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Google Adsense Alternatives 2024 (Top & Best 20+)

Online Advertising is growing at a faster rate in the last few years. Every Webmaster and blogger prefer to use Google Adsense to monetize their traffic. No doubt there is no comparison of all others networks with Adsense.

Just because of Ad Quality, Revenue, Features which makes Adsense best publisher platform in the advertising industry.  Every Webmaster or blogger’s priority is to get Adsense approval and start earning from it. Just because its a stable and reliable platform.

For a better guide about Adsense, working must check Making Money from Google Adsense. But the only issue with Google Adsense is its approval process and strict Program policies.

If any blog or webpage does not comply with policies, then we cannot monetize it by using AdSense. Otherwise, if we don’t follow program policies, Adsense may disable our account.

According to Adsense policies, we may not get approval on sites which promote or publish pirated products & softwares, NSFW content and many more which we can check policies page.

But on the other, we also need to maintain content quality and take care of placements if we do not want to get banned from Adsense. These are a certain issue regarding Adsense approval and protection.

So today, we will discuss Google Adsense Alternatives in case your Adsense is banned or facing programs while getting approval. The best option which left is going for Google Adsense alternatives ad platform which performs well with or without Adsense.

Many users always worried about will other network perform like Adsense. We only can say “Something is better than Nothing” So the only key to success is gaining more traffic choose the right way to monetize it.

So below given are different networks including PPC, CPM, CPA, Native and more alternatives to AdSense. Try them and then continue which perform better.

NameTypeWebsite URL
Propeller AdsCPC, CPM & CPAVisit Now
BidvertiserCPC, CPM & CPAVisit Now
InfolinksCPC, CPM & CPAVisit Now
RevenueHitsCPC, CPM & CPAVisit Now
PopAdsPopunder NetworkVisit Now
PopCashPopunder NetworkVisit Now
PopMyAdsPopunder NetworkVisit Now
ViglinkAffiliate NetworkVisit Now
SkimlinksAffiliate NetworkVisit Now
AdflyURL ShortenerVisit Now
Shorte.stURL ShortenerVisit Now
Ouo.ioURL ShortenerVisit Now
LinkShrinkURL ShortenerVisit Now
AdnowNative AdsVisit Now
RevcontentNative AdsVisit Now
NativeAdsNative AdsVisit Now
BuySellAdsDirect AdsVisit Now

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List Of Best Google Adsense Alternatives.

1. Propeller Ads.

Propeller Ads Thumbnail

Propeller ads are fastest-growing display and mobile advertising platform. It can be used as the best Google Adsense alternatives. Both Advertiser and publisher can join this platform. This platform serving ads on bases of eCPM.

It means ads will monetize traffic with combined CPC, CPM & CPA offers. They provide a robust reporting dashboard to measure our earning. We can use propellers ads on Web, Mobile and videos. Getting approval from this platform is really fast as compared to Adsense.

Minimum Payout:- $100 Via Payoneer, Wire, ePayment, WebMoney.

2. Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser Thumbnail

Bidvertiser is one of the oldest known pay per click platform in the advertising industry. Whenever we all think about any PPC based Google Adsense alternatives. The first name which comes out is Bidvertisers. Both advertiser and publisher can join this ad network.

They provide various Ad formats and techniques to monetize traffic. We can use Banner ads, XML feed ads and can also create toolbars which meaning we can design custom toolbar and earn from it by getting more installations. Bidvertiser approval system is straightforward, no need to worry about this.

Minimum Payout:- $10 Via PayPal, Payza, $100 via Check, $500 via Wire.

3. Infolinks.

Infolinks Thumbnail

Another name in the industry which is popular as an Adsense alternative and even preferred to be used along with Adsense for extra earnings. Infolinks is an In-text based advertising platform that means it will randomly pick up keywords from the content and create ad toolbox type ad on that keyword.

Along with this, they also provide In-tag which keyword cloud ad, In-Frame, In-search and In-article, which is a native ad. Overall there are multiple options to monetize our traffic. We recommend using this with other platform networks together.

