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250+ Siri Commands & Questions List – [2024 Edition]

Are You Looking For a Complete Siri Commands List? Siri is an intelligent personal assistant app for Apple devices through which the user can interact with Apple devices and its apps with natural voice commands. You can use your voice to schedule meetings, send messages, make phone calls, and more. Just talk like you normally would to a person and ask Siri to do things.

Siri will understand what you say, and it will talk back to you. Siri is quite intelligent and has some witty answers to trick questions. In this article, we are going to provide the Full Siri Commands List which you can ask Siri. You can have fun talking to your Apple device all day using the questions and commands in the list below.

But First of all, let us see How to activate Siri:


Activating Siri.

If somehow, you are unable to talk to Siri, then probably it is turned off in settings. You can activate Siri by going to your Iphone’s settings –> Siri and search –> toggle press home for Siri on. 

activating siri

  • For an iPhone, you can press and hold the home button or the side button to activate Siri.
  • For Airpods, double-tap on either of the airport.
  • On an Apple watch, you can double-tap the button below the crown.
  • For a Mac device, open the Siri icon on the menu bar.

Alternatively, you can set the ‘Hey Siri’ Command to activate Siri.

Siri Commands & Question List.

Define Relationships For Siri.

  • “Call me Roy.”
  • “My wife is ‘Kerry Washington’”
  • “My brother is ‘Justin Bieber’”
  • “‘Alicia Keys’ is my mom.”
  • “My boss’s name is ‘Sean Combs’”
  • “My dad is ‘Andrew Bachelor’”

Siri Commands Related To Your Contacts.

  • “When is my wife’s birthday?”
  • “What’s Justin’s address?”
  • “What is my father’s phone number?”
  • “Who is Sean Combs?”
  • “Show Alicia ‘s home email address.”
  • “Show Justin Bieber”
  • “Find people named Kardashian.”

siri contacts

Ask Siri To Locate Friends And Family.

  • “Where is my wife?”
  • “Is my wife at home?”
  • “Where is my Justin?”
  • “Where are all my friends?”
  • “Who is near me?”

Siri For Calls and Messages

Siri Commands To Make a Phone Call or FaceTime.

siri call

  • “Call Justin”
  • “Call 703 555 1212.”
  • “Redial last number.”
  • “Call my wife on mobile.”
  • “Return missed call.”
  • “FaceTime Andrew “
  • “Call my mother on her work phone.”
  • “FaceTime audio Andrew. “
  • “Call home.”
  • “FaceTime video Andrew. “
  • “Check my recent calls.”
  • “Check my voicemail.”

Siri Commands To Send Text Messages (SMS).

  • “Send a message to my Justin.”
  • “Send a message to Kerry on her mobile saying ‘I am running late’”
  • “Text my mom and dad saying ‘Let’s have dinner tomorrow evening’”
  • “Send a message to Sean saying ‘Let’s sign the new record deal tonight’”
  • “Text Sharon and Becky saying ‘Where are you?’”
  • “Send a message to 301 555 1212,”

siri commands text message

Siri Commands To Read Text Messages (SMS).

  • “Read my new messages.”
  • “Reread it.”
  • Ask Siri to Reply to Text Messages
  • “Reply ‘I love you too’”
  • “Reply ‘I will arrive in 10 minutes”
  • “Call him on mobile.”

Siri Commands About Voice Mail.

  • “Do I have new voicemail?”
  • “Play my last voice mail.”
  • “Play voice mail from Kerry.”

Ask Siri To Make a FaceTime Call.

  • “FaceTime Andrew “
  • “FaceTime video Andrew. “
  • “Make a FaceTime call to Andrew. “
  • “FaceTime audio Andrew. “

Siri Email Commands.

Ask Siri To Send Email Messages.

  • “New email to Sean Combs.”
  • “Email Kerry and Lisa and say ‘I am going out of town this weekend’”
  • “Email Mom about the trip.”
  • “Mail Justin about the concert tickets.”

Siri Email Messages

Ask Siri To Check Email Messages.

  • “Check email.”
  • “Read my last email.”
  • “Do I have any new messages?”
  • “Any new email from my boss today?”
  • “Show the email from Kerry yesterday.”
  • “Show new mail about the football game.”

Ask Siri To Respond To Email Messages.

  • “Reply ‘Hey Kerry, let’s watch Scandal tonight.”
  • “Call him at work.”

For Your Schedule

Siri Commands For Calendar.

siri add calendar event

  • “Schedule a meeting with Sean tomorrow at 1 PM.”
  • “schedule a meeting about renovations at 2 PM tomorrow in the conference room.”
  • “Set up a meeting at 10 AM.”
  • “Schedule a conference call with Justin today at 7 PM.”
  • “Set up a meeting with Brian at 11 AM.”
  • “New appointment with Andrew Tuesday at noon.”
  • “Schedule a meeting about the new acquisition at 1 PM.”
  • “Meet with Kerry at 6”

Ask Siri To Change Events.

