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Top 10 Best (Paid To Click) PTC Sites That Pay – [2024 Edition]

The Internet has rather involved in a whole world inside the computer environment. Hence, a lot of people spend their time on the internet. Because of this, the advertising industry has grown very large on the internet.

It has reached to such an extent that advertisers are willing to pay the audience to look at ads. Therefore, it can become a way to earn money online. As we already shared many ways to make money online.

From then like we can earn money on short links just by promoting then anywhere. But from those ways, the Easiest and best way to join PTC sites. PTC or paid to click is rather simple websites that pay you to look at ads or complete simple tasks related to advertising.

This method is popular because it doesn’t involve any work skills. All you have to do is open ads, completely provided tasks, and earn easy bucks. But the main problem is there are many fake and fraud PTC sites on the internet.

Hence, to help you earn money from PTC sites, we have carefully selected the Best PTC sites that pay and offer reasonable rates. You can trust these and make extra money rather quickly.

  1. Clixsense.
  2. Neobux.
  3. Scarlet-Click.
  4. Gptplanet.
  5. ClixBbue.
  6. Goldenclix.
  7. Buxvertise.
  8. Eldibux.
  9. Epicclix.
  10. Familyclix.
  11. Btcclicks.

Best (Paid To Click) PTC Sites List.

1. Clixsense.

Clicksense is one of the largest paid to click platforms established in 2007, which provides you with the chance to earn extra money. They offer various tasks from which users can easily earn cash.

These include visiting websites, complete easy surveys, free offers to complete, micro-tasks, playing click grid, by participating in the contest. Besides all this, they also provide money if we shop online through them.

They offer different rates for Standard and Premium users.

Minimum Payout:- $6 For Premium, $8 For Standard User Via Paypal, Payza, Wire Transfer.

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2. Neobux.

Neobux is another best platform in all PTC Sites. In case you are not satisfied with other PTC services, then you can try neobux.

They also offer reasonable rates and having various ads on bases fixed and exposure system. They also provide other tasks to earn money and provides details statistics for every click.

They update the latest ads on daily bases for enhanced opportunities. Also, you can change your account from standard to Golden.

Minimum Payout:- The First Payout is just $2 then increased by $1 means 2nd payment will pay for $3 in same on every amount until reached $10
Payment Method:- Paypal, Payza, Skrill.

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3. Scarlet-Clicks.

Another fantastic pay to click site. Both Advertiser and earning members can be part of this platform. We can earn up to $0.01 per click. We have Details statistics.

We can earn money by viewing ads and completing another task. The account upgrade facility is also there.

Minimum Payout:- $2 via Paypal and Payza.

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4. Gptplanet.

Gptplanet is another famous paid to click platform. Almost similar to others, we can join as an advertiser or earner. They provide various offers to make money.

We can view ads, participate in PTCWall, GPTGRID, and other tasks for earning. We can also upgrade our account from unlocking earning abilities.

They have 4 level accounts like Standard, Silver, Gold, Gold Plus.

Minimum Payout:- $1 via Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money.

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5. Clixblue.

Clixblue is the right choice in all Best PTC Sites. They provide various options from which the user can easily earn. We can complete the task, view ads, different walls, and many other listed ways to make money by viewing advertisements.

We can also upgrade account for unlocking achievements. There are four different levels Standard, Blue World, Blue Sky, Blue Ultimate.

Minimum Payout:- $5 via Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin.

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6. Goldenclix.

Goldenclix another growing as PTC Sites. They offer excellent commission rates for completing various tasks. We can view ads, participate in contests, Buy, and Rent referrals.

Almost have all the features as in other big PTC networks have. They also provide instant payment feature. We can also upgrade the account to boost earnings.

Minimum Payout:- First Payout $5 and then $2 via Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin.

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7. Buxvertise.

Buxvertise is another quiet impressive platform in all Best PTC Sites. We can join as Member and Advertiser. They provide various features to earn cash like view ads, CPA Lead, Offer Wall, Icon Cash, Grid and Referring, and many more.

We think they have the right amount of tasks from where users can earn good bucks. They also have three different Account upgrading levels, including member, Buxer, Enternity, with fantastic options.

Minimum Payout:- $7 Via Paypal, Payza, Payeer.

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8. Eldibux.

Eldibux is another option to earn extra cash along with other PTC networks. Similar functionality with an attractive interface.

Almost having all those require offers like view ads, buy and rend referrer. We can also upgrade our account from free to part-time, full time, or businessman.

Minimum Payout:- $1 via Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin.

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9. Epicclix.

Another incredible PTC platform with an impressive interface and demographic features. Both Earner and advertisers can be part of this service.

We can easily earn by viewing ads, Offer Wall, and completing task similarly like others. Account upgrading and buy rent referral feature is also there.

Minimum Payout:- $4 via Payza and Bitcoin.

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10. Familyclix.

Familyclix another good option to earn extra cash from PTC Sites. Almost having all similar features like viewing ads, completing tasks, Paid To Survey, and much more other available under make money tab. Account upgrading and buy or sell referral option is also there.

Minimum Payout:- $2 via Payza, Payeer, Bitcoin.

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11. Btcclicks.

Btcclicks is a specific platform only to earn bitcoin from paid to click service. We have surf ads and complete another task as similar as we do on other Paid To Clickplatforms. But on this website, you can earn mBTC points.

Minimum Payout:- just 0.10000 mBTC via Bitcoin.

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How To Earn Money From PTC Sites. ?

PTC sites may instead look overwhelming on the first try. But, if you are patient and understand them, you can earn a lot of money.

In every PTC site, there is an option of FAQ where we can find all information about earning money from that particular platform. But basics steps which we need to follow to make money from PTC are:

1. Sign up on PTC Sites given one by one and verify account details.
2. Then Visit View ads, offers, or earn money tabs that are available on the sidebar or main menu. Then open providing tasks one by one and complete them. The more time you spend on the site, you will get more money.
3. Once your total outstanding payment crosses the minimum limit, Setup PayPal, Payza, or any other account. It is where you will receive money from PTC sites.
4. Now you can redeem your payment from withdrawing or cashout option to select a payment method.

In conclusion, PTC sites are a great way to earn some extra money online. For any help or query, feel free to ask us in the comments below.