So this will boost our earnings. The approval system is not so hard; they approve most sites accept the categories listed in there policies.

Minimum Payout:- $50 via PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck, $100 Via Wire.

4. RevenueHits.

RevenueHits Thumbnail

Revenue hits are multi-channel ad network combination of CPC, CPM and CPA offers. This network can be chosen as the google Adsense alternatives option. Revenue hits are the fastest growing platform in the industry.

They are providing Rich media, Display Banner, Popunder ads in various ad formats. Revenuehits is a better option if your site is capable of selling products like software, apps, products type site.

Because this platform is mainly focused on CPA ads, overall, this platform is a good option. Also, there are many success stories about this platform. So it’s better to try and analyse this platform to check to earn potential of your blog. It’s easy to get approval there so need to struggle on it.

Minimum Payout:- $20 via PayPal, Payoneer and $500 via Wire

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Popunder Platform Alternatives To Google Adsense.

pop under adsense alternatives

7. PopAds.

PopAds Thumbnail

PopAds primarily based on popunder or popup ads. This is the top ad network for popunder ads in the advertising industry. Suppose you have any site on software, file sharing, video sharing where you receive huge traffic but not able to use Adsense.

Then popads is best as Adsense alternatives. Create your account and add their script on your blog and start earning—no need to worry about approval.

Minimum Payout:- $5 via Paypal, Payoneer, Payza

8. PopCash.

PopCash Thumbnail

Popcash is another ad network focused on popunder ads. This platform can also be used as the best Adsense alternative. In case you don’t want to use Pop ads, then this network is best for popunder ads.

The stats reporting system is good. Easy to get approval to add your blog and get a script and paste it in your site and start monetizing.

Minimum Payout:- $10 via PayPal, Payza, Paxum.

9. PopMyAds.

PopMyAds Thumbnail

Auto Affiliate Networks.

No doubt commonly we all know about CJ, Clickbank, ShareASale big platforms for affiliate marketing. But earning from CPA offers is not an easy task. Many softwares that are based on eCommerce also have their affiliate platform.

But here it is a better alternative than using all of them separately. Suppose if we are using 10 different companies, each having minimum payout between $10-100 so from each platform we need to reach payout otherwise earning will be in platform account not in our hands.

So by using a common platform, we can easily reach minimum payout under one roof.

11. Viglink.

Viglink Thumbnail

For this purpose, VigLink type auto-affiliate platform is the best solution. They have integration of various merchants and automatically convert our normal URL with an affiliate if that company or software has this feature.

We need to install some piece of script and start earning from those URL’s which you never thought were supposed to be monetized.

Minimum Payout:- No mentioned via PayPal.

12. Skimlinks.

Skimlinks Thumbnail

Another platform similar to VigLink. But can also be used as a wonderful Adsense alternative. They have more than 20k merchants. So if you want to earn from affiliate marketing commission from sales of products, then this platform is a good option.

We don’t need to install affiliate links for big platforms manually. There automatic system will convert all profitable URLs with the affiliate. This platform is a good option for a product, software, review based sites. Join and integrate script and start earning.

Minimum Payout:- $10 Via Paypal

URL Shortener Networks Alternatives To Adsense.

URL shortener adsense alternatives

We know that you might be thinking about how can URL shortener site can compete with Adsense. If you have any file sharing, movies, video hosting, software, type site where Adsense is not eligible, then these URL shortener platforms are really best Adsense alternatives.

We don’t need any separate popunder only if others perform better. They have the inbuilt script to convert every URL with a short URL on our blog or site. Means install script, and all URLs will be converted into profitable links.

13. Adfly.

AdFly Thumbnail

One of the oldest and most famous URL shortener platform. We need to create an account as a publisher, then install their Page script or other script units available to start monetizing our website. Rates for CPM vary according to visitor locations. You can check the Payout rates page listed on the official site.

