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Top 10 Best Calendar Apps For Android – [2024 Edition]

Android is a powerful operating system for smartphones. It makes the user smart with its Smart app, which is provided by the Google Play store. With this app’s help, we can do many tasks at home without much effort, and we can save a lot of time.

Android Banking Apps are a live example of it. We can easily manage our accounts without going to the bank. We can easily transfer, pay from our bank account with the help of Banking Apps. Android also provides apps in many different sectors.

Due to our busy schedule, we forgot our daily tasks or special occasions like birthdays, events, parties, etc. Android also provides a solution to this problem. With the help of its Calendar apps for android, we can easily mark them.

Using calendar apps for android, we can easily set our Goals and agendas and set reminders for them. We can easily manage our tasks with the help of these apps. Today, we will provide you some best calendar apps for android phones, which will solve all your issues to remember any event.

  1. Google Calendar.
  2. Jorte Calendar.
  3. aCalendar Android Calendar.
  4. Month Calendar Widgets.
  5. Hindu Calendar.
  6. Period Tracker.
  7. To-Do Calendar Planner.
  8. SolCalendar.
  9. Coletto Calendar.
  10. DigiCal Calendar.

List Of Best Calendar Apps For Android.

1. Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Android Calendar AppsGoogle Calendar is an official and most popular in all calendar Apps for android phones. It makes us smart with its smart features. It can automatically pick events from Gmail like flights, restaurant booking, concert, etc.

We can also set reminders for our to-do list alongside. It also has a new schedule view. View our schedule with photos at a glance.

It also assists us in filling our calendar with places, events, peoples, etc. Approximately 200 million users downloaded this app.

Google Calendar: Download.

2. Jorte Calendar.

Jorte Calendar And Organizer Android Calendar AppsJorte Calendar is a popular alternative to Google Calendar with various features. We can easily make our schedule, appointments, events, etc. Most frequent appointments are shown in red color in this Calendar.

We can easily sync across multiple devices. It also provides Jorte cloud for backup purposes. We can also integrate it with Evernote. It also provides a diary to note our routine tasks.

Monthly, weekly and daily views are available. It also provides a count down feature in which we can see how many days are left in the event to occur. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this app.

Jorte Calendar: Download.

3. aCalendar Android Calendar.

aCalendar Android Calendar AppsaCalendar is another popular in all calendar apps for android with awesome features. It is a lightweight App with awesome graphics.

This app provides 48 different colors for each calendar. Different colors for different events. We can also pic birthdays of our friends and relatives from our phone contacts.

We can easily switch between month views with a horizontal swipe. QR or NFC code sharing of events. It wills totally ad-free. Approximately 10 million users downloaded this app.

Calander Android Calendar: Download.

4. Month Calendar Widgets.

Month Calendar Widgets Android Calendar AppsIt is great in all other calendar apps for Android. We do not need to open this app to view calendars or manage our events. It provides a calendar Widgets on our home screen.

We can place more than one widget on our home screen. Its calendar event extension enables us to manage our events from the widget.

We can also use these Widgets on the lock screen. Approximately 5 million users downloaded this app.

Month Calendar Widgets: Download.

5. Hindu Calendar.

Hindu Calendar Android Calendar AppsHindu Calendar is one the calendar for users who belongs to Hindu religions. It provides all the festivals of the Hindu religion. It provides a penchant for any day of the year.

This app also provides Kundli for any location and date, both in the north and south Indian format. It has four beautiful Widgets which give Moonrise; Moonset, Sunrise, and sunset time.

It also provides planet position both in sayana and nirayana systems. Approximately 10 million users downloaded this app.

Hindu Calendar: Download.

 6. Period Tracker, My Calendar.

Period Tracker, My Calendar Android Calendar AppsPeriod Tracker Calendar is specially designed for women to track their periods. Now women do not need to track and remember the date of their periods.

With the help of this App, women always know when their next period, fertile and ovulation. It also helps women to track the possibility of pregnancy and birth control.

It also provides period notification and pill notification. We can also back up our data on Google Account. Approximately 10 million users downloaded this app.

Period Tracker, My Calendar: Download.

7. To-Do Calendar Planner.

To do Calendar Planner Android Calendar AppsIt is another Android Calendar app with awesome features. We can make a powerful task list that supports batch operations. It provides us a full scrollable Calendar with daily, weekly, monthly, and agenda views.

It also provides an option to set multiple reminders for one task and event. We can also attach files and photos to our tasks. We can also use the daily journey feature to track our life.

This app can also sync our data across multiple devices. Approximately 10 million people use this app.

To-Do Calendar Planner: Download.

8. Solcalendar- Calendar/ Todo.

Solcalendar Android Calendar AppsSolcalendar is one of the best alternatives to Google calendar with its awesome features. It can easily manage our events, special days, and To-Do list. It provides stickers for our special events.

This app also provides Month, Week, Day views. It also provides beautiful Widgets for our home screen like to do, Calendar, Agenda, etc.

It also provides weather forecasts based on the current location and Map integration. Approximately 5 million users downloaded this app.

Solcalendar: Download.

9. Coletto Calendar Cute dairy.

 Coletto Calendar Android Calendar AppsColetto Calendar is magnificent for girls in all calendar apps for android. We can easily note our tasks to do lists, and special events. We can also label the colors for different kinds of appointments assigned.

It provides handwriting the style. It can manage our data, appointment s and photos taken on a particular date itself. This is a cute, easy to use app which is specially designed for girls who have a hectic schedule.

Approximately 5 million users downloaded this app.

Coletto Calendar Cute Diary: Download.

10. DigiCal Calendar.

Digical Calendar Android Calendar AppsDigiCal Calendar is also an Android Calendar app available for free on the Google play store for free. It provides six highly customizable Widgets with different themes and backgrounds.

It is available in 27 different languages. We can easily share events with our friends and events. Easy navigation between day, week, and month view.

It provides seamless color for different events. Approximately 5 million users downloaded this app.

DigiCal Calendar: Download.

These are all popular and widely used calendar apps for android phones. We hope you will get any of best android calendar app according to your requirement.