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How To Run Software Without Installing On PC – 2024

With the increased use of a computer, various new software related to particular fields is developed and used every day according to user requirements. We always keep this software’s on our laptops and computers.

But sometimes we need to work at some different location at a different computer. Hence, we have to install all the software related to our requirements on that computer. And it is a time-consuming process. Sometimes we don’t have internet access to download software.

If you have also faced and suffered from such a situation, then this article is a must-read for you. The alternative solution to such problem is to install your work-related software into a USB flash drive or into external hard drive as well as run software without installing into PC.

So whenever you need your professional software, you plug and play your flash drive and start working. In this article, we have discussed then described simple steps to install your software into USB flash drive as well as run software without installing into PC.

Method To Run Software Without Installing Into PC.

To run Software without installing it into a PC, you need to fix it over portable flash storage or an external disk. To do it, you have to follow the steps given below :

Step 1.  Insert your USB drive or external Hard drive into your computer. Make sure it is visible in your system.

my computer

Step 2. Now select the software which you want to install into your drive. Double click its setup.

Step 3. In this article, we install the Foxit reader. After that, you will see the software installation wizard. Click on the Next button and accept its terms and condition.

foxit installation browse location

Step 4. After that, you will see the next wizard in you have to select a location for software install. In this wizard, you have to choose your USB drive and click on the Next button.

Step 5. After that software installation progress bar is visible and software is installed successfully to your External drive.

foxit installation progress bar

Step 6. Then open the drive, and you will see the software named folder. Inside that folder, click on its icon to run the software.

Note: Some software allows to browse their installation location. Only they can be installed in USB only. Also, some software applications have their data files stored in My document folder, which may have your essential settings and user data.

In conclusion, we hope that you must have found this guide on how to use software without installing them on a PC useful. Share your ideas or thoughts in the comment section below. Share this article with your friends as well.