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How To Open Or View Locked Facebook Profile Pictures – ( Still Working in 2023) ?

Facebook is the most popular and prominent social networking site. Facebook has various features for users. We can create pages, groups, and even use a standard profile. Facebook allows us to add all personal details along with profile & cover photo.

Due to the countless features of Facebook. Privacy maintenance becomes a significant problem. No doubt, Facebook is making considerable efforts to provide the best protection as much as they can. But some of the little bit bugs and other privacy issues always remain the same.

Facebook has no way to make them secure just because these bugs can be directly accessed for the database. Some viruses are still present, which cannot be get fixed for a long time just like using  Single Name On Facebook.

Today, we will discuss another amazing Facebook trick related to Profile picture. By using this, we can view locked Facebook profile pictures of anyone. This is not any hack, or even you are not breaking any privacy.

In this method, you are directly making some changes that help you to access that profile photo which is present in the Database in actual size. We already reveal a massive number of Facebook tricks and tutorials.

Now here is a way to view a locked profile picture but make sure you are not going to offend someone. It is an educational-based topic.

Notice: This method has been working for years. But now, Facebook has upgraded its security. Due to this, there is not any working method to view the locked profile picture. So, you can try our Facebook Tricks if you are interested.

How To Open Locked Facebook Profile Pictures.

To open a locked Facebook profile photo, follow the given steps :

  • First of all, you need a Username or Profile ID of the person whom profile picture you want to see.


  • Just copy the Username and Profile ID in notepad or anywhere.
  • Then replace the Paste-username-here from the below-given link with the Username or profile ID.

  • Then it will look like as below.

  • Now to copy the link and paste them into a new tab of the browser.
  • Press enter and see magic.

Now you can see the profile pic open in your browser.

In conclusion, this is the only possible way to view a locked Facebook profile picture easily. We hope it will work for you as well. We also advise you to use caution and good judgment in using this trick and not harm anyone’s privacy. Feel free to comment your views below.