  • “Reschedule the 7 PM meeting to 9 PM.”
  • “Reschedule my appointment with Dr. Manning to next Monday at 9 am.”
  • “Move my 2 pm meeting to 3:30 PM.”
  • “Reschedule my 10 AM meeting today.”
  • “Add Andrew to the 3:30 meeting.”
  • “Add Alicia to the meeting with Andrew.”
  • “Cancel the new acquisition meeting.”

Ask Siri About Your Events.

  • “What’s on my calendar today?
  • “What’s on my calendar for Friday?”
  • “When is my next meeting.”
  • “What’s on my calendar tomorrow?
  • “Where is my next meeting?”
  • “When is my next appointment?”
  • “When am I meeting with Justin?”

Ask Siri To Set A Reminder.

siri set reminder

  • “Remind me to check the mailbox.”
  • “Remember to stop by the bank.”

Time-Based Reminders.

  • “Remind me to call Mom at 7 PM.”
  • “Remind me to walk the dogs at 7 am tomorrow.”
  • “Remind me to leave work at 4 PM.”

Location-Based Reminders.

  • “Remind me to water the flowers when I get home.”
  • “Remind me to stop by the dry cleaners when I leave work.”
  • “Remind me to call Kerry when I leave.”

Siri For Productivity

Siri Commands To Create And Find Notes.

siri make a note

  • “Create note: Door passcode is one two three two.”
  • “Note that I spent $25 on dinner.”
  • “Create a song list note.
  • “Find my song list note.”
  • “Add Alicia Keys to my song list note.”

Time And Alarm Functions.

siri set alarm

Siri Commands To Set Or Change Alarms.

  • “Set an alarm for 7 AM.”
  • “Wake me up tomorrow at 5 AM.”
  • “Wake me up in 3 hours.”
  • “Change my 7 AM alarm to 6:30 AM.”
  • “Wake me up on weekdays at 6 AM.”
  • “Show all alarms.”
  • “Turn off my 6:30 alarm.”
  • “Wake me up on weekends at 10 AM.”
  • “Delete my 6:30 alarm.”
  • “Turn off all alarms.”

Siri Questions To Check The Time.

  • “What time is it?”
  • “What is today’s date?”
  • “What time is it in New York?”
  • “What time is it in Belgium?”
  • “What’s the date this Friday?”

Ask Siri To Use A Timer.

  • “Set the timer for 10 minutes.”
  • “Show the timer.”
  • “Reset the timer.”
  • “Stop the timer.”
  • “Resume the timer.”
  • “Change timer.”

Siri For Navigation

siri navigation

Siri Commands For Maps And Directions.

  • “How do I get home?”
  • “Directions to home.”
  • “Show me the Union Station.”
  • “Directions to Sean’s home.”
  • “Take me to my wife.”
  • “Show my current location.”
  • “Show me directions from Washington DC to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.”

Siri Commands About Local Businesses.

  • “Find pizza near me.”
  • “Find Starbucks near me.”
  • “Show ATMs near me.”
  • “Good Mexican restaurants near me.”
  • “Find a gas station near me.”
  • “Show me the closest hospital.”
  • “Show me the nearest WiFi hotspots.”

Siri For media controls

Siri Commands: How To Play Music Using Siri.

  • “Play Jazz music.”
  • “Play an exercise playlist.”
  • “Playwork playlist.”
  • “Play the album ‘The New Classic’”
  • “Play the album ‘The New Classic’ shuffled”
  • “Play Alicia Keys”
  • “Play ‘Love Never Felt So Good”
  • “Pause music.”
  • “Stop the music.”
  • “Resume Music
  • “Skip track.”
  • “Play the previous track.”
  • “What music is playing?”
  • “Play Alicia Keys on iTunes radio.”

Siri Questions To Check Stocks.

siri stock prices

  • “How is the stock market doing today?”
  • “What is the Dow at?”
  • “Where is the Nasdaq at today?”
  • “Show me the stock information for Microsoft.”
  • “What is Apple’s stock price?”
  • “What did Microsoft close at today?”
  • “What is Sony’s PE ratio?”

Ask Siri To Search The Web.

  • “Search the web for best Windows tablets.”
  • “Search for baked chicken recipes.”
  • “Search the web for best smartphones.”
  • “Search for news about the November Elections.”
  • “Search Google for Siri commands.”
  • “Search Google for top jazz albums.”
  • “Google upcoming tablets.”
  • “Search Wikipedia for Steve Jobs”
  • “Search Bing for upcoming movies.”
  • “Bing upcoming smartphones.”
  • “Search Twitter for Tech Blog Tv“
  • “Search Yahoo for what’s happening in China.”

siri search web

Ask Siri To Search The Web For Images.

  • “Search for images of dogs.”
  • “Search for images of Washington DC.”
  • “Search for images of Microsoft Surface.”

siri image search

Siri For Device Controls

Ask Siri To Launch an App.

