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Top 10 Best Android Arcade Games – [2024 Edition]

Gaming is best to release stress and get relaxed. We play games on smartphones, consoles, PC, and other devices. Each platform has its own different gaming experience, as Android is a widely used operating system for smartphones and tablets.

Android is also famous for gaming. Every gamer has their own taste of gaming. As recently, we post city-building games for android, which is also quite a different type of gaming style.

So today, we will provide arcade games for android devices. Arcade games require full synchronization of mind and hand with the correct time. We have to take of timing in this type of game to complete levels.

These games offer various brain-teasing situations and various levels of difficulties. These games are similar to endless running games. So these games are also best suitable for people who like different challenges each day.

Here are few best android arcade games which are widely played by a large number of users. We review each game before presenting it to you. Also, it is accompanied by a brief description.

  1. Angry Birds Rio.
  2. Jetpack Joyride.
  3. Sonic Dash.
  4. Vector.
  5. Packman.
  6. Brick Demolition.
  7. Red Ball 4.
  8. Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze Free.
  9. 101-in-1 Games.
  10. Lep’s World 2.

Best Android Arcade Games List.

1. Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Rio Android GamesAngry Birds Rio is popular in all android arcade games, which is full of tricks and fun. The original angry bird has been kidnapped and taken to the city of Rio.

In this game, we have to free all the birds kidnapped in different locations to find the original angry Birds. It provides awesome graphics and sound quality.

Also, we have free birds from cages by using our bird power. Our powers are increased level by level. In this game, we have to use various tricks to free our fellow Birds. Approximately 500 million users have downloaded this game.

Angry Birds Rio Download.

2. Jetpack Joyride.

Jetpack Joyride Android GamesJetpack Joyride is rather popular in all arcade games for android, available on the Google play store for free. In this game, we are going on a jet ride. We can select suits and different types of jets.

Besides, we can start with a legendary machine gun jetpack to scatter the evil scientists of research. We have to collect coins and complete the different missions throughout the game.

It is a lightweight android Game with awesome graphics and easy to use control. Approximately 200 million users downloaded this game.

Jetpack Joyride: Download.

3. Sonic Dash.

Sonic Dash Android GamesSonic Dash is another in a list of android arcade games that is full of action and thrill. It provides endless running and adventure. Sonic incredible Dash allows us to run at high speed and destroy everything in our path.

It provides awesome graphics quality and animating scenes. This game also offers an epic boss battle with Dr. Eggman.

We can also buy and win different powers like a shield, ring magnet, etc. Approximately 100 million users download this game.

Sonic Dash: Download.

4. Vector.

Vector Android GamesIt is a combination of action and arcade game which is full of brain-teasing situations. In this game, we have to control our exceptional free runner, who would not be caught by the system.

This Game offers 20 challenging levels. This game offers excellent graphics with easy to play controls. Run, vault, climb, and slide based on the extraordinary techniques of urban ninja sports.

Approximately 100 million users downloaded this Game.

Vector: Download.

5. Packman.

Pac Man Android GamesPackman is one of the popular lists of android arcade games among kids and youngsters. It is like old chocolate in a new wrapper. We have to escape from the team of ghosts and earn a high score by eating fruits.

Moreover, we can also challenge our friends to play with us and become the number one packman player. We can earn a multiplier to increase our score. We can also earn extra lives by completing the bonus round. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this game.

Packman: Download.

6. Brick Demolition.

Brick Demolition Android GamesAnother good game in the list of android arcade games requires a combination of brain and hands with excellent timing. In this game, we have to control the ball with our racket and destroy all the bricks.

This game offers 400 different levels, and new levels are also added from time to time. This game offers different types of power balls, including fireball, multiplier balls, and rackets, to overcome these levels.

Ball speed is also increased and decreases with power, and gravity can also be controlled with power. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this game.

Brick Demolition: Download.

7. Red Ball 4.

Red Ball 4 Android GamesRed Ball 4 is another in the list of android arcade games. Evil minions want to convert the planet into a square shape. Red Ball is assigned a mission to complete and rescue our planet.

This game is also full of adventure and fun. It provides 60 different levels to complete. We have to make our way by saving ourselves from the trap and all difficulties of the way.

This game also provides an epic boss battle. Hence, approximately 50 million users downloaded this Game.

Red Ball 4: Download.

8. Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze Free.

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze Android GamesTom & Jerry is rather an awesome android game that is full of action and thrill. Also, these are world famous cartoon characters. In this game, cheese is rather spread everywhere.

Jerry has to collect all that cheese. Tom and his friends make traps for Jerry. We have to collect all the cheese by going through all these traps. This game also provides 90 levels to complete.

We can use powerups and daily household objects to stay one step ahead. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this app.

Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze Free: Download.

9. 101-in-1 Games.

100 in 1 Games Android It is also a combo pack that offers 142 different games of each category. We do not need to download any other Game. It is a lightweight Android Game with attractive Graphics and easy to play control.

Besides, it provides a puzzle and logic Games, Shooting games, drawing Games, water Games, sports, and much more. We can taste many games in one pack.

It is also available in 14 different languages. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this game.

101-in-1 Games: Download.

10. Lep’s world 2.

Lap's World 2 Android GamesIt is rather a combination of arcade and adventure games. In this game, lap has to save his friends and family alone. We have to help lep in gaining different powers and abilities.

This game offers 8 different worlds with 64 levels. It provides 10 plus different items and abilities that help is to complete levels. We have to defeat 13 enemies. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this game.

Lep’s World 2: Download.

In conclusion, these are the few best android arcade games. If we missed any popular ones, let us know by starting a discussion in the comments below.