people better.

  1. VPN Hexatech.
  2. Secret Calculator Icon.
  3. BetterNet VPN.
  4. Find My iPhone.
  5. Avira Mobile Security.
  6. Norton Identity Safe.
  7. Keeper.
  8. mSecure.
  9. Best Phone Security Pro.
  10. 1Password.
  11. Foscam HD 1 Lite.

Best Security Apps For iPhone & iPad.

1. VPN Hexatech.

VPN hexatech app iconVPN Hexatech is a completely free VPN service app that helps users browse all restricted websites such as Facebook, YouTube, etc. It secures your connection when connected to public hotspots.

It also gives a fast connection by automatically detecting the user’s location and connecting to the nearest server. VPN Hexatech is the recommended app in all security apps for the iPhone.

It has a straightforward and easy User Interface with just a power button to switch the app. This app is available for iPhone and iPad free of cost.

VPN Hexatech: Download.

2. Secret Calculator Icon.

Simple calculator app iconUsing this app, you can easily manage, hide, and store your private videos, images, contacts, audios, and documents. As this app has a Calculator’s home screen icon, no one can make a guess what it actually is in.

Users can also set a Pattern lock, Pin lock, or a password. Users can import multiple images, videos at a time, making it a handy and useful app. Special features of this app are that it captures an image of an intruder who tries to break into your personal files using the front camera.

It also has a Panic wrap system, which switches to another app using motion gesture flicks such as a shake or facedown.

Secret Calculator Icon: Download.

 3. Betternet VPN.

Betternet vpn app iconBetternet gives you access to browse and surf websites that are restricted on a particular network or hotspot. When switched on, it changes your IP address so that you can not be tracked.

It works as a free proxy but keeps your passwords and other personal data secure. It connects you to the nearest server by automatically detecting your location, thus giving faster connection speed. This app has a very eye catchy and simple user interface.

Betternet VPN: Download.

4. Find my iPhone.

find my iphone app iconApple provided this app as a stock update when users updated to 9.0 + ios version. It is most recommended in security apps for the iPhone. By far, it is the best app to search and remotely control your iPhone, iPad.

You can see the location of your idevice on the map and give a ring on it when you are searching for it. Users can also erase all the data on idevice from signing in to find my device from the computer if they have lost their device.

User can lock their devices with a passcode, and it even shows the charge of the battery.

Find My iPhone: Download.

5. Avira Mobile Security.

Avira mobile security app iconThis free app helps users to locate upto 5 devices. It also checks whether your emails are safe and scans your contacts for any spammers. You can give a ring on the lost device, and as a bonus, it has an OS checker to check whether your iOS is up-to-date.

Its Dashboard lets you connect and track up to 5 devices. It pinpoints the lost iPhone’s location on the map.

Avira Mobile Security: Download.

6. Norton Identity Safe.

Norton identity safe app iconDeveloped by a renowned company like Norton, one wouldn’t ever doubt the security it assures to its users. It can be locked using a PIN lock. It stores all the passwords and account details of various websites.

Credit card details and addresses can also be saved in this app. A built-in password generator helps users to create a strong and un-crackable password. This app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and is available free of cost here.

Norton Identity Safe: Download.

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7. Keeper.

Keeper app iconFor those users who want everything in just one application, here is the solution, Keeper!. It is a password manager as well as a file hider. That file may be an image, video, document, or audio.

You can store as many passwords as you want. You can log in to this app using Touch ID too. To change the look, just change the theme. You can also enable yourself to destruct. You can store your documents on a private cloud.

Keeper: Download.

8. mSecure.

mSecure app iconKeep your data safe with this app. This app automatically syncs your data and has a self destruct option. It has a simple and easy user interface. You can share your account details via email and SMS.

Once you purchase it, you can download it for free on your other idevices. It helps users to create un-guessable passwords. It has been rated very high on the App Store.

Users can search within the app for particular account details. With the latest update, users can sync their data with iCloud.

mSecure: Download.

9. Best Phone Security Pro.

Best phone security pro app iconHaving this app installed on your iPhone, the user just needs to activate it. Whenever someone tries to open your device, it will ward off the intruders with an alarm.

The interesting thing is that you can record your own alarm sound and play it as the app’s default alarm sound. It has an option between Touch ID, pattern lock, or passcode lock. Using the front camera of your device will also capture an image of an intruder.

Best Phone Security Pro: Download.

10. 1Password.

1password app uiHaving this app installed on your device, you do not need to remember all the accounts and passwords. This app helps you generate strong passwords and store all of your accounts’ usernames and passwords.

It uses military-grade data encryption method to keep your data secure. You can store details in different sections in different categories. When a default browser is set, it automatically fills usernames and passwords of different accounts.

1Password: Download.

11. Foscam HD 2 Lite.

Foscam hd 2 lite app iconIt is the best camera app for Foscam. It streams data from where they are located, and you can view the live image. Using this app, you can zoom in/out, pan/tilt. You can detect motion and sound using this app.

You can view the live image from two cameras simultaneously. User can monitor their connection via this app. It supports most Foscam MJPEG and HD cameras.

Foscam HD 2 Lite: Download.

So these are the best security apps for the iPhone. We hope these apps help you to keep your device safe and secure.