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Top 10 Best Music Player For Android – [2024 Edition]

Android-based smartphones are growing at a faster speed because of their availability at a reasonable cost. Android phones compete with desktop and laptops in many aspects including apps, Entertainment, Internet, etc.

Smartphones are the best portable device for internet access, video calling, audio, and video playing, and much more. The main reason for the popularity of android devices is a variety of apps and games. So I recommend you to must check the best android games.

Android devices can perform various multiple tasks. Music becomes a part of the entertainment. People like to listen to music. smartphones are widely used for playing audio songs. For playing songs we need music players. Also android mobile provides you with default music players.

But to add more functionality to music playing we need a music player for android. With the help of these music players, we can download songs from the web, share songs with our friends, set a song as a ringtone, forward and rewind songs, generate a playlist, add different effects to sound, suppress noise effects, etc.

There is a variety of Android music players available on the Google play store some of which are free and some are paid.

If you do have any best android music player then do not worry because we here provide you a list of some best music players for android. Few are paid and the rest is free to use. Try and choose according to your requirement.

  1. Google Play Music.
  2. Poweramp Music Player.
  3. MP3 Player.
  4. Fusion Music Player.
  5. Laya Music Player.
  6. Sensor Music Player.
  7. Real Music Player.
  8. n7player Music Player.
  9. JetAudio Music Player.
  10. Just Music Player.

List Of Best Music Player For Android.

1. Google Play Music.

Google play music is one of the best music players available on the Google play store for free. We can add up to 50000 music files from our own music collection. We can also download music of our choice from the Web.

Users can also buy new music from the Google play store. We can also create our custom radio from our collection. We can access our music without syncing our device. It is available for all android versions. Approximately 50 million+ users install this player.

Google Play Music: Download.Google Play Music android music player

2. Poweramp Music Player (Paid).

Poweramp Music player is another music player for android which is available on the Google play store for free. It supports all music formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, Mp4, etc. Poweramp provides headset support, automatic headset resume, Bluetooth connection support, etc.

It provides you a trial of 15 days. After 15 days you have to buy it using the buy button inside the player. It is compatible with all Android versions. We can also set separate bass and trouble effects.

Poweramp Music Player: Poweramp Music Player

3. MP3 Player.

The MP3 player is another popular Android music player. It provides easy to use and attractive interface. It supports all the sound formats like MP3, Wav, OGG, AAC, OTA, etc. We can build our customer list to listen to our favorite songs forever and add, remove songs from our list.

It also provides you the build-in MP3 cutter for making ringtones. This player has a five-band equalizer. It also allows music search from the internet. It also provides the option to play music album and artist vice.

MP3 Player: MP3 Player

4. Fusion Music Player.

Fusion Music Player is another popular music player for android. It provides instant access to online music and also provides the option to search for online music. Fusion is compatible with all Android versions.  It supports all audio formats.

It also provides an inbuilt MP3 cutter. Fusion also provides integration with YouTube. We can also share the song which we are listening to via Facebook and Twitter. It also provides Bluetooth and headset support. Approximately 500000 users install this player.

Fusion Music Player: Fusion Music Player

5. Laya Music Player.

Laya Music player is another widely used Music player for android which is available on the Google play store for free. This player provides instant access to your music collection on Android devices. We can browse and play music by Artist, Album, genres.

It supports AAC, AMR, FLAC, MIDI, MP3, etc. It provides a five-band equalizer. This player also supports additional sound effects like bass, echo, trouble beet, etc. It provides support for the headset.

Laya Music Player: Laya Music Player

6. Sensor Music Player.

A sensor Music player is another Android music player. It is freely available on the google play store. The player is divided into three tabs. First is the library tab to browse our music collection, second is the player to control the music playing and add it to various sound effects, control.

The third is the tracklist to track the playlist of songs. It provides a simple and easy to use interface. It provides a smart search bar for music searches and downloads music.

Sensor Music Player: Sensor Music player

7. Real Music Player.

Real Music Player is one of the widely used Android music players which is available on the Google play store for free. It provides you features including Headset, blue-tooth, auto-generate a playlist, edit playlist, support for music search.

We can also add customize skins to players. It also provides social media support for sharing music listening status.

Real Music Player: Real Music Player

8. n7player Music Player.

 n7player Music Player is one of the best high rated apps in the list of music player for Android. It has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play store. It has rather a beautiful interface and attractive graphics. The n7 player Music Player support all the common music formats.

It has full features of 10 band equalizer which provides high-quality music. The n7 player Music Player also provides a playback feature. It also provides easy browsing of our music libraries with searching filters. Approximately 50 million users download this app.

n7player Music Player: Download.

N7 Player Android App

9. JetAudio Music Player.

It is also a good music player for Android. Jet audio is rather a combination of music player and equalizer. It supports all the music formats. We can easily speed up from 50 to 200 percent. It provides 14 different sizes of widgets.

It provides two lock screen and light grey browsing background for our music library. Approximately 10 million users download this app.

JetAudio Music Player: Download.

Jet Audio Music Player Android App

10. Just Music Player.

It is yet another best high rated music player for Android. It provides high-quality sound quality. We can also easily listen to music while using our favorite app and on lock screen widgets. It also provides customize skins and backgrounds.

Just Music Player also provides online Walkman. It also provides equalizer control. Approximately 5 million users download this App.

Just Music Player: Download.

Just Music Player Android App

Hence, these some best music players for Android devices. We have listed a few paid and free music players. If you have any of the best and popular android music players then share them in the comments.