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How To Increase Facebook Page Likes (10 Latest Ways) – 2024

Facebook Pages are playing a significant role in Social media optimization and are helpful for the growth of online or even offline business. Facebook is the biggest social media platform.

That’s why every person on Facebook be a part of some groups, events and also likes pages to update knowledge, fun, and for some other interests. Facebook has millions of pages in which some of our fans page, brand, celebrity, business, and other community pages.

These types of pages are separate from each other. Pages help us to interact with readers and convert these readers into clients.

Even you can see our Safe Tricks Page has 600k+ likes, and our team also has around 20+ pages with a total of 2M+ likes just because of some techniques and patience in our work.

Facebook pages are increasing to a large extent, so to control their growth, Facebook takes some serious steps and introduces the EdgeRank algorithm for the news feed. After this update, every page reaches its audience only 10 percent on avg for each post.

So it’s not easy to maintain the growth of Facebook pages and also getting new likes. So if you are struggling to get likes here, we are going to explain some simple and easy steps to increase Facebook page likes.

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes.

“Keep Calm While Following,” These Methods are not magic tricks that help to build a great page within a day. Everything needs some time, so be patient.

Tips Before Starting New Page.

  • Whenever you want to Create a New Page Always, try to make a page on that name that you feel that people like most. Even create a page on a popular place, event, products, or celebrities fans page. These types of pages perform well.
  • Never Work on Single Page always try with 2,3 different name pages, which help you to understand which Page performs well than others. Then continue working on that one and leave others.
  • Always discuss with your friends, let them leave their reviews on choosing the right name.
  • Always make some different Language Pages like English or even in your mother’s language because all friends in the circle take more interest in page with the mother’s tongue.

1. Important Settings For Pages.

Whenever you create a new page, always make sure that Page info should be accurate and according to page name and type.

Suppose if your page is about Education, then always select a specific category and subcategory, which will help Facebook search engine and news feed to understand your page type.

Then, increase the chances of getting more likes because it helps people to find pages easily with similar types and get the suggestion of your page and some other info like address, description, email, website (if any).

These page info details are a must and help to engage with the audience.

facebook page settings

2. Invite Friends To Increase Facebook Page Likes.

Sending invites to your friends, family members help to expand your page. Also, ask your friends to invite you further. But I know sending an invitation is not an easy task, and it takes time.

Don’t worry If your friends don’t have too much time to spend on inviting then I already post a trick about inviting all friends with a single click. That means you will be able to send invitations in just a few seconds.

So ask your friends if they have any fake or other accounts with too many friends, then request 5 min using only to invite all friends on your page. To use invite extension

Check out:- Invite All Friends To Like Facebook Page.

3. Sharing in Groups, Comments, And Events.

We know almost every person who is working on his page already tried this method. But according to us just sharing page here and there doesn’t mean it helps to get likes.

Always share in groups, comments in the right way. Never share the direct page link. And, always share your page posts, or you can even make a direct post in groups. Also, add “Tag Your Page” in the post.

But always make sure that page and its updates should be shared in a related type of event or group. And, also in the comments because the audience always takes an interest in the pages which are of similar type.

To find groups, pages, and events that are similar to your page. Then, start sharing on them.

Must Check:- Add all friends to Facebook Group just by Single click.

4. Exchange Page Sharing To Increase Facebook Page Likes.

The one and famous technique by which you can grow your page at tremendous speed. In exchange for sharing with pages, you have to share other pages on yours, and they share your page on their one.

It is only the best way to increase Facebook page likes effectively. We also do exchange sharing of our celebrity and other fan pages.

There are many groups always for S4S ( share for Share) where different page admin who is interested do Exchange page sharing.

facebook page sharing

5. Convert Account In Page.

The main problem with many Facebook users is they don’t even know about the services and features available on Facebook. Due to a lack of knowledge, they are not able to understand and use some elements in the right way.

So here another feature that is based on the conversion of the standard account in fans pages. So if you have several fake accounts that are a waste for you or even any standard account with too many friends and you can easily convert that into the page, and all friends and followers will turn into page likes.

If you want to know the whole process of converting then follow

Check Here:- How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Page.

