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Top 10 Best Free WiFi Calling Apps For Android – [2024 Edition]

Smartphones have become a significant element of our daily routine. Due to the increase of internet users, we love to talk and connect with other people around the world through social media, which includes facilities like audio, video, and other message sending ways.

In the same way on our mobile phones, we use Whatsapp messenger to send messages, videos, and small audio clips. Just like these apps, there are a lot of other apps that also provide free voice or video calling facilities all over the world free of cost.

There are many best free calling apps for android, which provide free facilities to their users just because they want to increase users.

If they can increase, then they will earn a lot for their product. So today, we will discuss some best free calling apps for android.

But these apps need the internet, and another user should also be on the same network, then you will be able to call for free. In the same, there are many video calling software for pc.

  1. Whatsapp.
  2. Skype.
  3. Tango.
  4. WeChat.
  5. Line.
  6. Messenger.
  7. Viber.
  8. IMO.
  9. ooVoo Video Call.
  10. Sliq Free Voice & Video Calls.

List Of Best Free Calling Apps For Android.

1. Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Messenger Android AppWhatsapp Messenger is very popular now these days. It is a cross-platform app and is the best app in the list of calling apps for Android. We can make only an audio call with this messenger.

We can also send audio, video, text, and images to our friends. It is a lightweight Android app that provides a green color attractive interface.

It is compatible with all versions of Android, starting from Android 2.3. Approximately 50 billion users downloaded this App.

Whatsapp: Download.

2. Skype.

skype messengerSkype, the most popular and famous desktop software for free video calling. It also introduces mobile version apps for a different platform, which includes Windows, iOS, Android, and other devices.

It is the superior quality, most reliable, and best-performing application for Video calling. Also, for voice calls, there is no competition on Skype with others.

In the skype Mobile app, they offer instant messaging, photo sharing, video calling, audio calling with other users.

Skype: Download.

3. Tango.

Tango messengerAnother For video and voice calling app, which helps you to connect with friends and family. Tango is considered a social networking app that allows interacting with others.

Tango contains free voice & video calling, Text messaging, and Free games, which makes Tango interesting.

In Tango, you can able to do group chat with 50 friends.
Tango: Download.

4. WeChat.

wechat messengerWeChat able to generate 300+ million users in a short time with the best marketing. It offers voice messaging, video calling, text messaging for your smartphone.

It provides a Walkie-Talkie facility in which can connect up to 40 friends. WeChat is famous for just text messaging, not as a calling app.

It offers excellent quality as compared to many others.

WeChat: Download.

 5. Line.

line messengerLine allows to make free voice call, video calls, send messages, and much more features which makes line interesting. It has crossed over 250+ million users around the world and is used in 250+ countries.

In-Line you can easily share current status about what you’re doing on Timeline with friends, which includes text message, photos, movies, stickers, and much more.

The line also provides the feature of getting updates for celebrities just by adding them to your account.

Line: Download.

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6. Messenger.

Messenger Android AppIt is one of the fantastic comparatively to other best calling apps for android. We can make both audio and video calls to our friends without any cost. We need only high-speed internet.

With the help of this friend, we can also chat with our Facebook friends and send them audio, video, text, and images. It provides an easy to use interface and attractive blue color graphics.

Approximately 5 billion users downloaded this App.

Messenger: Download.

7. Viber.

viber messengerMost Popular and best smartphone app for free Calling. The voice quality of Viber is Superior. Viber is the most common app used all over the world for free voice calling.

Viber syncs data from mobile contacts. So you can easily send messages, videos, and free calling to all the contact, which are also on the Viber Platform.

If you are interested and never tried Viber, download it from the Google Play store.

Vibe: Download.

8. IMO.

IMO Android AppIt is another high rated Android app in the list of best-calling apps for android. IMO has a rating of 4.3 on the Google play store. It provides high-quality audio and video calls.

We can also make a group chatting with our friends. It provides encrypted calls for our security.

We can send hundreds of stickers to our friends. Approximately 200 million users download this App.

IMO: Download.

9. ooVoo Video Call.

ooVoo Video Call Android AppIt is another good app in the list of calling apps for android. It has a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play store. ooVoo works with our phone data and WiFi to save our cost of calls and messages.

We can easily make video and audio calls to our friends. It also provides funny characters for calling. We can call Cosmo the dog or as another comic character.

It is a cross-platform app and available on many devices. Approximately 100 million users download this App.

ooVoo Video Call: Download.

10. SliQ Free Voice And Video Calls.

SliQ Free voice and video Calls Android AppIt is another good app in the list of calling apps for android. It is freely available on the Google play store. We can easily do video and audio calls to our friends to save our costs.

In India, this app provides 10 Rupees credit to each user after making their first call. It is a light app that works on any network type like 2g, 3g, and WiFi. SliQ is compatible with Android 4.4 or higher version.

It has a rating of 4.1 on the Google play store. Approximately 0.5 million users download this App.

Sliq: Download.

Hence, these are some great apps for free calling apps for android, which provide free video and voice facilities. If you are using any other best free drawing apps for android, which is not listed above, please let us know.