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45+ Best Ad Network For Publishers & Advertisers – [2024 Edition]

Online advertising is the basic fundamental source of earning for every website or blog. In this article, we are going to list out Best PPC, CPM, Popunder, Affiliates Ad Network for the publisher. But before starting as we all know, from the last two decades the craze of using the internet is increasing.

Thousands of new websites and blogs are coming on the web daily. Even there are many success stories behind it because they are earning huge. It smells something like corporate because as an individual we all feel difficult to earn money just by sitting in front of the computer.

No doubt every person wants to become financially independent. But the question of how to start your online business? There are thousands of ways to make money online. But to start for individual blogging or marketing is the best idea.

Earning money from the blog is not so easy as we think but we all need to be working constantly and keep posting according to a specific niche. If you are planning to start working as a blogger then, first of all, learn how to create a new blog.

After that, the main question is how to make money from it? The best method to earn money from a blog is from the advertisement. The most popular ad network platform for publishers is google AdSense. If you want to apply then much read about getting approval from Google AdSense.

It’s a little bit difficult for all blogs to get AdSense approval because there are certain policies. But instead of Google AdSense, there are many best ad networks for publishers where they can easily get approval for their websites.

These best ad networks include PPC ad network, CPM ad network, multi-type, affiliate, a native ad network. Nowadays their many ad networks available in the market but we all get confused while choosing which perform best.

So here we will list our best ad network for advertisers for different types of blogs and we will suggest you choose which suit bet you according to both the end.

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List All Best Ad Network For Publishers & Advertisers.

Note:- We have not listed these networks according to popularity or ranking. In short  
(Numbering ≠ Ranking).

Best PPC & CPM Or Multi-type Ad Network.

1. Google Adsense.

Most popular and commonly known in all other best ad networks for publishers. We think there is a need to discuss it. But if you want to get more details about it then we recommend you read the whole article about How to make money from Google AdSense.

Google Adsense: Sign Up.

2. Bidvertiser.

One of the best PPC sites for publishers and advertisers. Bidvertiser is the most commonly known and famous ad network. They provide various promotional methods to earn money from blogs. Bidvertiser is using bidding based formula for ad spaces of their publishes.
Minimum Payout:- $10 via PayPal on NET30 bases, Cheque.
Ads Format:-  Banner ads, XML feed ads, Domain parking, In-text, Toolbar, etc.

Bidvertiser: Sign Up.

3. Infolinks.

Infolinks is the largest in-text based in all the best ad networks list. It is one of the best alternatives for all networks. It is a totally AdSense-friendly ad network that means you can use Google AdSense ad Infolinks together to boost your earning.

Minimum Payout:- $50 via PayPal on NET30 bases, Wire transfer, Cheque.
Ads Format:- Intext, Inframe, Infold, InScreen, and InTag.

Infolinks: Sign Up.

4. RevenueHits.

Revenue hits are one best and well known in the list of best ad networks for publishers. They provide good eCPM rates as compare to others. Account to you should try Revenuehits if you don’t
working with any of the above-explained networks.

Minimum Payout:- $50 Via PayPal.
Ad Format:- Display Ads, Text Ads, Popunder ads on CPC, CPM, CPA Model.

RevenueHits: Sign Up.

5. Propeller Ads.

Another multi-format ad platform with a complete set of multi technologies. They provide unclicked, Video ads, Mobile ads with various banner and ad sizes. It will be the best choice and a good alternative to other platforms.
Minimum Payout:- $100
Ad Format:- CPC, CPM, CPV, CPA based ad campaigns.

Propeller Ads: Sign Up.

6. Clicksor.

Clicksor is the famous and oldest most popular platform. There are different number ad network which is working under clicks. Even they have a reseller program where many advertising agencies are working under them.

Minimum Payout:- $50 Via PayPal.
Ad Format:- Interstitial, Popunder, Inline Text, Text Banner ads on CPM, CPC, CPA model.

