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Similar Games Like Minecraft (10+ Games) – [2024 Edition]

Minecraft is a combination of adventure,  fun, and curiosity. It is one of the best sandbox games, which allows the players to do what they can think in the game world.

It is a block building game in which we have to collect resources and make our imaginary world. We can also share resources with friends and defeat different bosses.

But sometimes we get bored by playing the same game again and again. If you want to play similar games to Minecraft with different flavors, you are on the right platform.

Here we have listed the best alternatives to Minecraft. We have reviewed each game in this list before presenting it to you. Also, you will find a brief description of each induction in the list.

  1. Starbound.
  2. Rust.
  3. Guncraft.
  4. Blockland.
  5. Survival Craft 2.
  6. Roblox.
  7. Minetest.
  8. Synthetic World.
  9. Block Story.
  10. Terraria.

Top 10 Best Alternatives to Minecraft.

1. Starbound.


It is one of the right options for Minecraft. In Minecraft, we need to discover new Land before creating a world. But in this game, we can found a new planet to shape our modern world.

It’s our job to collect different resources and make a new habitat for living. It allows us to help our friends in online multiplayer mode to create something new and unusual. Available on Windows, Linux, Mac, PS-4, PS-3, Xbox one.

Starbound: Download.

2. Rust.


It is another best survival game which falls in the list of the best alternative to Minecraft game. In this game, we have to survive in the wild world around us with the help of resources and tools that we craft to survive.

We can easily make new friends and enemies, which depend on our game play. We can also make our Base with weapons to fight against our enemies. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

Rust: Download.

3. Guncraft.


It is also a popular alternative to Minecraft. If you like shooting adventure with gun crafting, then this game is really for you. In this game, our job is to make new maps and craft new guns. We can use these maps against other players.

After creating an arena of our choice, we can destroy it with tanks, helicopters, bullets, bombs, grenades, etc. Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox 360.

Guncraft: Download.

4. Blockland.


It is another similar game to Minecraft with different flavors. All of its characters look like they are made with blocks, and the world is made of combined pieces of toys.

It is not just like different mine materials and crafts in the world. It contains many small games to inspire the players.

The world in which you survive depends on your server join. We can also host our server and make the world from scratch. It is available for Mac and Windows for 19.99 USD only. We can also use its trial version before buy.

Blockland: Download.

5. Survival craft 2.

Survival craft 2

If you are looking for a Minecraft alternative for your mobile device, then you feel satisfied by playing this game. Its gameplay is similar to Minecraft. Its primary focus is on our survival.

We have to create shelter for living, collect resources, fight with wild animals, and stay away from them and lousy weather. Available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Survival Craft 2: Download.

6. Roblox.


It is another good game in the list of best alternatives to the Minecraft game. This game provides us a vast world of creativity.

We can create as many game worlds as we want and share them with our friends to like and rate them. We can also play the world created by other friends.

It includes a mixture of role-playing games,  first-person shooting, and racing games. Available on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, etc.

Starbound: Roblox.

7. Minetest.


It is another good alternative to the Minecraft game, which is full of adventure and fun. It is an open-source game that offers a fantastic day and night cycle.

This game provides regular updates and patches. It is a very lightweight game that consumes little system resources. It is available on Android,  iOS, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, etc.

Minetest: Download.

8. Synthetic World.

Synthetic World

It is another best alternative to the Minecraft game, which is developed by Staudsoft. It is an open world sandbox game that is available on Windows and Linux.

In this game, we can quickly create different landscapes with mountains,  beaches, oceans, etc. The gameplay is very much similar to Minecraft. It offers high-quality graphics with more realistic gameplay. Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, etc.

Synthetic World: Download.

9. Block Story.

Block Story

It is another best rival of Minecraft, which is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. Players who like to complete challenges, collect resources and want to live a story life are right for them. We can ride 29 plus different creatures.

The gameplay is very much realistic as we can level up our character with custom attributes. Use the crafting systems to find a more magical item. Explore the world and build the things of your choice.

Block Story: Download.

10. Terraria.


It is also a fantastic alternative to Minecraft. It is like the 2D version of Minecraft. This game mainly focuses on the creation and exploration of the world.

There are also different enemies like zombies and other creatures to battle. Kids learn to collect resources and make their world of imagination.

It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on the play store, and approximately 5 million people download it.

Terraria: Download.

In Conclusion, we hope that this list of best alternatives to Minecraft is helpful to you. If you feel we missed any deserving software, contact-free to mention it in the comments below. Also, please share with us your thoughts and suggestions.