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10+ Best Gyroscope/Motion Sensor Games For Android – 2024 [Top List]

AlsoAndroid is a powerful platform with its rich hardware support and easy-to-use interface. People like to play games on Android smartphones to pass their free time as well as for Entertainment. We can use a single Android device for various purposes. Gaming is also one of them.

Motion Sensor games for Android are also the most significant source of Entertainment. These games utilize the various sensor of Android devices for gameplay. These games are a combination of speed, challenges, and fun.

We can easily play these games just by tilde our smartphones. These games are easy to play and understand for the small child also. They can quickly move the device to have fun.

Today, we are going to present Best Motion Sensor Games for Android. So, you can enjoy in your free time. But most importantly, you will get a brief description of each entry in this list.

  1. 3D Bowling.
  2. Doodle Jump.
  3. Temple Run.
  4. Traffic Racer.
  5. Traffic Rider.
  6. Balance 3D.
  7. Racing Fever.
  8. Asphalt Nitro.
  9. Zombie Highway 2.
  10. Road Warrior.

List Of Best Motion Sensor Games For Android.

1. 3D Bowling.

3D Bowling Android Game3D Bowling game is fantastic in all motion sensor games for Android users. It provides stunning 3D graphics and is easy to play. We can easily play the game with touch controls and move the ball to the left or right by our phones.

It is a lightweight Android Game that is compatible with Android 2.0 or higher versions. Approximately 500 million users downloaded this Game.

3D Bowling: Download.

2. Doodle Jump.

Doodle Jump Android GameIt is a beautiful game specially designed for children. The controls of this game are straightforward. We have to tilt our phone to move the left or right side and tap on the screen to shoot our enemies.

It provides incredible powers like Jet Packs, propellers, Hats, Rockets, and much more. This Game has a lot of different levels. Approximately 100 million people downloaded this Game.

Doodle Jump: Download.

3. Temple Run.

Temple Run Android AppTemple Run is also an addictive motion sensor game that is also full of interest and curiosity. We can easily play this game with swipe controls. This game has fantastic graphics and sound quality.

It has a rating of 4.3 on the Google Play store. We have to collect coins to earn more power. We can use these powers to cheat with death. Approximately 500 million users downloaded this Game.

Temple Run: Download.

4. Traffic Racer.

Traffic Racer Android AppIt is another high-rated Android Game in the list of best motion sensor games for Android. The traffic Racer game is impressive and fantastic for Android phones. Because when we play this game, we feel like we are driving the car.

It provides different features such as 3D Graphics, 35 + different vehicles to choose from, and much more. Also, It includes vehicles like Trucks, Buses, and more. It requires an Android version from 2.3 to up. Approximately 500 million users downloaded this Game.

Traffic Racer: Download.

5. Traffic Rider.

Traffic Rider Android GameThis Game is incredible for Android phones. This Game provides us with excellent graphics, sound, etc. It supports 17 languages. It is a faster racing game, and we can get more scores.

When we are driving over 100 Kmh, overtake to get a bounce score and cash. We can easily upgrade our bikes by using money in it. It is no need for fuel and no issue for times, just pure endless fun.

It provides us environment with day and night. About 100 million users downloaded this Game.

Traffic Rider: Download.

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6. Balance 3D.

Balance 3D Android GameBalance 3D sensor game has two modes portrait and landscape mode. It has several types of controls Arrow keys, a Joystick, a G-sensor, etc., and it provides us with different-level missions. It is a lightweight Android game.

We can easily spend our free time in this Game. We can play it using swipe our phone. It is excellent graphics and sound quality. We can install the Android version from 2.5.8 to up it. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

Balance 3D: Download.

7. Racing Fever.

Racing Fever Android GameIt is a car racing sensor game. We can easily pick our favorite car to join the ultimate challenge. It has many features. We can make it better like Faster, Stronger, and prettier.

We are support and available in 14 different languages in this Game. It has four game modes, One Way, Two Way, Time Attack, and Free Ride. We can also Upgrade, Speed, Acceleration, Handling, and Breaking options in our car.

Also, we can even different graphics modes like Low Graphic Medium Graphic, and High Graphic. We have provided top and back cameras with help for racing. About 50 million users downloaded this Game.

Racing Ever: Download.

8. Asphalt Nitro.

Asphalt Nitro Android GameThis Game provides us with different challenges, such as beating your friend’s score and much more. It has many different modes, like Gate Drift, Knockdown, and much more.

We are taking control of luxury licensed cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini Veneno, etc. We get boost power with help to beat the nearest car player in this game.

When we can also hit the ramp and take the race to reach new heights, about 50 million users downloaded this Game.

Asphalt Nitro: Download.

9. Zombie Highway 2.

Zombie Highway 2 Android App It is an imposing and fantastic game for Android phones. Everyone loves this game because it is too suitable for graphics. We can also shoot a zombie to use the gun in this game.

We can share the best score of our friends. It is an offline game, which is available on the Google play store. When we hugely enjoyed it. It has various weapons included in this Game.  About 10 million people downloaded this Game.

Zombie Highway 2: Download.

10. Road Warrior.

Road Warrior Android AppIt is the best of all motion sensor games for Android. It has more features includes such as We can play offline on our Android phone, or we can also play online to use multi-player on the internet.

Also, It provides us with excellent sound quality and graphics views. We can also play this game to capture attractive action to share with our friends. It is free on the Google Play Store. About 10 million users downloaded this Game.

Road Warrior: Download.

In conclusion, we hope that you like this list of the best motion sensor games for Android. Please feel free to share your reviews, suggestions, and queries in the comment section below.