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15+ Best Chrome Extensions 2024 – [Top List]

Google Chrome is one of the most popular Internet Browsers which is available for Windows, MAC, and Android. It is one of the most potent browsers which provides various inbuilt capabilities like multi-threading, adding a bookmark, saving the page, etc.

But we can also enhance its skills to do many other tasks with of its amazing Extensions. These extensions will help you to add features and functions to the browser. Also, it is pretty easily accessible, as well.

Here, we have listed and described the best Google Chrome extension with a brief description of each to perform various tasks. Every extension in the list will add one or multiple additional features. This list is curated after reviewing each extension.

  1. EarthView from Google Earth.
  2. Google Dictionary.
  3. Adblock Plus.
  4. 1Password Manager.
  5. Search by Image Extension.
  6. Panic Button.
  7. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  8. Flash Video Downloader.
  9. Evernote Web Clipper.
  10. User AgentSwitcher.
  11. Stay Focused.
  12. Momentum.
  13. Coupons at Checkout.
  14. Alexa Traffic Rank.
  15. Web Developer.

List Of Best Chrome Extensions.

1. Earthview from Google Earth.

Earth View Logo

It is a fantastic Google Extension that provides each time with a Google satellite image from Google Earth when we open a new tab.

We can also download an image for wallpaper or share it on Social media.

We can also view this image on Google Maps.

2. Google Dictionary.

Google Dictionary Logo

Google Dictionary is another best Chrome extensions to find the meaning of difficult words from the Google dictionary.

We do not need to open a different tab to search the word.

We need to highlight the word and press the dictionary icon in the toolbar to find its meaning.


3. AdBlock Plus.

Adblock Plus Logo

Adblock Plus is one of the great and useful Chrome extensions to keep us away from annoying Ads.

Sometimes we open a website, and its screen is full of Ads that do not interact us with the site appropriately.

The only solution is the Adblock Plus extension to keep away from ads.

4. 1password Manager.

1Password Manager Logo

It is another Best Chrome extension, which is very useful for remembering our password for each site.

Also, it can generate a new secure password for every site.

We can quickly fill form and log in to a website without remembering any password.

Search By Image Logo

It is also a popular Chrome extension in the list of best Chrome extensions.

With the help of this extension, we can easily search for an image and its source where it belongs.

We need to hover over any image to search for it on Google Images.

6. Panic Button.

Panic Button Logo

It is another useful Chrome extension that allows us to surf the internet on Chrome browser in hidden mode at work.

It provides a small button in the Chrome toolbar that immediately hides all our Chrome tabs on click and saves them as a temporary browser.

We can also add it with a keyboard key.

7. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, And Slides.

Office Editing for Docs Logo

It is another best Chrome extensions for working with Microsoft Office documents.

Although Google Docs can open it, it converts Microsoft formats to its format.

If we maintain our proper format of MS Office Document, then we can work with this extension to edit our documents.

8. Flash Video Downloader.

Flash Video Downloader Logo

It is another best Chrome extension that allows as download videos from websites that do not allow them to download their videos for personal use.

This Chrome extension makes a download button where it sees a video on a website.

This Chrome extension does not work with YouTube.

9. Evernote Web Clipper.

Evernote Web Clipper Logo

It is one of the best Chrome extensions for the Ever Note user.

We can easily highlight text, and images to save them on every note for later use.

Evernote Web Clipper is one of the best tools to make notes from the webpage and save its images.

10. User AgentSwitcher.

User Agent Switcher Logo

Many websites change their look or component from browser to browser or OS to OS.

Sometimes we have to save images in PNG or JPG format, but the website allows them to be kept in web format.

Then we can use this extension to switch between the different views of websites like desktop and mobile versions.

11. Stay Focused.

StayFocused Logo

It is one of the best extensions for working people to stay focused on their work.

After spending a specific period on a particular website, it is locked for the whole day and inspires us to focus on our work.

It can also be used to allow access to only a specific site.

12. Momentum.

Momentum Logo

It is another best option for Chrome extension to keep us motivated and inspired.

We can set a new tab with our to-do list or also set a motivational quote.

It also provides a new inspirational picture each day. We can also return to the default Chrome page with a link.

13. Coupons At Checkout.

Coupons at Checkout Logo

It is also a good Chrome extension, which is very useful for finding the coupon code for online shopping.

Finding coupons is a very time-consuming task. When this extension finds the coupon code box empty, it will find the coupon code for that website.

We can easily save some bucks with the help of this extension.

14. Alexa Traffic Rank.

Alexa Traffic Rank Logo

It is also a popular Chrome extension to find the Alexa traffic rank of a Website and information about the website without interrupting our website.

It also provides information about the site linking. It is a useful tool for the analysis of traffic for a website.


15. Web Developer.

Web Developer Extension LogoWeb Developer is an all-in-one extension that provides multiple functions and features. It will add a toolbar with a large number of options in the Chrome browser.

It will provide access to developer tools such as disabling JavaScript, hiding or disabling images, and much more. So, in this way, it will enable you to perform a lot of tasks efficiently and effectively.


In conclusion, we hope you like this list of best Chrome extensions. Share these games with your friends. Also, tell us your favorite Chrome extensions in the comments below so we can add them to the list as well.