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Best SSO Provider For Cloud Security : OneLogin’s Single Sign-On Solution – 2023

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a software which allows users to log in with only 1 set of login credentials, for instance, one password and username, so they can easily access a plethora of applications. SSO can work on any browser or device, and makes it easier for users to use a number of diverse programs or websites without needing to type in many different usernames and passwords.

Why is Single Sign-On Important?

Single Sign-On helps companies be more productive and save both time and money.On the other hand, SSO saves time and energy since users don’t need to log into multiple programs. This provides a streamlined user experience, making it less possible for the applications to experience account access issues because of having to juggle many unique passwords and user accounts.Single Sign-On is also ideal for admins.

It saves administrators and technical helpdesk staff time by reducing the amount of tickets delivered to the helpdesk regarding accessibility issues like lost or forgotten passwords. In actuality, according to Forrester’s TEI Report for OneLogin, a normal organization may submit over 4,000 reset tickets every year, at a cost of $25 per ticket. This means that implementing single sign-on can save your company over $100,000 every year on low password resets alone.

How Does Single Sign-On Work?

OneLogin Single Sign-On utilizes Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to simplify the login procedure. SAML takes advantage of concepts in cryptography to distribute tokens from OneLogin to various software, allowing application accessibility in a fashion that doesn’t involve passwords. SAML is the foundation of OneLogin SSO engineering and is a excellent way to protect employees’ logins.

Key Features

  • Enforce security policy.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Reduce costs.

OneLogin is a flexible SSO solution which enables administrators to tailor the identity management process to suit their organization’s specific needs. Its compatibility with numerous directory types, such as AD, LDAP and Google Apps, makes it easy for any company, as does the exceptional methods OneLogin offers for handling classes.

For end users, OneLogin maintains an easily navigated and simple-to-use portal that grants users access to permissioned software with just one set of sign-on credentials. Approved applications appear in one central place and, once users use their SSO credentials, may be retrieved with just one click. The user portal can be customized to match company branding and aesthetic, also.

Multiple Logins

Our only sign-on authentication system enables you to create any number of logins to the identical type of application. In case you’ve got five WordPress websites or 2 Google Apps accounts, OneLogin makes them accessible with one password, click. For those who have different staging and production environments, multiple login performance is a true time-saver.multiple logins

Social Sign-In Options

Social authentication allows end-users sign into OneLogin with their Social Identity Provider credentials from providers like facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This provides them with a more streamlined experience, as they don’t need to produce a OneLogin password to get most of their programs inside the OneLogin SSO portal. We have made it simple for OneLogin admins. This feature is particularly helpful for externally-facing programs used by your clients. social signin

Personal Applications

OneLogin isn’t limited to enterprise programs. You can opt to let users to add their own personal programs like LinkedIn, Twitter and travel booking sites. Personal apps don’t require IT involvement and may be configurable and accessible to users through their secure single sign-on portal. ( personal apps

Language Support

Got users in Germany, France, Japan or China? OneLogin’s portal supports 21 languages, which gives users throughout the globe an optimized user experience. Just choose which localization you want to make accessible and OneLogin will automatically fit the portal’s language to the user’s browser preferences.languages supported


OneLogin maintains a special mapping tool which enables administrators to manage security groups directly, as opposed to synchronizing them with the integrated directory. In effect, OneLogin mapping simplifies the user provisioning process.

Self-registration pages:

OneLogin’s self-registration feature set the SSO solution aside from the competition by allowing users to request accounts to get particular applications themselves. These pages are subject to administrative controls, but enhance user capability to collaborate with partner organizations or grant temporary access to the SSO ecosystem either to temps or interns. For administrators, these kinds of self registered users may be added to a single group, which can be subject to certain permissions and restrictions.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA):

Like most of our best choices, OneLogin asserts an MFA quality that guarantees users’ identities a minimum of 2 times for an additional layer of security. Administrators can set MFA policies during execution and modify those settings afterwards.


Administrators are given a terrific latitude of control over establishing policies and user limitations. One of our favourite policies is the ability to control password complexity, in addition to the choice to mandate regular password resets and restrict users’ skills to reuse old passwords. Like MFA, these policies raise the security of OneLogin’s entire system and set network administrators in the driver’s seat.

Whats Offered In Free trial?

  • Unlimited Users.
  • 3 Company Apps.
  • 5 Personal Apps.
  • Directory Integration.
  • OneLogin Mobile.
  • Online Support.

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