6. Merge Duplicate Pages To Increase Facebook Page Likes.

Merging is the best technique to combine different pages likes into one. Suppose if you have two or more same name pages and users are using them separately in that condition, merging is the only solution because using page instead or many get more response. So if you don’t know how to merge pages then follow

Check out:- How To Merge Facebook Pages.

Some Tricky Facts About Merging.

1. As explained in #5 point about converting account. In case if you have many accounts with too many friends, then convert all that account to the same name page and then merge all the converted pages into single.

2. Create a new page on any celebrity or other which can quickly get likes. Then before exceeding 200+ likes. Change your page name with the real name and merge them.

3. If you have big pages with more than 200+ likes, then follow our name change tricks listed in Facebook Tricks Table. After Change your name with existing, then merge them into single.

These are some techniques that can use to increase Facebook likes just by merging pages in the right way. But Sometimes, due to excessive usage, page merging may get blocked.

7. Run Contest and Giveaways On Facebook Page.

We have our pages which offer a contest for their page fans. We also introduce several competitions on our pages. In pages running, games also help in page growth — you many offer prizes, giveaways that attract users.

Always introduce photo submission contest and offer prizes for getting tops position just bases on the likes and shares.

Then Your users will try to get more likes just by tagging their friends, sharing, and other ways to win. So all the efforts are made on the user side also help your page to get popular within few days.

8. Quality Or Viral Posts To Increase Facebook Page Likes.

“Content is King” makes a post in the right ways and well-organized manner. Always wait for 30 min to create a new update on the page. Try to understand the behavior of your audience and still make a post that fans love.

Always post text and image posts regularly alternatively because text post gets more reach. That means more chances of getting likes and shares.

Images post always perform well and try to update those who can quickly get more share and become viral. Here is our case study was done on Viral Post, and it successfully helps to increase Facebook page likes.

Some Viral posts are just spams but sometimes to achieve something we have to do. Here is one of my most popular viral Posts on Facebook When my page is just having 200k likes and that time.

We got 1.5M likes on a post, and this viral post helps us to get around 15k likes on a single day at our page. Here is a screenshot of that post

facebook page viral post








But we deleted that viral post after one day to protect our page not to be listed as spam. There is a Number post that gets viral but not likes the above case study. That type of job gets shares that help in page growth to check manually.

You can freely check our old update at our Safe Tricks fans Page.

9. Understand Page Performance and Insights.

Facebook Insight is the best and having lots of amazing features which to understand your page in the right way. Always check your Page Likes type and location. It means which countries people are most engaged with your page and which is a document in your page male or Female.

So try to make posts according to these types. Always check People Online Status, which helps to understand which time and day are best for posting that post, which has chances to get viral.

Always make comparisons between text and image posts of different types understand which type of post gets more likes, share, and reach. These facts also help to increase page talking about.

So it necessary to see the overall performance of the page in insight to get more engagement of the audience with the page.
facebook page insight overview

10. Create Special Offers And Ads.

Creating Offers on-page is also the best idea. If your page related to website, brand, or blog then creating offer with boost post help to get more likes. Therefore, offers also help you to get more likes.

Try to offer discounts, other products reference in which people take an interest. Thus, they join your page to receive the benefits of that offer.

The page usually offers receives more reach than regular posts.

So offers are the best way to reach more audiences. Facebook ads are a little bit expensive, but for business pages, it’s the right choice to create offer + Ads in the combine, which increases your sales and also helps to increase Facebook page likes.


Facebook Pages depend on all about how we use and manage them. We reached this benchmark just because of using page in a well-mannered way, quality content, viral posts, viral page, and some other facts. If you follow all the above tips and work continuously on your page, your page will starting and tremendous speed within a few months. Here is a screenshot in which you can see how we reached from 100k to 200k in just a few days.
facebook page likes growth
We feel that after reading this whole article, you have learned something new and which helps you push your pages with a great startup. These tips and ways are based on our experience, which we have gained after working for the last four years in Facebook Page marketing. We know to start anything looks intricate, but We hope this successive guide will help you to increase Facebook page likes. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask us anytime.