Verify Blog On Google, Bing And Yahoo Webmaster – Part 2

Verify Blog On Google, Bing And Yahoo Webmaster - Part 2
This is second article of my Seo series to make your Blog or website Well optimized for better visitors performance. After the successful site submission on search engine now the next step is required is to verify your site in webmaster. For every website or Blog it is very important to verify it site in webmaster for main search engines like Google, Bing and yahoo for better performance. Verify site in webmaster is required because their are many seo tools which are provided by Google and bing Webmaster.
Simply you can say that webmaster is that place where you can manage the internal working of your site and blog. Their are many options for improvement of site Seo performance. But before verifying your site in webmaster make sure that your site is crawl  by search engine. If you don’t how to submit your site in search engine then i recommend you to read my first article of Seo series about site submission


This are really helps you for tremendous increase in traffic and also save your time for submitting in different search engines. So before proceeding in Second Part SEO series must follow 1st part. Now here starting the second part of this series about Add or verify your blog or website in webmasters.


#1 Verify  On Google Webmaster


  • Firstly Go to Google Webmaster.
  • Then Sign up for account. If you already using gmail or blogger account then simply login with your blogger account on webmasters.
  • If you are using Same Account for you blog and webmaster then your blog will automatically add in webmaster. But if you are using different account then you need to add and verify your blog/website.
Add Site
  • Now Click on the Add Site button from right side Top corner and type the URL of your site or blog.
  • After Adding your site link your website or blog comes into the list. Now on the right side of your new site their is manage button and click verify site.
Verify the site
  • Now To verify your site or blog their are many different methods (Recommended Method) And (Alternative Method). Now i am using HTML method from alternate tab to verify my blog.
  • Now copy the verification code and paste them in your blog in <Head> section.
HTML verify


  • Open your Blogger Dashboard >> Template Tab >> Edit HTML >> now search for <head> section and and paste your verification code just below <Head> section and save your template.
  • After completing all steps. Come back to webmaster and click on Verify Button.
  •  Now If you will see the above shown message after verification. It means you have successfully verified your Blog or Website.


#2 Verify On Bing Webmaster


  • Go To Bing Webmaster
  • Sign up for new account or Login with existing window Live ID
  • Now Enter the URL of your website/Blog in Add  URL box.
Bing webmaster


  • Now Simply Click on Add button for Further Process Don’t Change any Option while adding leave them as default.
  • Now You have to verify your Site Ownership. Their are Three methods, choose any method which you want.
  • I am choosing second Meta Tag Method to verify my Demo Blog in Bing webmaster.
Bing Verified
  • Now Copy  Meta Tag as Shown in above image and paste in <Head> section of your Site or Blog.
  • Open your Blogger Dashboard >> Template Tab >> Edit HTML
    >> now search for <Head> Section  and paste your verification code
    just below <Head> section and save your template.
  • After Saving Template Click on Verify Button on Webmaster.
  • Now Your site  successfully added in Bing webmaster after verification.


#3 Verify On Yahoo.


Their is no Need for another verification on yahoo because yahoo site explorer is now merged with bing webmaster. so if you have successfully verify your site in Bing. Then it is automatically added in yahoo also. Means Yahoo and Bing is using mutual webmaster.
At last i hope you enjoy this second part of my seo series about site verification in Google, bing and yahoo webmasters. This article helps you to improve your site seo by using these webmaster tools.
If you have any question or any doubt must share your comment.


  1. My website is already listed in DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo and Google and this year. I aim to list my websites in Baidu. Does anyone here have a link for the submission in Baidu?

  2. dear I tried this method to verifing blog But did get success.
    when i put code on my blogger html tag . still my blog not verify pls.. tell me more step.
    where i should paste code on blog


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