Hostoople Review: Cheap & Best Reseller Hosting for Bloggers

Hostoople Review: Cheap & Best Reseller Hosting for Bloggers

Blogging and bloggers, both are on rage. Most of the people are opting for blogging but when they think to do so, the main confusion is which platform to choose; WordPress or blogger? This is seriously a confusing question, if you ask the pros they will ask you to go with WordPress as it gives you a better control over your blog but if you don’t want to go deep in the path the blogger is better one.If you choose WordPress then the next problem which you face is hosting space to install WordPress. There is lot of hosting providers over the internet and the famous ones are bluehost, dream host and others but the main thing which everyone faces is that they have a high price! And this is where Hostoople comes!

Hostoople Review

If you are new to the term hostoople then let me tell you that it is a web hosting provider and is the life saver for most of the bloggers! The plans of this hosting provider start at a low cost; the shared hosting plan is starting at a price of $3.95 per month. Apart from that there are other services like Linux and Windows Hosting with VPS and Reseller Hosting! So if you are one of the people thinking to setup his/her own hosting service but don’t want to spend much amount on it then cheap reseller hosting is for you!

Hostoople Plans:

I know that you are pretty excited right now after listening the services given by this provider but calm down at least take a look at prices first! There are 3 plans given by hostoople;

Hostoople Review

Economy Plan

In Economy Plan, Hostoople gives you 150GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth which allows you to host upto 2 domains at max. The price for this plan is $3.95 per month which is pretty cool for such features!

Advanced Plan

The next plan here is the advanced plan, in this plan you get unlimited bandwidth once again with permission to store up to 10 domains and a huge disk space of 300GB! Just like the earlier plan, this plan is also priced at a low price for just $7.95 per month!


Epic Plan

As the name tells, this plan is really EPIC! Yes! This plan has such cool and awesome features that will make you say the word epic! Well this is the costliest plan with a price of $12.95 per month but it offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains! And if you want help in anything, then you would be given priority in support!

With so many features that too at a low price, Hostoople acts as best bait for all the bloggers. But wait, this is not the end, take look at some of the more premium features!

Free Domain, scripts, database transferSurprised? Well it is a truth! Hostoople doesn’t charge you anything to transfer domains or any database of your website and all of that is done for free!



If you ask me, then I will definitely suggest you to go for Hostoople. Why? I am amused that you are still asking me this but still, better support, and awesome features, low cost. I think that is the answer to your question!

Apart from that Hostoople gives you 99.5% uptime guarantee and 100% customer guarantee. And if you are not satisfied with the hosting then you can also get your money back within 30 days! Amazing?

Hostoople provides support 24/7 via support ticket or by calling on +1 (855) 933-3825.

Well that is all I had to speak about Hostoople, if you are looking for cheap shared hosting or the best reseller hosting then Hostoople is for you!


  1. I have been with Hostoople for 4 months and its been a non-stop pain after the first month.
    Sure, they're response may be quick (but not helpful) if you are based in a US timezone.
    Talking to them is like talking to a wall. Responses are vague and they avoid answering tough questions when things look bad for them.

    The 99.5% uptime is a joke and should be taken with a grain of salt. When I complain I cannot access ANY site on my reseller profile, they ask me for my IP so they can unblock me. This is after I tried browsing from various different IP's.

    I tried to stick it out with them, but I cannot hide their incompetence anymore from the few clients I have hosted on them and will cancel my subscription with them this month.


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