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10+ Pokemon Go Tricks 2024 – Tips And Hacks, Cheats List

If you are even a little bit of social person, you must have heard about Pokemon GO. Pokemon Go is the new high rising phenomenon in the world of both technology and mobile gaming. Here, in this article, we have all the information you need about Pokemon GO.

We also have a few pokemon go tricks and hacks for this game so you can have fun with a little benefit over your friends and become the best trainer in town.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a semi-virtual reality game in which players can become pokemon trainers and hunt for virtual pokemon on their smartphones in real-life locations. The game is so popular that its success can now be compared to Twitter.

The game is yet to launch in the rest of the world as it is only available in select countries like the US. But if you want to play Pokemon GO outside the US, you can install the Apk file and enjoy the game.

Pokemon Go Tricks, Tips And Hacks.

These are some of the best pokemon go tricks for the world’s latest craze Pokemon GO.

1. Spoof GPS For Pokeballs.

If you want more Pokeballs, or want to play the game but don’t feel like walking around, you can use this trick to spoof your GPS location and enjoy the game from the comfort of your room.

To do so, you need a rooted android phone. If you don’t know what root is, check out How to root android phone.

Next, you need A GPS spoofing app. You can Download App. But be aware that your account may be suspended or banned by Niantic.

2. Get Pikachu For Start.

Pokemon Go offers Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur to you when you start the game. But if you want Pikachu as your starting pokemon, you can follow these simple little pokemon go tricks.

Do not select any pokemon when offered. But instead of this, walk around in your area. Return to the same place about 5 times, and you will see Pikachu as your 4th option as your starter pokemon.

pikachu pokemon go

3. Catch Pokemons Effectively.

Another Important in pokemon tricks and tips, If you are a new player and want to catch pokemon more effectively, this simple little trick will definitely help you. You can be better at catching pokemon if you tap and hold on the Poké ball.

It is important in pokemon tricks and tips. Doing this makes a green ring appear on the pokemon, and it becomes a definite hit. long press pokemon go

4. Use Incense.

If you have some free time to spend playing Pokemon Go, you can use incense. It will make pokemon appear more for 30 minutes, and you can level up your character and fill your Poké Dex. There is 2 free incense in your backpack.incense pokemon go

5. When You Run Out Of Incense.

If you run out of incense, follow this simple trick to get the same result. Go to the nearest most populated Poké stop where people might use a lure module. Another important in pokemon tricks and hacks. It works the same as the incense but lures pokemon to the area. You can benefit from this as well.lure module pokemon go

6. Incubate Your Eggs.

This is one of the most helpful in all pokemon Go tricks and tips. If you ever find an egg on your Poké stop, make sure you put it in an incubator. This will help to hatch it very quickly.incubator pokemon go

7. Turn Off Camera.

Not many Pokemon Go players know this simple little trick, but you can turn off your camera if you want while catching pokemon. This will save you from .bith distractions as well as save your phone’s off pokemon go

8. Save Your Battery.

If you are fond of playing Pokemon Go on your phone, you might have noticed that it drains the battery very fast. But did you know, you can enable the battery saving mode while playing pokemon Go to make your phone last longer.

This is recommended in pokemon go tips to enable battery saving in pokemon Go, tap settings and tick battery saver. battery saver pokemon go

9. Play Pokemon Go While Traveling.

If you are travelling in a fast-moving vehicle, you are sure to pass a lot of Poké stops on your journey. The game detects when you are moving above 20 km/h, and thus u can’t make progress with eggs as it requires walking.

But this little hack will get you some advantage. If you are fast enough, you can tap on the Poké stop and receive your items as soon as you get near enough. This can be very helpful.

10. Lucky Eggs.

Eggs are a great part of the gameplay in Pokemon Go. There are also some lucky eggs in the game which double your XP for 30 minutes and help you level up faster. Make sure you use these eggs wisely only when required and you are in a populated area.lucky egg pokemon go

 How To Download And Play Pokemon Go.

Download Pokemon GO.

Go ahead and download Pokemon GO from the Google Play Store.

If you live in a country where Pokemon GO is yet to be released, don’t worry because you can still Download APK File and install the game on your phone. You can therefore play this game anywhere in the world.

In conclusion, these are the best pokemon Go tricks and hacks. Enjoy this game with your friends. If you want any help, or have any suggestions, or share your views about Pokemon GO tricks with us in comments below.