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PhoneRescue For IOS – Best Data Recovery Tool For iPhone & iPad Data – 2023

Data Loss from our iOS device is a very bad thing to happen to someone and its’ very pitiful too. It’s nothing less than a nightmare. We all store a lot of data on our iOS devices like audios, video, text messages and a lot more. There is a lot of important data over our phone. This important data can be business files, portfolios, photos with those memories and other important files. It depends on the priorities of a person. But one thing doesn’t get affected is that no one wants to lose their data. Sometimes the data is lost because of some technical issue or accidentally. Either way, it’s not a good thing to happen. You can take the backup of all your data and in that case, you will be able to restore it easily. But, what if you didn’t take the backup of the data. Then, you should use PhoneRescue for iOS tool of iMobie.

PhoneRescue is a data recovery tool developed by iMobie for iOS devices. Today, we are going to review. If you are going to through a data loss on your iOS devices then you should try it. This review will help you in using this tool and knowing all of its features. So, here we start.

PhoneRescue for iOS From iMobie.

PhoneRescue For iOS Home

As we above mentioned that PhoneRescue is a data recovery tool from iMobie which is used to recover and restore various types of data. This tool is available for both Windows as well as macOS. It will help you in recovering around 31 types of data like photos, videos, messages, contacts and much more. Its competitors are not able to recover that number of data types. This is a very reliable tool which will recover all your data pretty efficiently and securely. You don’t need to worry a bit about anything.

Other than the data recovery, PhoneRescue is a tool which also prevents your iOS devices from any type of breakdown which makes it convenient to use. Also, no matter what will be the reason for data loss, it will always recover your data and bring it back to you. Perhaps, it has three different modes for the data recovery and these modes are given below:

  • Recover From iOS Device.

Recover Data From iOS Device Phone Rescue

The first from the three modes which are offered by PhoneRescue is recovering data from directly from iOS Device. It is the most popular way to recover data. Because in this, you don’t need to have any backup files. If you suffered a data loss, you need to select the “Recover from iOS Device” option. Then, just connect your iOS device which can be iPad/iPhone with your PC or Mac. It will then scan and ask you to select the file you want to restore. After selecting, simply click on the recover button and all of your deleted data will be recovered successfully. In this way, this tool works.

  • Recover From iTunes Backup.

Recover Data From iTunes

This is the second mode and in this, the data will be recovered from the iTunes backup. To use this mode, you must have backed up your data on iTunes. It’s a very simple and easy method. You can do this method manually also but then the data recovery won’t be secure and efficient. So, why don’t use this tool? You just have to select the backup files from iTunes and click on recover. It will do everything and you can just relax. This tool will recover your data in the most secure way.

  • Recover From iCloud.

Data Recover From iCloud

The third and last mode is to Recover from iCloud. Whenever you use an iOS device, you have to login into an iCloud account. It is not only used for your identity but also for backing up your data saved on your device. If you ever lose your data then it’s back up is always in the iCloud. This mode of PhoneRescue helps you recovering and restoring data from that backup. You simply login into your iCloud ID and recover all your data to your device.

So, these were various modes of PhoneRescue which you can use to recover all your deleted or lost data. This tool will surely get you all your important data back.

Features Of PhoneRescue For IOS.

So now you must have known about how to recover the data using this tool. But, the features must still not be clear to you. So, here the list of features of PhoneRescue data recovery tool.

Features Of PhoneRescue

1. Choose What To Recover.

PhoneRescue will allow you to choose the files which you want to recover. Whenever you will recover data using it, it will first show you a preview of the files being restored. You will be able to select what to restore and what not to. So, you can recover deleted photos from iPhone at one time and videos on the other.

2. Fix Damages To Your iOS Device.

PhoneRescue is not only the best data recovery tool but it’s an all-round expert of iOS devices. It helps you in fixing damages to your iOS devices. It has a feature which will fix the OS related damages to your device like crashing and revive it with 1-click. This feature made this tool more awesome and cool.

3. Download Any Data From iCloud.

Recover Data From These Common Scenarios

This tool allows you to login into your iCloud id and can manage all your backups in it. It will enable you to download any backup from iCloud to your iPhone/iPad as well as to your computer. You can do it anytime, you want to do it.

4. Most Reliable and Secure.

PhoneRescue is the most reliable data recovery tool. You can rely on it about all your data and it’s a very trustworthy tool. The second main thing is the security of your data. Then that is also not to worry while you are using this tool. It ensures 100{e66e6f15cd857a101efbf20a7a941ba5467be7d37c5afcb20afd7fa48b899e63} security of your data.

These were the main features of PhoneRescue for iOS. It will surely recover all your data and will also help you in fixing your device’s crashing. I don’t think there is any reason to avoid this type of tool. So, you must download it as soon as possible and enjoy to use it. Here is the download link of it:


So, this was our review of the PhoneRescue data recovery tool for iOS from iMobie. We have used and tested all of its features. We can say that you can download it without a single doubt. If somehow, you lost your data then it will surely be a very handy and important tool for tool. You must use it and let us how your experience was. We hope you have liked it and will also share it with your friends. For now, it’s Bye from our side. Hope you enjoy!