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How To Extract APK File From Android Phone – 2024

Want To Extract Apk From Android? Android devices are popular because they provide amazing features at a cheap price as compared to IOS or other expensive devices. The Android OS is rather hardware-independent and has its own code based on Linux.

Android devices are very flexible, therefore we can install our own UI by installing custom Roms. You can also check Best Android Roms but to flash all these customized features we need to Root Android Phone. Android has a huge marketplace like Google Play Store.

There we can easily find Android apps and games.  But when we find new Apps from Play Store there is only an option for installation now there because the Apk file is directly installed on our device. Apk file is rather an installer file for the Android operating system just like .exe files for Windows.

After installation, these files are not available normally to anyone other for sharing and installation into another device as opposed to Windows Software setup. Thus, other devices have to download these apps and games again on their Android device.

While we have already Android devices are flexible and a huge number of advanced apps are developed to access many useful features. As well as we have listed our best root apps. There are still some apps that provide us with such amazing features that are not provided by manufacturers.

Therefore, to remove such a problem of apk file sharing. Here we are going to provide you with some best methods to extract apk files from installed Android Apps and easily share them as well as install them on another device.

How To Extract APK Files From Android Phone. ?

Method 1st:- Extract Apk By Using APK Extractor.

Android APK Extractor appApk Extractor is still one of the most popular Android Applications which is available on the Google Play Store for free. This Application allows you to extract apk files from installed apps on any Android device.

It also allows you to take a backup of any App and move it into an SD card or another device like a computer and Laptop. This also allows you to upload the app to Google Drive.

Approximately 5 million people have installed this App. Thus, After getting the apk file you can share it with others. It is easy to use yet fast application. Features include:

  1. Extract all most all Applications including system Inbuilt application.
  2. NO device rooting of Android is needed.
  3. It provides search options to search for different applications.
  4. It can extract multiple App files together.
  5. Compatible with Android version 2.2 to 5.0.

Steps To Extract APC With APK Extractor.

1. Install Apk Extractor into your Android device using the Button given below.

2. Open the Apk extractor App on your device.
3. After launching the App you will see a list of installed applications on your Android device.
Android APK Extractor app settings
4. Select the App whose apk file you want to get.

5. You can also share the apk file tap and selecting the share option.

6. You can also download the file manager to find the apk file after extracting the file. By default, the files are stored in /sdcard/ExtractedApks/.

7. Tap the menu button-> then setting to change the path where you want to save apk file.

Method 2nd:- Extract Apk By Using ES File Explorer.

Android ES File Explorer appEs file explorer is rather one of the famous file managers available on the Google play store for free. It not only manages the files but also performs various tasks like download manager, task killer, cloud storage client, file sharing, etc.

It is also available in 30 different languages. ES File Explorer is compatible with all Android versions. It also provides built-in support for text, images, audio, video, Rar, and Zip files.

ES File Explorer can act as a file manager, App manager, task manager, Bluetooth file browsing and sharing, text, and photo editor.

One of its most important features is extracting apk files from installed Apps and providing a backup and sharing facility also. Approximately 300 Million users have installed this App. It provides easy-to-use tools and an attractive interface.

Steps To Extract apk File Using ES File Explorer.

1. Install and Download Es file Explorer into your device by clicking the following button.
2. Open and launch the App on your Android Device.
3. After Launching the App navigate to the tool menu.
4. In the tool menu select the application manager.
Android ES File Explorer app manager
5. In the application manager you will see a list of Apps installed on your device.
6. Select the App whose apk file you want to get.
7. click on Backup and your apk file will start extracting.
8. Browse the path where you want to save the file.

These are some best ways to extract apk files on an Android phone. There are several methods and apps available to back up and extract apk from android to make them shareable. For any help or suggestions, write to us in the comments below.