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10+ Best Folder Lock Software For Windows PC 2024 – [Top Edition]

Windows is a prevalent operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Windows OS is used by 80 percent of users all over the world. The computer is used in every field to save time and increase work efficiency.

The computer world changed the human lifestyle. People like to use computers to play games, surf the internet, do video calls, watch videos, and much more. If you also have found watching videos and looking for the best video players. Then, you must read our previous post, Best Media Players for windows.

One reason for using Windows OS is that Windows provides application software in different fields as we know that computers can store a large amount of data.

It can be our data, which we do not want to share with anyone. In some situations, a single computer is shared by several users. So we need to protect our data. One way to protect our data is to create a password-protected folder and save our data in it. For external devices, you can use data encryption software also.

So we need folder lock software for Windows. If you are a Windows user and want to protect your data, then do not worry. Today, we will discuss the best Windows folder lock software. Each software in the list is reviewed before presenting it to you.

  1. Folder Lock.
  2. Protected Folder.
  3. Easy File Locker.
  4. WinMend Folder Locker.
  5. Private Folder.
  6. Lock & Hide Folder.
  7. SecretFolder.
  8. HiddenDIR.
  9. Lock A Folder.
  10. Free Hide Folder.

Best Folder Lock Software For Windows.

1. Folder Lock.

Folder lock is one of the fantastic files and folder lock software for Windows that protects our data from unauthorized access. This software is available for Windows 8, 7, 10, XP, Vista, etc.

It is easy-to-use software with an attractive GUI. We can also encrypt files and folders. It also provides the option to lock our pen drive, hard disk drive, etc. One of its significant advantages is that its version trial is freely available.

Folder Lock: Download.

folder lock

2. Protected Folder.

The protected folder is another popular folder lock software for Windows. It is a lightweight software that drops capability. The user has to drag & drop the file or folder and put it in the security area.

It hides the folder from being visible and protects it from viewing, or modifying the data. It is compatible with Windows 7/8.

Protected Folder: Download.

protected folder

3. Easy File Locker.

Easy File Locker is another popular folder lock software for Windows users. One of its maize advantages is that it is freely available for everyone. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista. It is a lightweight application with an easy-to-use GUI.

It provides a drag-drop option and also offers a file/ folder browsing option for hiding the file. It prevents unauthorized users from accessing, viewing, and modifying our data.

Easy File Locker: Download.

easy file locker

4. Winmend folder locker.

Winmend folder Locker is another freeware folder hiding and locking software for Windows users. It works by hiding files and folders which are entirely invisible to other programs and Operating systems.

We can unhide the files and folder from the software un-hide option. To open the software, we have to use the password that we provide at the software installation time. It ensures that nobody can view your data. It is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, VISTA.

Winmend Folder Locker: Download.

winmend folder hider

5. Private Folder.

A private folder is another freely available file hider for Windows. We can hide or lock several files in this application. It is possible for both 32 and 64-bit versions.

It provides a unique feature if the name of the container folder is changed. After that, the hidden files inside the folder will also remain hidden. It is the best application for home users free of cost. It is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista.

Private Folder: Download.

private folder

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6. Lock & Hide folder.

Lock and Hide folder is another folder lock software for Windows for free. It can only lock the folder but can not close the file. It provides 256-bit encryption for hiding folders.

You Can hide or un-hide the folder with just one click. It is compatible with Windows 11. It is suitable for home users. This tool has fewer features, but it is a useful tool for protecting the lists if you only want to hide the directories.

Lock & Hide Folder: Download.

lock hide folder

7. SecretFolder.

SecretFolder is an easy-to-use utility software that lets you hide your folders and their contents very easily. The best thing this simple tool offers is that it cannot be uninstalled without entering the password.

It has maximum security. And, the interface is so intuitive and useful that anyone can use this software.

SecretFolder: Download.

secret folder

8. HiddenDIR.

HiddenDIR is yet another tool that can help you to hide your folders on a Windows OS desktop. It also uses a password-protected security system, which is very convenient to use.

The best thing about this little tool is that it has a very polished and well-built interface that adds to an excellent user experience.

HiddenDIR: Download.


9. Lock a Folder.

Lock a Folder is a free software to lock folders for Windows OS. And, the users can use the software to hide these secret files. This tool provides you with a master password so that there can be no unauthorized uninstallations.

Unfortunately, this project has been abandoned, which means there won’t be any further updates offered by the developer.

Lock A Folder: Download.

lock a folder

10. Free Hide Folder.

Free Hide Folder is a fundamental and minimum tool to hide files and folders in Windows. You can give it a try and download it from the link given below.

Free Hide Folder: Download.

free hide folder

In conclusion, we hope that you find the above-given best folder lock software for Windows users. You can share your experience and thoughts in the comment box below.