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How To Mention/Tag All Friends In Facebook Comments At Once – 2024

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. We enjoy our own spare time by using Facebook, where we share our ideas, views, and other day-to-day moments. Facebook users share photos, statuses, and videos with their Facebook friends.

We all have many friends on Facebook. We have even joined groups, events, and liked pages too with the combination of all these things. We regularly get hundreds of updates in our news feed.

In this way, our friends also do. Facebook has a sophisticated algorithm that hides the unseen post. Even protect the post from friends who are not so frequent on Facebook. That is the reason because of why Facebook users don’t show interest in our jobs just because our position was not able to reach them.

In it, we all prefer to tag friends. So, they can get a notification of our update, and then they will interact with their post. We all have a type of own friend’s name one by one.

To do this task simple, we need to run shortcodes, which will automatically mention all Facebook friends in the comment. In case, if you want to know how to tag all friends in Facebook comments at once, follow the below-given method to label all of your Facebook friends.

Notice: This method has been working for years. But now, Facebook has upgraded its security and policies. Due to this, there is not any working method to view the mention of all friends in Facebook Comments at once. So, you can try our Facebook Tricks if you are interested.

How To Tag All Friends In Facebook Comments In Single-Click.

Note:- This Script is Only Able to Mention friends in text status. So, it will not work on photo posts.

1. Before all, you have to open your Facebook account. The special status where you want to mention or tag all friends in Facebook comments.

2. Then open the tag post into a new tab or your browser so that only particular will be visible.

3. Open the below-given script and copy-paste all the code.

View Script

4. After copying all code, you can go back to the tab where the status is open.

5. Then Click the F12 button and the Inspect element box will start appearing.
Mention/Tag To All Friends In Facebook Comments script
6. Switch to the Console tab and paste all the codes which we copy from above.

7. After Pasting the code into the console press enter. Now, wait for a few secs your all friends to get the auto tag in Facebook comments.

Note:- For Firefox users, Sometimes the browser may block this script. In case if it doesn’t work, then check the protection place just before HTTPS. If it shows a block message, then allow it and again try the whole process to tag all friends.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoy these fantastic tricks about how to tag all your friends in the comments at once. Also, if the above code is not working, please let us know in the comments. Else, if you have any best way to mention all your friends, then you are free to let us know, and we will appreciate it.