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Top 10 Best DNS Servers Sites – [2024 Edition]

DNS servers play a vital role in accessing the internet. We do our various tasks using the internet and save our time. DNS is an abbreviation of Domain Name Service or System. It resolves the website name to its IP address.

We don’t need to remember IP addresses anymore. Each ISP has a default DNS server. Internet service provider DNS is not efficient to fulfil the requirements of clients during the peak hours of internet browsing.

Also, ISP’s DNS server has slow internet speed and does not provide as much security to keep us secure from the malicious threats. So we need third party DNS servers to have good internet speed and security.

In this article, we will explain the best DNS servers with their IP addresses. You can easily use one of them for fast internet speed. We have reviewed and tested each DNS server in this list before presenting it to you. So, let’s start.

  1. Google Public DNS.
  2. OpenDNS.
  3. Cloudflare DNS.
  4. Ultra DNS.
  5. Comodo Secure DNS.
  6. DNS Watch.
  7. AdGuard DNS.
  8. Smart Viper.
  9. OpenNIC.
  10. Verisign DNS.

Top Best DNS Servers.

1. Google Public DNS.

Google Public DNS

It is one of the best public DNS servers from Google. It provides high internet speed and security. By using this DNS server, you are under the protection of Google security algorithms, and these servers always remain active with efficiency.

Google DNS server is operated on IP address and It handles almost over 400 billion requests per day official said by Google.

Google Public DNS: Visit Now.

2. OpenDNS.

OpenDNS Thumbnail

OpenDNS is another best DNS server in the list of best DNS servers. It is a free public DNS server that provides high-speed internet with enhancing security. It also provides malware-free browsing of the internet because it uses malware filtering mechanism.

OpenDNS servers are operated on the IP address and It automatically locates the nearest server to complete our request and always remain up with its multiple servers.

OpenDNS: Visit Now.

3. Cloudflare DNS.

Cloudfare DNS Thumbnail

Cloudflare DNS is also a secure and fast DNS server that provides the quickest response time and always up internet connection. It is started by Cloudflare, which is a top-rated reputed company to change DNS servers.

It is a free DNS server. We do not have to pay for its services. It also uses a content filtering mechanism to keep us safe from unwanted threats. You can easily find its server on IP address and Also, it offers you with an android application.

Cloudflare DNS: Visit Now.

4. Ultra DNS.

UltraDNS Thumbnail

It is another best DNS server that provides its services from 2009. The NeuStar company starts this server. It provides a high-speed internet connection with security. It also uses multiple servers to handle client requests and always remain up.

Its server is situated in various countries, including Australia, Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. It is operated on the IP address and

Ultra DNS: Visit Now.

5. Comodo Secure DNS.

Comodo Secure DNS Thumbnail

It is also a good alternative for your ISP DNS server. It provides a high-speed internet connection even at peak times. Its server is situated across the globe on three different continents to provide high-speed internet connection.

It also has a blocklist to keep us secure from unwanted content and threats. We can easily find its DNS servers at the IP address of and

Comodo Secure DNS: Visit Now.

6. DNS Watch.

DNS Watch Logo

DNS watch is also a sound server that provides security from malicious threats and has a fast internet speed. It offers its services free of cost.

If you want to get rid of your slow DNS of your ISP, then this is the right choice. It provides uncensored records. It operates on the IP address of and You can easily view its per-minute stats from its website.

DNS Watch: Visit Now.

7. AdGuard DNS.

AdGuard DNS Thumbnail

AdGuard is also an excellent DNS server that provides speed, reliability, security. It has an excellent infrastructure and an outstanding provider of network-based services.

This DNS is an excellent alternative to your service provider DNS and provides the actual view of the internet. It avoids censorship content blocking. Also, there are various IP addresses on which its server is running is and

AdGuard DNS: Visit Now.

8. Smart Viper.

SmartViper Thumbnail

Smart viper is also an accessible DNS server which is available for free. It provides IPv4 DNS service. It provides you with a better internet experience than your default DNS server provided by your ISP. Also, it protects against viruses and malware.

We can easily use this DNS server by using the IP addresses and It provides internet neutrality and gives the actual view of the internet.

Smart Viper: Visit Now.

9. OpenNic.

OpenNIC Thumbnail

If you want a common standard, a free DNS server, which provides DNS neutrality, then this is the right choice as your DNS server. Also, it keeps us away from censorship authorities like the govt of a country.

It provides the internet as it is in reality and privacy from sensor authorities. It operates on the IP address,,,

OpenNIC: Visit Now.

10. Verisign DNS.

Verisign DNS Thumbnail

Verisign DNS is also an excellent alternative DNS server in the list of the best DNS server. It is a newly started DNS service which is operated on the IP address of &

It provides fast internet speed and internet content security. Give it a try and view its performance. It provides its service to avoid censorship and provide an actual image of the internet. It offers real-time protection from malicious content.

Verisign DNS: Visit Now.

In conclusion, we hope you like this list of best DNS Servers. Share these games with your friends, as well. Also, tell us your favourite DNS Server in the comments below so we can add them to the list as well.