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Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click – [2024 Edition]

Facebook groups are the best place for any discussion with your unique choice of friends or other members. No one from outside can interfere in the group without admin permission which means groups are different from pages.

On pages, every person is free to like the page. Groups can be secret, closed, or public. But the problem we face in groups is that we have to add all members manually one by one, which is a time-consuming process.

As in our recent post, we have discussed Invite All Friends to Facebook Page. It helps invite too many friends to Facebook page within a few secs and it’s totally a time-saving method.

But that process is only working for the Facebook page, not for the Facebook group. Today we will discuss methods to add all members to the Facebook group in a single click. Sometimes we have an account with 5000 or more friends.

So it is not an easy task to add too many friends, and you face difficulty while adding them one by one. Don’t worry; we care about your precious time and effort so therefore here is the most straightforward and most natural way which will help you to add all friends to a Facebook group within a single click.

Notice: This method has been working for years. But now, Facebook has upgraded its security and policies. Due to this, there is not any working method to view the add all friends to Facebook Group at once. So, you can try our Facebook Tricks if you are interested.

Methods to Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once.

Here we have a pretty simple guide for you about How To Add All Friends To a Facebook Group At Once within a single click. And, make sure you follow these steps very carefully. They are quite comfortable and very easy to follow.

Method 1:- Steps To Add Friends Using Browser Script

  •  First of all, Login into that Facebook account whose friends you want to invite.
  •  Then open your particular Facebook Group in which you want to add friends.
  •  Now Click the F12 button which will open the debugger and then select the console box.
  •  Now copy the script from the below-given button.

Get Script

  •  Copy-paste the whole provided code and then paste them into a console box.

add all friends to facebook group script code

  • Press enter and the process will start to send an invitation.

Method 2:- Steps To Add Friends In Group Using Chrome Extension.

In the case the above script doesn’t work for you, then another easy way is by installing the Google Chrome extension.

  • First all download the below-given Google Chrome Extension.
  • After downloading and installing, open your Facebook group where you want to add friends.
  • Then click on the visible icon on the top right corner of the browser to perform this task.
  • Without a few mins, the processes of adding friends will begin.

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Note:- Don’t worry about anything. This script is safe. It will not mess with your account, or compromise its security. But due to Facebook policy, In case you have too many friends then you may get blocked for using groups or even your account may get locked. So be careful about Facebook rules for spamming and socializing.

YouTube Tutorial For Adding All Friends On Facebook Group

In conclusion, we would like to suggest all users follow this guide for their convenience. And not to spam or annoy users. Groups are designed by Facebook for private sharing for a specific cause or community and therefore must be used in this way. For any suggestions or queries, write to us in the comments below.