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How To Secure Twitter Account From Hackers (8 Tips) -2024

In the previous time, we posted letters to our relatives and friends; it was so time-consuming. But now, with the help of the internet, we can email them within a few seconds, with the use of internet use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social networking sites become a way of sharing our thoughts and movements with others. These sites also contain our personal information. With the use of the internet cybercrime on the internet also increased.

Cybercrime includes social networking account information hacking, Email, online e-banking passwords and information getting by using page phishing, and much more. So surfing the internet become a critical day today.

Twitter accounts of celebrities and other famous persons have become a way to get information about more and more people. So we need to protect our Twitter account from malicious users.

If you also want to protect and secure Twitter accounts from hackers, this article is really for you. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips to secure your Twitter account.

How To Secure Twitter Account From Hackers.

1. Always Be Aware Of Phishing pages.

1. Before logging into your Twitter account, you should always check your browser’s address bar and check that the spelling of is correct. Some mischievous people create a duplicate page and get your password.

2. Do not log in to a page that asks you to give followers and money after login.

twitter phishing page

2. Always Use A Strong Password.

Here are the things to keep in mind while keeping a password :

1. You can also provide your Twitter account more security by using a strong password. It would help if you used a password at least 8 to 10 digits long 2. You should use a unique password from other sites 3. Your password should be a combination of special, upper, and lower characters.

3. Use 2-step Verification.

2-step verification is one of the best methods to secure a Twitter account from hackers. When you log in to your account, Twitter sends you a code to your mobile number to open your account. If somebody knows your password, then he can not be able to open your account.

Step 2 verification enter code

To set the 2-step verification, Go to settings -> privacy and security ->, select the login verification request radio button.

Step 2 verification

4. Protect Your Phone/Device.

It would help protect your smartphone with a password or pattern from where you control your Twitter account. You can also protect specific browsers and Apps on your phone to protect your Twitter account.

pattern lock

5. Always log out of Your Account.

Sometimes you need to use your Twitter account from outside your home from a cyber cafe. Always log out of your account after using it so that no other user will misuse your private information.

6. Be Aware Of Third-Party Apps.

Many third-party apps use your account information. These Apps are built on the Twitter platform by external developers. So be careful to use such apps and also try to provide limited access to your account. So before giving your username and password be sure about this App. You can check app access in your account settings on Twitter and manage the apps that can access your account. Here you can also revoke the apps that you do not trust.

twitter 3rd party app access security

7. Use Incognito On Public Computers.

If you are ever in a place where you have to log in to your Twitter account on a public computer or on any other device that is not yours, always open an incognito tab in the browser for logging in to Twitter. This way, none of your information will be saved in the browser, and your account will be safe from malicious attacks or misused logins.

incognito tab public security

8. Always Use Trusted Clients.

If you are using a 3rd party client app for Twitter on your mobile device, make sure it is trustworthy. Read its privacy policy to make sure it will keep your account and your personal information safe, and you can trust it. Using the wrong client app can result in compromised security for your account.

twitter 3rd party clients

In conclusion, These are the best ways to secure a Twitter account to keep your account safe and your information online in the right hands. You can never be too sure of your privacy online, but taking simple steps can give you a lot of security and peace of mind. Suggestions are welcomed in the comments below.