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How To Increase Internet Speed On Windows (Best 8 Tips) – 2024

Today’s century is technology’s century and fast internet is a basic need for everyone. There is lots of information on the web you can easily search for it on the internet what you want and you don’t have to go anywhere.

But a slow internet sometimes tests our patience, who would not want to enjoy a fast internet speed. Surely Everyone and even either you are at home or work, A fast internet connection is an important part of your daily life.

But there are many hidden secrets which make your internet slow and you didn’t even know about those things. Sometimes we even blame our ISP for slow internet service and in actuality some hidden internet usage resources reduce your overall speed and we think that it a network issue.

Now the question is there any method by which we can increase internet speed without overspending? So the answer is Yes, you don’t have to overspend on a fast internet connection.

Today we will explain some of this which will help to reduce extra internet usage with your knowledge to follow the below tips and it definitely boosts your overall internet performance.

How To Increase Internet Speed On Windows. ?

1. Test Internet Speed.

Firstly check your internet speed that is this the speed what you should get? There are many free tools available online with which you can check internet speed.Internet Speed.

2. Compare Test Speed and Actual ISP Speed.

After testing the internet speed compare your test results speed with your internet connection speed provided by your ISP and check that you get an original speed or not from your ISP. Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for then contact your provider.

So here We are telling you how to compare your results. To understand it you need to know the difference between the terms MBps and Mbps. because these things are not the same and sometimes it confuses us.

MBps = Megabyte/sec


So if you get 10 Mbps from your ISP then divided it by 8 and you will find how much speed you get like 10/8= 1.25 MBps. So the 10 Mbps gives you 1.25 Megabyte/sec like approximately 1 MB. Now find your speed by simple calculation and check that how much internet speed you get.

3. Scan PC To Remove Adware, Virus, and Malware.

Scan regularly once a week on your PC or Laptop because there are many unwanted files, malware, and virus which makes your internet speed low as well as decreases your PC’s performance. Because it uses your resources from what you are doing.

If you do not have any antivirus then go and install one it keeps your system safe helps to increase your internet speed. There are many free and paid antivirus available on the internet. Sometimes we download any software which contains any adware then it will setup the homepage and install some extension automatically and also show ads on every page these will reduce internet performance.

So if you have such problems and don’t have any best antivirus then we recommend following the below article. Removing all adware or malware with antivirus helps internet speed and makes your device secure also.

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4. Stop all Automatic Software Updates.

Stop all the automatic updates and change into Manual updates because sometimes there is much software that has settings to automatically update so they regularly going to update without any permission and suck internet speed.

These are the processes that are going automatically on background processes and we don’t even know about this. So when you installed any software change their update settings from automatically to Manual update.

Our Browser is setup to automatic update extension so We recommend you stop all by going through settings in browsers.

 5. Stop Windows Automatic updates.

We know you are thinking about why are we telling you to stop all automatic updates. Even for Windows also. We agree all these updates are important but the main problem is windows automatically update which some people don’t know and the window has installed automatically new updates regularly.

To download the latest updates windows need an Internet connection and they start using it and reduce your internet speed.  So on my recommendation even select a time period to download updates or even setup manual downloads or if your internet is too fast then select never check for updates. By disabling all updates helps to increase internet speed.

How To Stop Windows Automatic Update?

  • Go to >> control panel >> windows update.

windows update control panel

  •  Then go to the left side >> change settings.

windows update settings

  • Now change it to Never check for updates or Check update Manually.

windows update never check settings

6. Remove Unwanted Extension and Toolbar from Browsers.

Remove all the unknown and unwanted extensions or toolbar which are not in use with help to increase internet speed. These add-ons make your internet slower as they take some internet speed to get themselves updated. For example, if you have an extension and it will notify you every time for some latest updates, it takes some internet speed and hence decreases your browsing speed and internet speed.

How to Remove Extension?

  • Simply go to any browser and then click on the tool.
  • There is an option in tools for Add-Ons from where you can manage your extension which is not in use to keep them disabled. It will not boost your internet but it will give you sufficient benefit.

7. Change Bandwidth Speed.

  • Enter Window key + R  It will show you a dialog box and then enter gpedit.msc

                           windows run bar

  • Then click on Administrative Templates >>> Network.

gpedit windows settings

  • After Click on the network go to Qos Packet Scheduler >> and double click on Limit reservable bandwidth.

gpedit windows bandwidth settings

  • It will open new dialog box >> click on Enable >> and put the value in Bandwidth Limit     (0{e66e6f15cd857a101efbf20a7a941ba5467be7d37c5afcb20afd7fa48b899e63}) 

9. Increase All Over Performance Of PC.

Increase your PC performance like add better configuration to your PC because if your PC has the latest configurations then it will help to work properly otherwise sometimes due to old configurations PC’s become slower and get the hang. Add antivirus from virus protection because viruses will decrease your PC performance and get down all the processes slow as well as the internet.

If your PC’s performance is not good and internet speed is slow also then read our below article it will help you to increase internet speed and device performance too.

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We feel that all these settings and tips are useful and definitely increase internet speed by reducing unnecessary usages. Results will be much better than earlier but it doesn’t mean that your actual ISP speed with increase or become double, nothing like that. Doing all these extra internet usages will reduce up to 90{e66e6f15cd857a101efbf20a7a941ba5467be7d37c5afcb20afd7fa48b899e63} that means you will use what you get from IPS. Have any question in mind? please leave your ideas in the comments.