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10+ Best Malware Removal Tools For Windows 10 11 PC 2024 – [Top List]

Today the internet has become a necessary demand. We use the internet on our mobile and computer systems to do our daily tasks like emails, online shopping, banking, downloading, etc. The Internet makes the world shrink and becomes smaller.

On the other hand, the internet is also a big source of malicious activities and cybercrimes. Many types of viruses like malware, spyware, and adware are available, making our PC slow and spying on our personal information. Normally we all prefer to use antivirus for Windows.

But some other unwanted files can’t be removed by normal antivirus. From all those malware is a special kind of malicious program that makes our PC slow, adds extra extensions and toolbars to our browser, spies our personal information like bank details, etc.  Everybody wants to use the internet for their benefit. In order to protect yourself from malicious files one can use a private browser like Duckduckgo. But the question remains, is duckduckgo free?  Yes, it is.

So we have to keep our PC secure against that malware with malware removal tools for Windows. In this topic, we are going to share the list of best malware removal tools for pc. Some of which are paid and some are free. So choose according to your needs.

Best Malware Removal Tools For Windows PC.

  1. Malwarebytes.
  2. Microsoft Security Essential.
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security.
  4. Avast Free Antivirus.
  5. SpyBot Search & Destroy.
  6. BitDefender Security.
  7. AVG Antivirus.
  8. Panda Internet Security.
  9. SuperAntiSpyware.
  10. AD-Aware Free Antivirus Plus.

1. Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes is one of the most popular tools in the list of best malware removal tools for PCs. It is available for Windows and MAC. It is compatible with all versions of Windows, including 32-bit and 64-bit.

Malwarebytes provides fast system scans, blocks malicious websites, cleans infections, and prevents malware’s future infection. If you are looking for a simple malware removal tool, its free version is enough. Otherwise, its premium version is available for a cost of 24.95 USD.

MalwareBytes: Download.

Malwarebyte PC Software

2. Microsoft Security Essential.

Microsoft Security Essential is an official tool from Microsoft for the protection of Windows PCs. It is freely available to download from its official website. It is compatible with all versions of Windows, both for 32 and 64-bit OS.

Microsoft Security Essential provides malware protection and protection from other malicious threads. This also protects the background of our system. It is available in 33 different languages. It provides automatic updates when we connect to the internet.

Microsoft Security Essential: Download.

Microsoft Security Essential PC Software

3. Kaspersky Internet Security.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 is also a good tool in the list of best malware removal tools for Windows. It protects against malware, threats, and other malicious tool. It adds an extra layer of security for online shopping and banking.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 saves our kids from malicious threats and provides parental control to monitor our kids’ activities. It also provides a safeguard for our browser and automatically stops phishing attacks. This is available for 59.95 USD for 1 year for 1 PC.

Kaspersky Internet Security: Download.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 PC Software

4. Avast Free Antivirus.

Avast is also a good tool that protects against malware, spyware, adware, trojan horses, etc. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP. It also keeps our browser safe from unwanted toolbars, and extensions that make our pc slow.

Avast also provide smart system scan and remember our passwords. It provides an easy-to-use interface. It provides its premium version for only 49.99 USD for one year.

Avast Free Antivirus: Download.

Avast Free Antivirus 2016 PC Software

5. SPYBOT Search and Destroy.

SPYBOT is another good tool in the list of best alternatives for malware removal tools. It is available for the Windows platform. SPYBOT is available for free for home users who want a basic tool for malware removal. Its premium and business version is also available for premium users with additional features.

It is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool. In its free version, it provides spyware and malware protection. It is a premium version that is available for 9.99 USD per year.

SpyBot Search & Destroy: Download.

SPYBOT Search and Destroy PC Software

6. Bitdefender Internet Security.

Bitdefender is also a good tool in the list of best malware removal tools. If you are looking for a professional malware removal tool, then this tool is one of the good choices. It has zero performance impact on the system performance, and it wins the gold award for system performance.

It keeps your children safe and provides parental control to monitor their activities. Bitdefender is available for a cost of 51.97 USD per year for three PCs.

Bitdefender Internet Security: Download.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 PC Software

7. AVG Antivirus.

AVG is an easy-to-use tool with attractive graphics and high performance. It is available for Windows, MAC, Android, etc. It protects against malware, spyware, Trojan horses, and other malicious tools.

AVG provides fast scanning of the system, and it is an award-winning software. It provides link protection, email protection, data encryption, etc. It is available for the cost of 13.33 USD per year.

AVG Antivirus: Download.

AVG Antivirus 2016 PC software

8. Panda Internet Security.

Panda is also a good malware removal tool that is available for free. It is a lightweight tool with plenty of features. It provides real-time anti-spyware protection, URL, and web filtering with behavioral analysis.

Panda is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10. It provides an easy-to-use tool with an attractive interface. It is a simple malware removal tool with performance.

Panda Internet Security: Download.

Panda Free Antivirus 2016 PC Software

9. SuperAntiSpyware.

SuperAntiSpyware is a good tool that provides us with plenty of smart features. It is a lightweight tool for Windows OS. It provides system protection against malware, spyware, trojan horse, adware, etc. SuperAntiSpyware provides custom and full scanning of our drives.

It also has provided a system investigator in its free version, which keeps track of our system-installed apps. It provides regular updates of virus definitions. Its pro version is available for a cost of 29.95 USD per year.

SuperAntiSpyware: Download.

SuperAntiSpyware PC Software

10. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Plus.

If you are looking for a simple, fast, and free malware removal and antivirus tool, it is a good choice. It provides full protection against malware and other malicious activities. Ad-Aware also protects our downloads and scans them at the time of downloading.

It automatically updates our threats database to keep us more protected against the threats. It also protects us against URLs and malicious websites.

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Plus: Download.

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Plus PC Software

These are some best malware removal tools that will protect your device from all unwanted things.