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How To Change Proxy Settings On Chrome & Firefox Browser – 2024

Proxy and IP address are specific address based on a different computer, location, and internet connection. Proxies are helpful in many different situations sometimes we are not able or don’t have permission to access any specific website or other featured parts that are restricted in some areas or on a specific device.

Then by adding your own proxy you can easily access or complete any task you want to do. So for this purpose, this article is only for those who have never played with their browser settings.

I don’t know how to change proxy settings in the browser then this tutorial with help to learn about how to add an IP address into a browser and change your current internet surfing location.

How To Change Proxy Settings In Chrome & Firefox.

Proxy Settings For Mozilla Firefox.

  • Open Your Mozilla Firefox >> Tools >> Options.
  • Now Window will appear to choose Advanced Tab at last.
  • In Advanced Tab click on Network and click on the Settings button of connection appear at first.

firefox network settings

  • Then a new window appears to choose Manual proxy features and then your proxy in the place of the HTTP box and also add Port no in the given box.
  • Just under the box of Proxy, there is a dialogue about Use this proxy for all protocols. Must check that box also if needed.

add proxy manually in firefox

  • Then save down your settings now your proxies are working fine.

Proxy Settings For Google Chrome and Other Browsers.

If you add proxy through Google chrome settings then it works not only for Google chrome also for all other browsers means proxy added through chrome work for the whole internet connection.

  • Open Your Google Chrome Browser
  • From the top right corner click on the settings button >> Then Settings from the list.
  • A new window will appear scroll down your mouse and click on Show Advanced Settings.

chrome change proxy settings

  • Then Find change proxy settings appears in the Network section.
  • Then a new window will appear on Internet Properties click on the Connections tab.
  • In the connection tab, there are settings options for Dial-up connection and LAN connection.
  • If your connection is Dial-up then select it from the dial box and its settings button is just on the right side or box.
  • But if your connection LAN connection then clicks on LAN settings.

Internet property settings

  • Tick the box use this proxy for LAN/Dial-up connection under the Proxy servers section.
  • Then Add your Proxy and port addresses.
  • After adding check the box of Bypass the proxy server for the local settings option.

LAN add proxy settings

  • Now save down your all settings and proxies will start working.

These above settings are for Mozilla and Google Chrome but settings in chrome work for the whole internet mean no need to add manually in other browsers also.

Note:- In condition if you are not using Mozilla or chrome then for Manually addition proxy into device option your control panel and then find internet option same will appear as for chrome settings.

We hope you learn how to add proxy address into the browser if you don’t know yet before then this topic help to learn something new. For any question, write to us in the comments below.