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Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers & Advertisers – 2024 (Top 10+)

First of all, CPM is one of the best methods for earning money from every website or blog. CPM is known as cost per mille or cost per thousand ad impressions. Usually, every site or blog publisher wants to earn more money.

For the same, We all need to choose the best ad networks that provide a decent amount of money. There are different methods to monetize content in which PPC ads play an important role. While PPC ads you will only generate money only if your site has good CTR means revenue for every original and successful click from visitors.

But the possibility of getting any click from a daily site user or other refer users is not so much. If you want to make money from PPC ads then, go ahead and read pay-per-click sites. If the blog has lots of returning visitors and the site is not performing well on PPC ads.

Then go for the best CPM ad networks. Which consequently converts blog impressions or page view into revenue. CPM ads are rather based on impressions means for every thousand ad impression publishers will earn.

If you are searching for the best CPM ad networks for a publisher then here we are going to provide you best CPM sites that provide the highest rates to earn money.

  1. Propeller Ads.
  2. RevenueHits.
  3. Infolink Ads.
  4. Tribal Fusion.
  6. CPXInteractive.
  7. Conversant Media.
  8. Sovrn.
  9. Pulse Point.
  10. RhythmOne.
  11. Technorati Media.
  12. Casale Media.
  13. Vibrant Media.

List Of Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers.

1. Propeller Ads.

Propeller is the fastest growing CPM ad network with multiple ad formats. They provide good rates as compare to other ad networks. Features of the propeller ad network are easy to understand.

This network is based on various ad models like CPM, PPC, CPA, and CPL. Overall this is one of the best CPM ad networks.

Ad Format:- OnClick Ads, Mobile Ads on CPM, Video Ads, CPA, CPC, and CPL.
Payout:- $100 Via Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Payza.

Propeller Ads: Sign Up.

2. RevenueHits.

RevenueHits is another PPC and CPM site for publishers. It provides self-services for publishers, where any webmaster can come and start earning money just by placing tags into their site.

They also offer a self-service for Advertisers, where Advertisers can come and buy quality traffic. If you want to take your blog’s revenue generation to the next level, then this is the best platform.

Ad Format:- Display Ads, Text Ads, Pop up/under.
Payout:- $50 via PayPal.

RevenueHits: Sign Up.

Infolinks is In-text link based CPM ad networks. If you have a text-based rich site or blog then Infolinks is the best choice to earn some revenue. The best part of Infolinks is they don’t need and space for banners.

Infolinks rather show targeted ads for any relevant keyword from your content. You can also use keyword Tag cloud from Infolinks on your site or Infolinks can be used as “search ads”.

Infolinks don’t cover the spaces so that’s why you can use other ads banner from Adsense or another alternative to earn more revenue for site content as well.

Approval:- Getting Approval is very easy. Only a few sites get disapprove.
Ad Type:- In-text ads, Search ads, or Tag cloud Instead of banner ads.
Payment:- Minimum Payout $50 via PayPal or wire transfer.

Infolinks: Sign Up.

4. Tribal Fusion.

Tribal Fusion is a leading platform for CPM based advertiser and publisher. There are many different factors on which the popularity of tribal fusion depends. Participating in tribal fusion as a publisher is not easy because of the highest paying advertisers.

They also pay the highest CPM rates as compared to others. Tribal accepts only Quality based sites that meet their program policies.

Conditions:- Publisher Site should have a minimum of 500,000 unique users every month. Regularly Updated and highly relevant content on site.
Payment:- At least $50 Via Check or PayPal.


Advertising is another platform in the top best CPM ad networks. Advertising is a division of AOL networks. The best reason behind choosing an Advertising platform is they show relevant ads that match your site and are also liked by readers of your site. They offer the best CPM rates.

Conditions:- They Approve Sites only having Huge visitors.
Payment:- Minimum Payout $25 via Check.

6. CPXInteractive.

CPX Interactive is another Top Most best place of CPM based ads. It is based on CPM and also offers CPC and CPA ads. CPX Interactive is a successful and trusted network for CPM.

Its approval Publisher site has good quality content. The CPX approval system is hard as compared to the networks listed below.

Conditions:- Publisher Site Must have a minimum of 30,000 Visitors per month.
Payment:- Minimum $100 via Check.


7. Conversant Media.

Conversant Media is also the best place for both CPC or CPM. They offer the highest rates based on eCPM. Conversant Media has a little bit different eligibility criteria for Publisher as compared to other networks.

Because it does not accept sites that are hosted on free services. They rather approve Quality based sites.

Conditions:- At least a 3000-page view per Month.
Payment:- Minimum payout is at least $25 via cheque, PayPal.

8. Sovrn.

Sovrn is yet another best platform for In-text and In-image ads. It offers contextually based ads with high CPM rates. Sovrn makes its best position is the CPM based advertising because of their amazing feature and resources like Advance services, Audience Analytic, and Reader Enhancement Tool for better understanding site performance for making money.

Payment:- Minimum Payout $25 via PayPal.

9. Pulse point.

PulsePoint is a new platform formed by context web and Datran Media. Plus points also offer the AskPrice function means they offer freedom to their publisher to also set up the rates for CPM through AskPrice Program.

They also have a better Read Time Classifier (RTC) for better performance. They also offer a 10{e66e6f15cd857a101efbf20a7a941ba5467be7d37c5afcb20afd7fa48b899e63} bonus under their refer Program for both Referrer and new Referred publisher for the first month.

Payment:- Minimum $50 via check or PayPal.

10. RhythmOne.

They Offer High CPM rates with a quality campaign and full control of ads on your site. Their conditions for Publisher before joining Brust media depend on various factors.

They accept site only which has the quality and unique content with the minimum required monthly views. RhythmOne also offers Publisher to setup fixed rate for CPM only is the Site having 250,000 visitors or more

Conditions:- Publisher Site should have a minimum of 5000 unique monthly visitors or a minimum of 25000 Pageviews and also depend on many various Factors for Approval.
Payment:- Minimum Payout $50 via Check, PayPal, or Electronic Fund transfer.

11. Technorati media.

As Technorati is Famous for site directory Submission and also they have Ads Publisher Program based on CPM. Technorati is the 8th largest Social Media Advertising network in the world.

They offer the best CPM rates as compared to many other Listed programs But its site approval procedure depends on various factors.

Conditions:- Depend on Number or various factors like Visitors, Page views, Ranking, quality of a site, and content.
Payment:- Minimum payout is $50 through check or PayPal.

12. Casale Media.

Casale is also a good platform for CPM ads. It also offers the best Real-time Campaign performance metrics for better optimizing ad performance. Their ad formats are available in Standard and Rich Media in Banners, Pop under, and size also.

Conditions:- Publisher site Must having 50,000 Monthly Unique Visitors.
Payment:- They are a specific Minimum Payout mentioned.

13. Vibrant Media.

Vibrant is also growing CPM ad networks. The Best part behind Vibrant choosing for CPM Publisher is they offer different ad formats for different placement which will help to earn more from page impression.

Vibrant offers In-text based, In-Image based ads, or also banners advertising. These ads are based on the CPM method.

Conditions:- Site Must have 500,000-page impression per month
Payments:- Minimum payout is not specific by vibrant and receive by check or Wire transfer.

Hence, These are the best CPM ad networks for publishers and advertisers. Which we feel and find good to earn some money. There are several best CPM ad networks available that are not listed because of less CPM rates and performance as compare to the above CPM ad networks. Thus, If you know any best CPM ad networks which perform better then must leave your precious comment.