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How To Stop/Block Game Requests On Facebook (Working Methods) – 2024

As we all know that Facebook is one of the biggest social media networks. Now it has become necessary in daily routine to use Facebook for chatting or sharing status or photos with friends and family. We also play games on Facebook.

But more than a social site, Facebook becomes a marketplace for advertisers and companies. So they try to make their products popular through Facebook. It has become easy to grow any business on Facebook to make a brand or product name popular.

Just like all the gaming companies have introduced games for different platforms like android and iOS, but almost all of them also introduce their games on Facebook. Because it will be easy for every to play games along with Facebook.

Beside all these most irritating things which every Facebook user face is, games or other app requests sent by their friends or automatically from apps. There are different apps like calculate love percentage, who visit your profile and games like candy crush, teen Patti and many more.

Normally every game provides few extra points or features for sending an invitation to Facebook friends. This is the best marketing strategy for them to increase popularity.

For gaming lovers, this may be not an issue but for a normal user who doesn’t want to play games on Facebook. Then it is better to get rid of all these notification and block game requests on Facebook.

How To Block Game Requests On Facebook.

There are two different ways to block game requests on Facebook. We will explain both of them to you. Follow any of the methods which like or find easy to do.

Method 1st:- Settings Block Game Requests On Facebook.

  • First of click on the top right side settings icon in your profile.
  • Then click on the Settings option.


  • After that click on the option of blocking available on the left side panel of the settings page.


  • On Blocking Page there are many options available that are required to block different functionality.

#1. Block Games Requests On Facebook For Particular Person.

It is useful if you want to block any particular friend. Once you block that person then you will not receive the further invitation of request and apps from that person. We can also block multiple persons who send invitations then you need to add his or her name in the block user box.

#2. Block App Or Game Invites On Facebook For Particular Game.

In case multiple friends are sending you the same game or app request then there is an option to block the app. Simply type the name of that app in the block app box and you have done.

Method 2nd:- Block Games Invites On Facebook.

If case you don’t want to follow the explained method to block game requests on Facebook or you want to try another way which may find easy as compare to above.

  • First of open Games App center.
  • Then click on the activity option available on the top menu.


  • Now you will be able to see all the pending invites from your friends.
  • Then, simply click on the Cross “X” or Ignore All button appear on the app request.


  • Click to block the app or game request and confirm it.


YouTube Video Tutorial

In conclusion, the above-explained are the two different ways to block app requests or game requests on Facebook. Follow any of the above-given methods you like most and find it easy. In case you face any kind of issue, don’t feel any kind of hesitation to leave your comments for assistance.