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10+ Snapchat Tricks, Tips And Hacks – [2024 Edition]

In today’s generation, any operating system flourishes based on applications. It is a circle of users and developers as people prefer OS, with most developers and apps choose a grown operating system with an application market.

There are applications without which any device won’t stand a chance in the market like Instagram, Facebook, and much more. One such app is Snapchat.

Snapchat is the most hipster app there is. It is a photo-sharing app that believes in living the moment. The snaps are self disappearing, and even a screenshot is notified.

Along with these, the app supports calling, video calls, texts, group chats, stories, and much more. There are several iconic features, such as 24-hour stories, stickers, filters, and bitmoji. Snapchat is unique and different from other famous platforms like Instagram or WhatsApp. But in a similar way just like Instagram tricks and hacks or WhatsApp tricks are available, Snapchat tricks and tips are also useful.

If you are a Snapchat user or a fan, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we have listed the best Snapchat tricks and hacks that you must know to step up your Snapchat game. Check these simple Snapchat tricks and hacks and become a pro in snapping.

  1. Travel Mode.
  2. Reply To My Friend’s Stories.
  3. Use Search.
  4. Bitmoji.
  5. Create Groups in Snapchat.
  6. Hide Private Snaps.
  7. Use Fun Lens.
  8. Get more Lens.
  9. Use Front Camera as Default.
  10. Better Low Light Selfies.

Best Snapchat Tricks And Hacks.

Given below are the best Snapchat tricks and hacks. Follow them to become a pro in your Snapchat game and shine among your friends.

1. Travel Mode.

Travel Mode is a trick in Snapchat to save data when you are on mobile data. This feature changes Snapchat not to load stories automatically and keep on 4G mode snapchat trick

2. Reply To My Friend’s Stories.

You can reply to a friend’s stories to start a conversation about what they are doing. It is an excellent way to start a conversation instead of meddling in small talk over other apps. To reply to a friend’s story, swipe up from the bottom of the snap and type a text.

reply friends stories

3. Use The Search.

With the latest Snapchat update, you can use search to look for friends, groups, as well as people you follow. The search bar is located right on top of the camera screen on Snapchat.

search snapchat

4. Bitmoji.

After Snapchat acquired bitmoji, the app has a massive integration of bitmoji stickers. You can search for bitmoji sticks and send them to your friends as well as on the snaps. Their bitmoji Avatar even identifies your friends.

If you open bitmoji stickers in a chat, you will also see bitmoji labels with your friends. This is fun to use feature and an excellent snapchat hack.

bitmoji in snapchat

5. Create Groups In Snapchat.

Now you can create groups on Snapchat and share your moments with your friends together and chat about it. Here’s how to create a group. Head to the chat tab and tap on the new chat icon. Here select a couple of friends and create a group.

groups in snapchat

6. Hide Private Snaps.

Snapchat has a memory Tab where all your saved snaps are kept together and safely backed up. Along with it, there is a “For your eyes only” tab that lets you lock your hidden clasps using a code.

You can add snaps to hide from your camera roll, as well as your saved snaps here.

my eyes only hide snapchat

7. Use A Fun Lens.

The best feature of Snapchat that attracts users is the fun lens. Just tap on your screen anywhere in the middle to access fun and creative glass to have fun in your snaps.

Each lens offers a different feature like some change voice; some offer an effect when you look around or open your mouth. It is a must-try functionality.

snapchat lens

8. Get More Colors.

To get more Colors in the drawing tool in Snapchat, hold on to the color bar and swipe to the left. Then drag up and down to change the shade and access new colors.

more colors snapchat

9. Use the front camera as a default.

Now, you can use the front camera as a default camera in your Snapchat. This feature can also be helpful to quickly snap a selfie every time you open your Snapchat app without delay.

10. Better Low-light Selfies.

To take better photos in low light using the front camera, you can also quickly apply the screen as a flash to add sparkle to your photos. To do so, switch to the front camera in your Snapchat and turn on the flame.

front flash snapchat

Hence, these are the best Snapchat tricks and hacks.

In conclusion, we hope these Snapchat tricks and hacks will help you make better use of the app. Click better snaps and amaze all your friends and fans. Also, feel free to share the best feature you like on Snapchat with us in the comments below.