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Convert PDF To Word, Excel, PPT, Image & Other File Format Online (Best 10+ Tools) – 2023

With the advancements of technology, computers and mobile phones are used in almost every work. People like to keep their documents in digital format. PDF, Excel, and Doc format are commonly used text formats for keeping documents in digital format.

Digital documents are easy to store and access. We can easily access it on mobile devices and computers. Word files are easy to change or edit as compared to PDF format. Most of the official reports and other work are done in doc and excel format.

But sometimes we have PDF files which we need to convert in the doc & excel format. We can do it by typing, but it is a time-consuming process. Hence, we need tools to convert PDF to word file.

Sometimes we have done this task at a public computer where we do not have appropriate tools at our convenience.  We need online tools to convert PDF to word, excel, and another format online in this situation. If you also face the above situation, then this article is really for you.

We will explain ahe best online tools for converting PDF to word, excel document format. You can choose one of them according to your requirements.

  1. PDFToWord.
  2. ConvertPDFtoword.
  3. ConvertOnlineFree.
  4. VeryPDF.
  5. FreePDFConvert.
  6. PDFOnline.
  7. OnlineOCR.
  8. ConvertMyPDFtoWord.
  9. Zamzar.
  10. Free-PDFtoWord.

Best Sites To Convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, Image Online Tools.


PDFtoword is one of the best online pdf to word file online converter. It provides its services for free. PDFtoWord provides an easy to use interface with an attractive GUI. You need to select your file and put the Email address to which you want to send it.

It will automatically send this file to an Email address. You can download it from the mail address.


Convertpdftoword is another popular website to convert pdf to word online. On this website, you do not require an Email address to Email the file. You can select a pdf file to upload and download after the conversion of the file.

You can also select pdf to image, HTML, text, and another format. It provides an easy to use tool with an attractive look.


Convertonlinefree is the most popular website which provides online document conversion without any cost. It provides high quality of conversion. This service can convert up to 49 MB of files.

It can convert files from pdf to word, pdf to text, pdf to image, image to pdf, word to pdf, etc. Convertonlinefree provides easy to use tools. We can convert documents within few minutes quickly.


Verypdf is one of the popular websites which provide online pdf to word, excel doc converting facility. It also provides an easy to use interface. We have to select the pdf file from our PC or select the file from a URL.

After that, we have to select the format and press the convert button. It can convert a pdf file upto 10 MB. It also provides its API for commercial purposes.


Freepdfconvert also provides us the facility of converting documents from one format to another. It can convert pdf to Excel, image, word, etc. Freepdfconvert provides an attractive look with easy tools. We have to upload the file from our computer.

It also provides an Email option to send files to the mail address after conversion. Freepdfconvert also has a Sign Up option for its customers on a monthly, yearly, or lifetime basis.


Pdfonline also provides a free web service to convert a document from pdf to word and word to pdf online. It offers other web services: jpeg to pdf, HTML to pdf, pdf to image, etc. We have to upload the file from our PC for conversion.

It also provides its API for converting documents. Pdfonline also provides its Pdf to word free software trial for PC.

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Online is another popular website that provides free service of converting 15 documents per hour without any registration. It also provides support for 46 languages under a free Sign Up for its user.

After Signup, you can convert the unlimited document. After uploading the file, you can also select the page number which pages you want to convert.


Convertmypdftoword also provides a free web service to convert our pdf document to word and word document to pdf. It offers easy to use tool with frequent access. We have to upload the document and convert it and download it. It deletes our converted document from the servers after the download finishes.


It is another popular website that provides easy to use tools for converting pdf to word, images, text, excel, and vice versa. It supports files up to 100 MB. We have to upload files and select the format to which we want to convert. It can also convert audio files and


Free-pdf to the word is another popular website that provides a web service of converting documents from pdf to word, excel, images, text, etc. It can also combine two or more pdf into a single file. It provides an attractive GUI with easy to use tools. We can also print our documents and even preview them. It supports a maximum of 10

In conclusion, these are the best services that you can use to convert your PDF files into MS Word supported documents for easy editing. Please tell us what you think about these services also. Which service you like the most, and tell us your experience in the comments below.