Clicksor: Sign Up.

7. Media.Net. is formed by the collaboration of three network bing, yahoo, and It is widely popular in all the best ad networks. Normally you may see this network listed after Google AdSense as the best alternative. But we don’t consider it the best one. You need premium location traffic to perform best on ads.

Minimum Payout:- $100 via PayPal, Wire transfer.
Ad Format:- Contextual Ads, Mobile Ads.
Traffic Requirements:- Traffic volume should be higher from the USA, UK, Canada, and other premium countries. Sign Up.

Auto Affiliate Based Best Ad Networks (Recommended).

These automatic affiliate tools which will convert your specific, relevant links and text with affiliate URL. That means you can take benefits from all the software, products, tools which have been listed for free in your topics and these tools will help to earn from it.
The most important thing about these tools is, You can use them with other ad networks like Adsense. Even these networks don’t require any specific ad unit spaces.

8. Viglinks.

Viglinks is the topmost known platform for the affiliate automation network. You just need to insert a small piece of VigLink’s code on your website and this will automatically convert your existing links into revenue generation URL.

Minimum Payout:- $10 via PayPal.
Ad Format:- Auto Affiliate as ViglinksInsert, ViglinkConvert, ViglinksAnywhere in EPC form.

Viglinks: Sign Up.

9. Skimlinks.

Skimlinks is another auto-affiliate ad network. Personally, we have tested Skimlinks and it really an amazing platform. Even we can imagine a few outbound links from where we can earn. But Skimlinks will go to pay you for a URL that has earning potential.

Minimum Payout:- $10 via PayPal.
Ad Format:- Skimwords, Skimlinks, Showcases, Search boxes, SkimRss, URL shorteners.

Skimlinks: Sign Up.

Pop-under Best Ad Networks.

Using Pop-under based best ad networks is also the best way of earning if our site not able or comply with big ad network policies. These types of ad networks are best for huge traffic websites like Movies, software, songs, celebrities, Images, piracy, or many more types of websites. Where are not accepted by Google AdSense then these networks are best and having more CTR ratio than others.

10. PopAds.

One of the most popular platforms for pop-under is an alternative to all best ad networks. Popads provides good rates. If you are planning to use pop-based ads then we recommend going for it.

Minimum Payout:- $5.00 for PayPal, $20.00 for Payoneer, $5.00 for Payza.

PopAds: Sign Up.

11. PopCash.

Another popunder based popular ad network for publishers. It’s similar to other popunder sites. If you don’t want to try another or having a bad experience with others. Then don’t forget to try with this network also.

Minimum Payout:- $10 via PayPal, Paxum, Payza.

PopCash: Sign Up.

12. PopMyAds.

Another best pop-under and network similar to another one. You can also try this network if you don’t like others.

Minimum Payout:- $5 via PayPal.

PopMyAds: Sign Up.

13. eDomz.

eDomz is another CPM, pop up and under based ad network. edomz also having a separate CPM based ad platform. We have never experienced this network but read much positive response. So if you want then go for it.

Ad Format:- CPM, Pop up, Popunder.
Minimum Payout:- $10 via PayPal.

some: Sign Up.

Best Content Recommendation Or Native Ad Networks

Native advertisement is a new technology that comes out in recent years. Native or you can say content recommendation based ad network. In this type, advertising ads will be displayed in the form of recommended similar content. Just like blogs having related articles in sidebar, below article, and other positions. By this technology, a user is earning great revenue.

14. OutBrains.

Outbrains is the most popular and largest content discovery native ad platform. It is can be used as additional with other best ad networks to earn extra revenue.  Get approval from them is not an easy task. Your website or blog should have a good amount of traffic. Outbrain having various promotion ways like Recommendation, In-Stream, Interstitial, Pop up.

OutBrains: Sign Up.

15. Taboola.

First of the biggest network in the native ad industry. If you have a serious amount of traffic then we recommend going for taboola.

