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How To Install Backtrack On Android – 2024

There are two types of software available on devices, Open Source and Closed Source Systems. Closed source systems are strictly controlled by the creator and have limited functionality, for, e.g. Mac OS.

But on the other hand, There are software like Android and Linux distributions that are open source, free to use as well as often have great functionalities.

Android has a vast user base because it is flexible and allows a ton of customization. One trick to do with your Android device is to install Backtrack 5 on your Android device.

Backtrack is a 3rd party Linux distribution that offers a large variety of penetration testing tools for professionals to assess programs against hacking.

Hence, backtrack is a dedicated environment dedicated to hacking. So, if you are looking for a way to install and run backtrack five on your Android smartphone, then, it is the right spot.

Here we have got a simple step-by-step guide to install Backtrack 5 on your Android smartphone. Follow each step carefully to run and install Backtrack 5 on Android.

How To Install Backtrack On Android.

back track 5

We have given a simple detailed step-by-step guide on how to install Backtrack 5 on your Android smartphone.

Requirements :

Steps To Install Backtrack On Your Android

Here is the complete guide to install and Run backtrack Five on your Android device :

Step 1. Extract the contents of the “BT5-GNOME-ARM.7z” backtrack zip file downloaded and place the “BT5” folder in the storage of your device.

Step 2. Open Terminal application. Then, type the following command :

su cd /sdcard/BT5
sh boot by

Note: Allow superuser access when prompted.

Step 3. Then Type the following command :

export USER=root

Here, set a password that you wish to keep. Make sure you do not forget it.

Step 4. Then, at last, enter the following command :

tightvncserver -geometry 1280×720

Step 5. The terminal emulator will create the local host to connect it to the VNC server. Now note the localhost port marked red below. Far minimize the terminal emulator.

Step 6. Open the Android VNC and type the following settings.
Nickname: BT5
Password: your password here which you entered in the terminal (step no.3)
Address: localhost
Port: 5906 ( or the one you noted in Step 5)

Now you can run Backtrack 5 on your Android Smartphone.

In conclusion, this is the best and most straightforward guide on how to install and run Backtrack 5 on your Android device. For any queries and assistance, feel free to reach out to us or leave a comment below. Do share it with your close ones if you find this guide useful.