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Top 10 Best Kodi Addons – [2024 Edition]

Kodi is an excellent piece of software. It is a complete media center capable of taking care of your complete media playback. Kodi syncs your local videos, movies, TV shows, and other things to get posters, as well as complete descriptions and ratings.

The interface is very intuitive and functional. Kodi is available for all major platforms to download for free. There is a lot more to Kodi than the features mentioned above. Kodi is capable of streaming content online. This is where its add-on capability comes into play. Recently we shared Kodi skins which allow us to customize the design of Kodi player.

Kodi users can use 3rd party Kodi addons to access content online and stream them directly. Hence, today we will discuss the best add ons for Kodi. These add ons will open the world of the latest free HD movies, Full TV shows, music, YouTube, Music, and much more.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to expand your media content for Kodi, choosing the best Kodi add ons is very important. So, go through the list of Best Kodi add ons given below and choose the best ones you want to add to your Kodi set up.

  1. Exodus.
  2. Specto Fork.
  3. Bob Unrestricted.
  4. Phoenix.
  5. Sports Devil.
  6. Salts.
  7. Zen.
  8. Aftershock.
  9. Youtube.
  10. SoundCloud.

List Of Best Kodi Addons.

Given below is the list of best Kodi addons that you can use to access free unlimited streaming content on your Kodi setup.

1. Exodus.

Exodus is the best Kodi add on that you can get. It is the most used, and the top Kodi add on. The add on works very well and it plays movies as well as TV shows.

exodus kodi add on

2. Specto Fork.

Specto Fork is another great Kodi add on based on Genesis code. It has good quality content as well as a favourite folder to save content.

specto fork add on kodi

3. Bob unrestricted.

Bob unrestricted is created by the members of Pheonix, Valhalla and blue. Hence the content is compelling, and the range is extensive.

bob unrestrected add on for kodi

4. Phoenix.

Pheonix is a steadily updated add on for Kodi. It has a lot of content ranging from sports to kids section. It is a nice add on to have.

phoenix add on

5. Sports Devil.

Sports Devil is the must-have ad for sports fans. Along with all the latest sports content and channels, it also offers you other content.

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6. Salts.

Salts is short for “Stream all the sources”. It uses that. tv for information and is a huge help in trying to resolve unreliable sources.

salts kodi add on

7. Zen.

Zen is a quite preferred Kodi add on for great content. It works quite an like exodus, but it has my list feature for your favorites.

zen kodi add on

8. Aftershock.

Aftershock is an Indian add on for Hindi movies and Indian television. There are only a few Indian add ons for Kodi and aftershock is the best of them.

aftershock kodi add on

9. YouTube.

Watching YouTube videos on your Kodi becomes a breeze if you have a Kodi add on for YouTube.

youtube on kodi

10. SoundCloud.

At last, we have a music add-on for all your audio needs. SoundCloud adds on for Kodi has a huge library of music and podcasts for all you audiophiles.

soundcloud kodi add on

Hence, these are the best Kodi addons available.

In conclusion, these are the best Kodi addons available for your Kodi setup. Choose and install them according to your media needs and enjoy free content. Also, could you share with us your favorite add ons? We’d love to hear about your Kodi setup.