Taboola: Sign Up.

16. Native Ad.

One of the most famous native ad platform. Native ad having various types of different products like a Content recommendation, In-Stream, In Image, In Apps & Games for desktop and mobile. So if you are planning for native ads then you can go for this network.

Native Ad: Sign Up.

17. RevContent.

Another fastest-growing native ad-based platform. Having a fully responsive widget, You can display ads In-Stream or Gallery,  Infinite scrolling, and more.

RevContent: Sign Up.

Best Direct Ads Networks.

Direct selling or buying ad space is one of the other best ways of advertising and earning money.  If your blog or site having a huge amount of traffic then you can easily sell ad spaces on flat rates or eCPM based. It not easy to sell spaces mostly niche-based platforms with great traffic are accepted by advertisers. So if you have a focused niche based blog then you should try to go direct ads networks.

18. BuySellAds.

BuySellads is the most popular direct advertisement based platform. It best option in all the best ad networks if you want to go for direct ads. If you have a good amount of traffic then you can try this network.

BuySellAds: Sign Up.

Some Other Famous Best Ad Networks.

As moving forward in this interesting topic here are some other best ad networks. Few of them required huge traffic. Others only accept specific Geo-targeted sites and traffic. So we have listed them you can choose and try according to your requirement.

Note:- Listing these network separately doesn’t means they are small company or not best in the industry. Below list contains well known Ad network. But the reason for listing separate is we don’t have full information and even we not experience some of them. So to make article not more lengthy we are only to provide little detail about them.

19. CPXI: CPM-based ad network required a minimum of 30k monthly visitors.

20. CPM based ad platform for approved huge traffic is required.

21. Sovrn (Lijit):- CPM based ad network.

22. RhythmOne:- Multiple type ad format which includes Rich media ads. video ads, Social media extension, Sponsorship, Native ads. Getting approve a good amount of traffic is required.

23. Vibrant Media:- One of the most famous ad networks. The advertisement model of vibrant media is CPC, CPE, and CPM.

24. Adhitz:- Best platform for flat rate PPC ads. They have listed fix flat rates for different countries.

25. Adsterra:- One of the Biggest CPM, CPC, CPA ad platform only accept sites with minimum 300k monthly impression.

26. Adblade:- CPC, CPM based ad network only accept sites with 500k monthly impression.

27. Index Exchange:- It is a Geo-targeted based ad network. They mostly accept sites from the US, Canada region, or sites having traffic from these countries.

28. Affinity Ads:- Affinity is PPC based ad network with multiple types of ad formats like In-Search, In-Domain, In-content, In-footer, In-Margin, In-page for desktop and mobile.

29. MediaNexus:- Premium brand network based on CPC, CPM, CPV only accept sites with 5M imp monthly,

Few Tips Regarding Using Ads On Blog.

  • Do not use more than 3 companies at the same time on a single blog or website.
  • Do not place and display more than 3 ad units from each company on the blog.
  • If you are going to use Google Adsense then don’t use any other similar banner based ad network. Then you go for Infolinks or go for any auto affiliates and native ads. Except don’t go for any CPC, CPM, Pop under banner based ads it will violate AdSense policies.
  • For Movies, songs based sites go Bidvertiser, Revenuhits, Propellerads. But for good results go for pop-under ads. For Software or product based sites go for any Banner based ad network + Auto affiliates.
  • Never settle down always give try to another network only if you feel you are not earning according to current traffic.
  • Don’t place more than 2 ad units above the upper fold of your blog. Keep in mind max 5,6 unit per each page otherwise Google Panda will going to eat your site.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoy this best ad networks list and hopefully find helpful my hark work. We tried our best it takes a very long time to find and observe these networks and listed them in a single place. No doubt many of the best ad networks may skipped. Please leave your review and help comment regarding any of this platform.
Don’t forget to share with your friends and also on blogs but with credits to this article.