  • “Play Angry Birds”
  • “Open Music”
  • “Launch Spotify”

Siri Commands To Change Phone Settings.

  • “Turn on airplane mode.”
  • “Turn on Wi-Fi”
  • “Turn on Bluetooth”
  • “Turn on ‘do not disturb”
  • “Turn on the flashlight.”
  • “Turn up the brightness of the display.”
  • “Display privacy settings.”
  • “Is Bluetooth on?”
  • “Open Phone Settings”

siri device controls

Ask Siri To Change App Settings.

  • “Open music settings.”
  • “Open mail settings.”
  • “Open Twitter settings”



  • Show Accessibility Settings.
  • Turn on VoiceOver.
  • Turn Off VoiceOver.

Siri For Social Media

Ask Siri To Post To Facebook.

  • “Post on Facebook ‘On my way to the beach’”
  • “Write on my wall ‘Having a great time in Florida’

Ask Siri to Post on Twitter.

  • “Tweet I love my iPhone 6 plus hashtag iPhone.”
  • “Tweet visit “
  • “Post to Twitter ‘Chip Kelly is awesome!’”
  • “Tweet ‘Who are you voting for this election’ hashtag politics.”
  • “Tweet my location ‘Having fun in Miami!’”
  • “Search Twitter for best WordPress tips.”
  • “What’s trending on Twitter.”

Siri For Outdoors.

Siri Questions About The Weather.

siri weather

  • “What’s the weather like today?”
  • “What’s the temperature outside?”
  • “What’s the weather for tomorrow?”
  • “What’s the forecast for this weekend?”
  • “How’s the weather in Paris right now?”
  • “Will it rain in Miami this week?”
  • “Check next week’s forecast for New York.”
  • “What’s the high for Miami on Friday?”
  • “When is sunrise in London?”
  • “When is sunset in Portland?”

Ask Siri About Movie Theaters.

  • “What movies are coming out this weekend?”
  • “What movies are playing near me?”
  • “Find movie theatres in McLean, VA.”
  • “Find movie theatres near my office.”
  • “What are the best movies playing right now?”
  • “What R-Rated movies are playing?”
  • “What action movies are playing”

Siri Questions About Movies.

  • “Show me reviews of the movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow”
  • “Show me ratings for ‘Edge of Tomorrow”
  • “Play the trailer for ‘Edge of Tomorrow”
  • “Who directed “Avengers Movies?”
  • “When was the movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ released?”
  • “Who starred in the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’?”
  • “What movie won the best picture in 1998?”
  • “How many movies has Samuel Jackson been in?”

siri movies

Ask Siri Questions About Restaurants.

  • “Show me restaurant information for Cheesecake Factory in Arlington.”
  • “Show me reviews for Cheesecake Factory in Arlington.”
  • “I need a reservation tonight at Cheesecake Factory tonight.”
  • “Show me good seafood restaurants near me.”
  • “Table for four in Washington DC Friday Night.”

Ask Siri About Sports.

  • “Show me football scores from Sunday.”
  • “Show me NFL standings.”
  • “When do the Philadelphia Eagles play next?”
  • “Show me the Philadelphia Eagles season schedule.”
  • “Which NFL team has the most yards?”
  • “Show me the roster of the Denver Nuggets.”
  • “Show me career statistics for Nick Foles.”

Math Commands.

  • “What is 71 x 2?”
  • “What is 2 to the 8th power?”
  • “What is the square root of 144?”
  • “How many ounces in a cup?”
  • “How much is $100 in Canadian dollars?”
  • “What is the tip on $220?”

siri commands math

Ask Siri Questions Using Wolfram Alpha.

  • “What’s the price of gasoline in Washington, DC?”
  • “How tall is Justin Beiber?”
  • “How many calories are in a soda?”
  • “How far away is the Moon?”
  • “What’s the population of India?”
  • “How many days until Thanksgiving?”
  • “What are the properties of chartreuse?”
  • “What is the nutritional information for a bowl of Cheerios?”
  • “Earthquakes, Hawaii, 1985”
  • “cumulonimbus cloud.”
  • “How many degrees are in 3 radians?”
  • “What is the wavelength of 500MHz?”
  • “What is the molecular structure of corundum?”
  • “What notes are in a B minor chord?”
  • “What is “No school tomorrow” in Morse Code?”
  • “What is the molecular weight of caffeine?”

Siri For Fun

  • “Beatbox for me.”
  • ‘What is your best pickup line?”
  • “Siri, I am your father.”
  • “What is your favorite movie?”
  • “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”
  • ‘How do I look?”
  • “Knock, Knock”
  • ‘Can you stop time?”
  • ‘What is the best operating system?”
  • “Who is the best assistant?”
  • ‘What phone should I buy or what phone is the best?”

Hence, this huge list of Best Siri Commands & Questions List contains everything you can ask Siri to do for you. If we have missed any command, or you think you have discovered a new Siri question or command, please share it with us in the comments.