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10+ Best Tools/Utility Apps For Android 2024 – [Top List]

Looking For Android Utility Apps? Android is rather the most popular smartphone operating system. Due to the popularity of Android OS, many companies started manufacturing phones with Android. Every company designs and customizes Android OS according to their requirements.

They offer many utility apps like Calculator,  GPS, torch,  antivirus apps,  app locker, and much more. But every phone doesn’t have all these utility apps. Because few companies totally provide their own UI system.

In that case, Android Launcher also provides additional features. All these have different app functionality systems.  Some older Android has only a few utility apps. It does not have apps like an inbuilt torch, app locker,  language translator, etc.

You need to download the best utility apps for Android, which we have to download and install on our phone to take advantage of our phone capabilities. Today, we will provide so best utility apps for Android phones, which fulfill all missing utility app requirements from Android devices.

List Of Best Utility Apps For Android.

1. Clean Master.

Clean Master Android AppClean Master is an amazing Android utility app to keep our phones safe from viruses and malicious programs. It offers a combo pack of app locker,  Memory cleaner,  CPU booster, Antivirus, etc.

We can easily lock our private apps like Whatsapp, Facebook,  messages, and contact to increase our security.  It also provides an autostart manager through which we can control the auto-starting of apps.

Its task-killer process kills all the extra tasks that make our device slow.  Approximately 200 million users have downloaded this app.

Clean Master: Download.

2. Google Translate.

Google Translate Android AppGoogle Translate is an awesome Android app, which also falls in the category of utility apps. We can translate the world’s language to our mother tang. We can translate 90 languages by typing.

Users can also use the camera to translate the text into their desired language, and this feature supports 26 languages. We can also download the language pack for offline use if we do not have an internet connection.  Approximately 200 users have downloaded this app.

Google Translate: Download.

3. Smart Tools.

Smart Tools Android AppSmart Tools is an Android utility app that provides us with a combo pack of daily usage tools. It supports 33 different tools like a code scanner, Night vision, Calculator, compass,  thermometer,  Ruler, Battery tester, etc.

Smart Tool is a lightweight app with easy to use interface. It provides tools for different occasions. This app makes its users smart with the help of different tools.

Usually, these tools are not available on all smartphones.  Approximately 5 million users have downloaded this app.

Smart Tools: Download.

4. Super Bright LED Torch.

Super Bright LED Torch Android AppIt is an awesome Android utility app that frequently converts our Smartphone into an LED torch. We can take full advantage of smartphone LED with easy-to-use on/off control.

An older smartphone does not have an inbuilt torch. This is the best option for an older smartphone to convert it into a torch.

It also has bling mode support, and we can adjust its blinking frequency. Approximately 200 million users have downloaded this app.

Super Bright LED Torch: Download.

5. IP Tools Network Utilities.

IP Tools Network Utilities Android AppIP Tools Network Utilities is a powerful network utility app for Android smartphones. It quickly helps us to analyze Networks and detect problems.  It provides the most common network tools which we often use in Linux and Windows.

IP Tools Network utility provides-to-use to provide information about internal and external IP addresses,  SSID,  BSSID,  broadcast addresses,  network mask,  country,  region, etc.

It also provides a ping tool to check network connectivity. Approximately 5 million users have downloaded this app.

IP Tools Network Utilities: Download.

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6. QR Droid Code Scanner.

QR Droid Code Scanner Android AppIt is another popular Android utility app that converts our phone into QR, a Bar Code scanner.  We can easily scan code from the camera, or we can also import images to scan code.

We can easily scan and create QR codes from our contact and bookmark and easily send it to our friends. It also provides its widget to get more help from this app. Approximately 100 million users have downloaded this app.

QR Droid Code Scanner: Download.

7. Duplicate Contacts & Utilities.

Duplicate Contacts & Utilities Android AppIt is an Android Utility app that helps us to manage our contacts and email contacts easily.  Often we have hundreds of contacts. We can not find duplicate contact easily. It provides tools to find contact with the same name and number, the same name, and a different number.

This app provides an inbuilt duplicate contact detector and contact remover. It also detects duplicate email contact when we sync our contacts. Microsoft Outlook or Gmail fetches all emails to contacts.

We can also export contacts in PDF or Excel files.  Approximately 0.5 million users download this app.

Duplicate Contacts & Utilities: Download.

8. Google Gesture Search.

Google Gesture Search Android AppGoogle Gesture Search is an Amazing Utility app that makes our search smart.  We can easily search our Contacts,  apps, setting, and music bookmarks. It continuously refines search results as we add gestures and letters.

It provides easy to use interface with quick searching tools.  We do not need to find our settings,  apps, etc., draw the letter on our smartphone screen, and see the result. Approximately 5 million users have downloaded this app.

Google Gesture Search: Download.

9. Phone Doctor Plus.

Phone Doctor Plus Android AppPhone Doctor Plus is a good option to keep our phone health good. It provides 30 hardware tests to check our hardware status like GPS,  Camera,  CPU speed,  Memory,  Battery, and much more.

It provides a smart and accurate prediction of battery life and kills all the battery-draining tasks. We can also monitor our data usage on a daily and monthly basis.  Approximately 0.5 million users have downloaded this app.

Phone Doctor Plus: Download.

10. Scientific Calculator.

Scientific Calculator Android AppIt is another Best Android utility apps for students and engineers. Normally all smartphones offer a normal calculator for simple calculation.

We can not calculate log values, or angles like sin, cosine, etc. This app can calculate all the scientific values like angles, log,  mode,  under root, etc.

It provides easy to use interface and attractive interface.

Scientific Calculator: Download.

List Of Android Utility Apps.

  1. Clean Master.
  2. Google Translate.
  3. Smart Tools.
  4. Super Bright LED Torch.
  5. IP Tools Network Utilities.
  6. QR Code Droid Scanner.
  7. Duplicate Contact & Utilities.
  8. Google Gesture Search.
  9. Phone Doctor Plus.
  10. Scientific Calculator.

In conclusion, These are a few best utility apps for Android phones which we find useful. These apps will provide you with all the missing default apps. There are numerous utility apps for Android available in the marketplace, which you can choose according to your requirement. In case we are missing any popular Android utility apps, let us know.