Minimum Payout:- $5 Via PayPal, Payoneer, Payza

14. Thumbnail

Another famous and trusted platform in the industry. is really amazing network with a good interface. We can easily earn money from blog or site using They have various tools and scripts like Mass shrinking, Page Script, API integration.

Personally, We recommend Page script where we can adjust Popunder, Entry and exit ads. This will convert all the URL into profitable links. If we need to exclude our own domain and want to convert external domains, then this option is available.

They offer desirable CPM rates according to visitor locations. Overall this network is excellent in all google Adsense alternatives.

Minimum Payout:- $5 via PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney

15. Thumbnail

16. LinkShrink.

LinkShrink Thumbnail

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Native Ad Network Alternative To Adsense.

Native ads adsense alternatives

Native Advertising is really a fastest-growing technique these days. Unlike banner and other noticeable ads, Native is well-performing. These ads are basically the article suggestion method from other advertisers sites.

Just like we can place Related Post at the end of an article similarly, many famous blogs are using Native ads to earn from that portion. So native ads actually act as good Adsense alternatives.

17. Adnow.

AdNow Thumbnail

Adnow is one of the famous native platforms. No doubt there are many big platforms like taboola, outbrains. We will not discuss them because they have hard approval system. So for medium-sized publishers, these types of networks are suitable.

Adnow is available for both advertiser and publisher. We can easily sign up and add our site. No approval is required, create a widget and install it to start earning.

18. Revcontent.

RevContent Thumbnail

Another famous native ad network with amazing features. It is a good content recommendation network. There are several different widgets available through which we can earn. The approval system is a little hard. Overall performance of this platform is good.

19. NativeAds.

NativeAds Thumbnail

Direct Ads Selling Network.

Another best option for those who have niche-based sites. Direct ad means in which no third party serve ads, but we need to join any marketplace advertisers and publisher can find each other. So the direct deal will be done between them. So there is numerous platform.

20. BuySellAds.

BuySellAds Thumbnail

BuySellAds is when the known name in the industry for direct advertisement. This platform can act as google Adsense alternatives, but the major problem is getting approval. We can list out fix rates for various ad space.

Best Technique To Make Money From Adsense Alternatives.

The most common problem which we all face while choosing an ad network is, Finding a network which performs better and what is the secure way to use them. Instead of using too many ad networks, what is the right procedure? Let’s discuss.

  • The most important thing which we should keep in mind is “our Site Niche”.
  • If your site is acceptable by Adsense but facing problems while getting approval, then read the policies and few topics on approval.
  • If you want to use additional platforms along with Adsense for extra earning, then we recommend Infolinks, auto affiliate and any native platform. Don’t go for popunder with Adsense. Try to apply direct ad platform also.
  • If Adsense is in-applicable, then for a site like a file sharing, movie sharing, etc. choose between propeller and revenue hits along with URL shortener with Page script but disable popunder. If you want to use another network popunder, choose individual Popunder ad networks. But try to use only a single platform popunder which performs better. Test all of them one by one.
  • If your site is on software reviews, product reviews, software sharing then use Revenuehits, along with Skimlinks or VigLink and also native if applicable.

Few Tips While Using Ads On Blog Or Site

  • Never use more than 3 ad network at the same time as instead of using banners ads from 3 networks prefer using it from single. Instead of using popunder ads from 2, 3 networks choose only one.
  • Don’t place more than 5, 6 ad units on each page.
  • Best combination is use max 2, 3 banners and along with native.
  • If using popunder, then also use URL shortener only for links but disable popunder, entry or exit interstitial and place banner max 2.
  • If using more than 2 networks, try not to place more than 1 ad unit of any network above the upper fold.
  • Effectively using less ad will protect your site from the penalty. So better try all and then make the best combination by reducing less earning formats.

We hope this guide will help you a lot and definitely able to find the best Google Adsense Alternatives platform. The only thing which matters is traffic and its quality. Best way is to analyse what performs better is test different network step by step as explained above and start earning. For any queries, please leave your comment.