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How To Earn Money On Short Links (Best URL Shorteners) – 2024

Today, the internet has become a perfect place for opportunities to earn money. People with blogs and websites are always looking for ways to sell advertisements and make money.

They can earn money via many services like placing and ads and selling products. But using ads on blogs is a fantastic task for monetizing. Almost every blogger and webmaster is aware of Google Adsense.

But instead of Adsense, there are many good Google Adsense Alternatives. But these services required your blog or website to earn. For those who are nontechnical users, the only most natural way is making from PTC Sites.

But the major problem with the PTC based platform is less potential of earning. So the best easiest method that ensures guaranteed income from online is the earned money on short links.

Many URL shorteners offer revenue for promoting links, unlike bits and other tools. So if you can send tons of traffics from any source, this method will perform better.

How To Earn Money On Short Links From URL Shorteners. ?

How will It work?

A URL shortener is a way to compress the long URL into short. There is two type of URL shortener in the market. Those who provide shorten services like Bitly and others are those who offer revenue for promoting links.

In this service, it shows a little ad for 5 seconds while redirecting to the actual links. It means that the traffic you will send to short links has to wait for 5 seconds, then after the waiting time is over, they can skip ads and get redirected to the original link that you intended. It is effortless to set up, and here’s.

How To Earn Money?

There are two different ways to earn from URL shortener services with Websites or without a website.

  • First of all, you need to choose any best service and sign up on the URL shortener service from below given trusted platforms, such as Short. est.
  • After creating a new account, we need to generate a short URL.

shorten url option

  • At this point, many URLs get confused about which URL they shorten. Don’t worry. We can short any website, blog, webpage. It doesn’t matter we are the owner of that URL or not.

link shorten with url shortener

  • Now share the shortened URL anywhere you like, e.g., Social media, forum, website, etc.
  • That’s all; now, whenever someone will click on the link, you will earn money in your account.

For Those Who Don’t Have Any Website Or Blog.

If you don’t know how you can drive traffic, we hope these examples will help you. For Example, you want to provide any website URL as a solution in comment on any blog, forum, YouTube, or anywhere shorten that URL.

We can shorten any URL, even google, Facebook, and so on. We can also get traffic from social media platforms like sharing useful stuff by shrinking on groups, pages, etc. In this way, we can drive traffic from many sources.

For Those Having Websites Or Blogs.

If you have any blog, forum, or website where hundreds or thousands of visitors are coming daily, you can easily earn money on short links. In case you don’t have the best ad network, then using a URL shortener is a good option.

They provide Mask Shrinking, Auto Page Script, Pop ads, Interstitial ads. That means you don’t need any separate network.

  • Join any network and install full page script and other options.
  • It will convert all existing URLs to a profitable URL. It means all URLs will automatically save for shortening whenever URL visits.
  • Side by side, we can earn extra by using Popads, exit, or entry ads.

Best URL Shortener Services To Make Money.

These are the best and highest paying URL shortener services available. We have curated this list by reviewing each platform on this list. You will find a brief description of every entry. Check them out below.

  1. Adfly.

Check Out:- Best URL Shortener To Earn Money

1. is the oldest and most trusted URL shortener service with an excellent payment record. It offers up to $10 per 1000 clicks on the shortened URL.

Another awesome thing about is that the minimum payout is $5. It also offers an excellent referral scheme under which you can earn a 20{e66e6f15cd857a101efbf20a7a941ba5467be7d37c5afcb20afd7fa48b899e63} commission for life.


2. is a new service in URL shortener service, yet it has many creative and innovative ideas. It has a high payout of up to $15.

The important part is that it offers automatic payment on the 10th of every month. It has a minimum of $5 for PayPal and $20 for Payoneer. You can also earn a 20{e66e6f15cd857a101efbf20a7a941ba5467be7d37c5afcb20afd7fa48b899e63} referral commission.



It is a new and modern URL shortener service to earn money on short links, making money online. It also offers commission via a referral system.

You can also check your link’s stats in real-time to see how it is performing with It has a minimum payout of $5 via PayPal and Payza. interface

In conclusion, these are the best URL shorteners to earn money on short links that you can use to shorten your URLs and make money online. For any help, feel free to contact us or drop a comment below.