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iBoysoft NTFS For MAC – Best Software For Read/Write NTFS Drives – 2023

Apple devices are considered as one of the reliable devices available in the market. And, indeed they actually are. Mac is such a device from Apple which is portable and similar to a laptop. It runs on macOS, an operating system especially for the device. There are a lot of features available in it that can’t be found in any other device. Similarly, there are a few features that are not available in it. But, those features are needed by a lot of users. Because they are used often. Today, we are going to talk about such a specific feature.

Mac has support for Microsoft NTFS disk. But, it only allows through a read-only. It means that you can easily view a picture or document stores in the NTFS drive. But, when you try to edit, rename, or delete. Then, you won’t be able to do it. Simply, it means that there is not write mode available. All the files on it will be locked and it makes you frustrated.

From now on, there is no need to frustrate about it. We are going to introduce you to such software that can resolve this problem without any hassle. iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is that tool that can grant you full permission of the NTFS drives. Let’s just know about it more.

iBoysoft NTFS For Mac.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac is a software that allows you to have full control over the NTFS drives in your device. It means that you will be able to have write-read access to it. In this way, you will be able to not just view but also delete, edit, or rename the files stored in the drive. Most importantly, it is a very easy-to-setup tool. Don’t worry about that. Plus, the interface is quite simple. And, there are not many options. There are only those options which are actually needed to perform the task.

There is no much you have to do with the software. When you have finished setting up the software, it will automatically mount the NTFS drive. You will be able to read-write on them easily. It will look like the device has the option before within it. The software is developed by iBoysoft, a software development company. Other than that, it allows you to transfer files at a fast speed due to the support of advanced algorithms. You will have control over the mounted drives. It offers you to eject and mount the drive with just a click. Through this, the transferring of files between Windows & Mac devices can be completed within a few minutes.

Features of iBoysoft NTFS For Mac.

There is a long list of features offered by the software. Unfortunately, we can’t include each one of them. But, there are some features about which you should know. Those features include:

Automatically Mount Drives for Read-Write Access.

Once the software is installed, it will automatically any NTFS drive within the device. So, you can have read-write access it. In addition to that, you will also be able to transfer data from the device to an external hard drive. It is pretty productive and efficient. Because the software won’t cause any type of instability or bugs which can harm your device. While transferring files, you will also notice that it is quick and done within minutes.

Erase Data on NTFS with One-Click.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac Disk Management

Although, it allows you to edit the files in the NTFS drive. What if you want to erase all the data on a certain drive? It has simplified that for you as well. Rather than deleting the files one by one, you can easily erase the data with just one click. For that, the user need to open the software. Then, select the drive you want to delete. Once selected, there will be an option of “Erase Disk” in the right half of the screen. Click on it and all the data on that drive will be deleted.

Repair NTFS Drives.

Somehow if there is any problem within the NTFS drive then you can solve that too. Generally, NTFS volume doesn’t work properly on Mac if it needs some repair. There is a simple process to check the disk for any errors. Choose the disk from the software. Then, click on “Check Disk”. It will scan the disk and solve it if there are any file system errors. Remember that only minor errors can be resolved.

Reformat Different File Systems to NTFS.

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac Options

In case, if you want to change the other file systems on your drive to NTFS volumes. The software has your back on that case as well. There is no built-in feature to perform this task. By this process, the general file system will reformat to NTFS drive. You will be able to access the properties of the NT file system. From the list of all drives, select the drive you want to reformat. Then, click on “Erase to NTFS”. It will change the file system into NTFS. Make sure that there is no important data within that drive. Because this process will format all the previous data.

With all of the above features, it is a feature-rich software. It will solve a lot of your problems. It will provide you with those features which are not available otherwise. You should definitely download iBoysoft NTFS for Mac and give it a try.

Download iBoysoft NTFS for Mac


These were our thoughts about NTFS for Mac software. It will surely resolve a number of your problems. This will be done in the most productive and efficient way. We hope that you must have liked the software. Share with us your experience.