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10+ Best Music Instrument Apps For Android – 2024 [Top List]

Musical Instruments are the basic needs of every musical artist. Music instruments are used to create musical notes. We need to learn and keep practice to enhance our ability to operate devices.

But some of us who don’t know anything about music have the joy of playing these instruments. It’s not easy to buy devices just for fun’s sake. Because we all know we are just going to play it for a few days. So the best option for music lovers is by using musical instrumental apps on the smartphone.

Android platform has various apps related to music. We can play many different types of instruments like flute, tabla, piano, drum set, etc.

We can quickly learn many different instruments from Android musical instrument apps. Pro users can easily record their sounds with the help of this app and play later.

Here few best android musical instrument apps provide a virtual experience of sound and playing ability like original musical instruments.

  1. Walk Band Music Studio.
  2. Music Flute.
  3. Piano Plus.
  4. Real Guitar.
  5. Rock Hero.
  6. Tabla.
  7. Kids Music Instruments Sounds.
  8. Drum Solo HD.
  9. Harmonium.
  10. Violin Music Simulatore.

Best Android Musical Instrument Apps List.

1. Walk band Music Studio.

Walk Band Music Studio Android Music Instrumental AppsWalk band is a full-fledged music band that provides many different musical instruments to play. Available Music instruments include piano, guitar, flute, drum kit, drum set, etc.

We do not need to download a single app for each device. We can learn about playing different Music instruments. Walk band is the best choice in all android musical instrument apps.

It contains 88 keys piano With a multi-touch feature, three-guitar sounds. It also provides midi file recording. Approximately 100 million users download this app.

Walk Band Music Studio: Download.

2. Music Flute.

Music Flute Instrumental Apps

Music Flute is another excellent choice for flute lovers in all android musical instrument apps designed to play the flute. Users can play flute with the help of our mouth blow.

We can record melodies on our smartphones and can also show our talent to our friends too. We can also set our songs as our phone ringtone. Be a musician and try new melodies to demonstrate your ability.

This Android app makes our mood pleasure and romantic. Approximately 50 million users download this app.

Music Flute: Download.

3. Piano Plus.

Piano Plus Android Music Instrumntal App

Piano plus is a famous android instrumental app that is specially designed to play the piano. It is designed so that it enables us to play at any speed. We can play our songs fast and slow. It depends on our mood.

Unlike other piano apps, it does not force us to follow a particular pattern. It is the best option in android musical instrument apps for piano lovers. With this app’s help, we can play the piano anytime when we want without the need of an actual keyboard.

Piano plus has 128 Midi file instruments and 12 studio-quality sample audio. Approximately 50 million users download this app.

Piano Plus: Download.

4. Real Guitar.

Real Guitar Instrumental AppsReal Guitar app is designed to play guitar on an android smartphone. This App also has a sound recording option. It is easy to use and lightweight app.

And, ideal for those who want to learn how to play. It provides a realistic guitar sound. We can export our recorded music to mp3. This app offers three types of guitar with three different modes of play.

It also provides a multi-touch style and 16 loops to play. Approximately 50 million users download this app.

Real Guitar: Download.

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5. Rock Hero.

Rock Hero Instrumental AppsRock Hero is awesome in all android musical instrument apps. It is a fun guitar App that provides a chance to play the guitar. It offers fantastic graphics and easy to use control.

We can quickly learn the guitar by playing. It contains three different Music style. It also includes nine different incredible songs. Approximately 50 million users download this app.

Rock Hero: Download.

6. Tabla.

Tabla Android Instrumental AppsTabla app is another fantastic app for playing the tabla. It provides a multi-touch feature to represent the different sounds of tabla. This app offers a real Indian tabla drum set with 13 different sounds.

It also provides an option for recording our tabla sound for later listening. It gives the studio sound quality. This app is compatible with any resolution phone or tablet.

It is a lightweight app. Approximately 10 million users download this app.

Tabla: Download.

7. Kids Music Instruments Sounds.

Kids Music Instruments Sounds Android Instrumental Apps

It is one of the best android Music instrumental app, which is specially designed for kids. Kids can learn the sounds of various instruments and can also learn how to play multiple devices.

It also has a multi-touch feature to play many different sounds at the same time. In this App, the xylophone is free; only other instruments can purchase from the app. Approximately 5 million users download this app.

Kids Music Instruments Sounds Download.

8. Drum Solo HD.

Drum Solo HD Android Instrumental Apps

Drum Solo HD is an excellent choice in a list of android musical instrument apps for playing Drum. It also provides a multi-touch option for playing the different sound of the drum.

Also, it is a lightweight and straightforward Android app. It also offers 11 separate touches-sensitive pads. We can record our drum sound for later playing.

Find a new drum sound and become a real rockstar. Approximately 5 million users download this app.

Drum Solo HD: Download.

9. Harmonium.

Harmonium Android Instrumental Apps

Harmonium is a popular android app that is designed to play Harmonium. This app is gone through testing on all Android smartphones. We can take our Harmonium with us and easily practice playing it.

It is a lightweight Android app with excellent graphics. We can easily play, record our creativity for later playing. It is compatible with Android 3.0 or higher. Approximately 1 million users download this app.

Harmonium: Download.

10. Violin Music Simulator.

Violin Music Simulator Android Instrumental AppsViolin Music Simulator is an android music instrumental app for playing Violin. It plays Violin like actual Violin and plays a more realistic sound.

This app is ideal for a user who want to play the Violin but does not know how to play. When we listen to the Violin’s music, our mood becomes romantic and pleasure; with the help of this App, we can quickly learn the violin. Approximately 1 million users download this app.

Violin Music Simulator: Download.

These are the best android musical instrument apps to play different instruments. We hope you enjoy all of them.