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DatsPush Review: Make Money With Your Push Notification Easily – 2023

Push notifications attracted the limelight a few years ago. When you visit websites today, most of them show you notice about whether or not you are willing to receive push notifications. As a website owner, you might have implemented one for yourself.

The people who subscribed to your push notifications are your true followers. They want to know what happens on your site in real-time. Have you ever thought of monetizing this traffic? Yeah, it is possible and I became awestricken as you are right now when I first heard of DatsPush. Today, let’s delve deep into the features of this push notification ad network developed by Leadbit group.

DatsPush – Something about the Platform

DatsPush is an ad network focusing only on push notifications. One of the most popular CPA affiliate networks, Leadbit is behind this platform. You can monetize your live traffic by signing up for the platform. Irrespective of the geographic location, anyone can join to start monetizing their traffic.

Key Features of DatsPush for Publishers 

Below, I have listed out a few key features that DatsPush offer to their publishers. Of course, one can arrive at a verdict by going through the following.

1. Multiple Ad Formats: Choose Best Suited for You

You know we are living in a mobile era. People don’t leave their phones aside on their bed as well.  Hence, being a Publisher/Website owner, it is good to reach both desktop and mobile users. Keeping in mind, DatsPush currently offering the three advertisement formats. It will help Publishers to target their mobile and desktop victors simultaneously.

    • Mobile Push– The name says it all. The users see the notifications on the top of their mobile screens.
    • Web Push– The subscribers see this notification on the corner of the display even with the browser minimized.
    • Rich Push– Rich push actually says a lot about what the notification all about as it contains pictures too.

2. Two Convenient Payment Methods

DatsPush follows two methods of payment; CPA-based and RevShare. You can opt for one of them.

CPA-Based:- As a publisher, you may know Cost Per Action or CPA model. Here, when a user subscribes to your website, where you implemented DatsPush script, you get paid. The rate differs according to the geographic location. It starts from $20 for 1000 push subscriptions.

Revenue Share:- CPA-based model only gets you money when one person becomes your subscriber. On the other hand, RevShare pays you each time a subscriber clicks on an advertisement.

DatsPush RevShare

3. Hassle-Free Sign Up Process

Everything happens on the go at DatsPush. You can join their platform as an advertiser or as a publisher. If you are a website owner who wants to make money online or monetize your Blog traffic then Sign up as a Publisher. Unlike other ad-network, DatsPush doesn’t ask you a load of information to fill in. With the minimum details, you can complete the signup process easier.

Once the process is completed, you can grab a short snippet of code and place it on your site. DatsPush will start showing a push notification message on your site by asking the subscribers whether or not they would like to get notifications. It’s a hardly 10 mins job.

4. Personal Account Managers

What if you find yourself as a beginner or need some quick support? Well, in that case, you can contact your personal account manager. They will provide you on time support, even guide, compare your traffic statistics and suggest better ad-optimization ideas that help you to make a better revenue.

As soon your website traffic skyrocket, you can discuss with your personal account manager for the special payment terms and profits. DatsPush team is always ready to discuss the special conditions based on the traffic stats.

5. Stable Net7 Payments

I can understand, How it’s payment releases is important for the Publishers. It helps to get motivated and keep working behind Blog success. Keeping in mind the Publishers interest, DatsPush comes with the net30 payments. However, sometimes it becomes so annoying especially when you have a huge sum to cling onto. In such cases, DatsPush follows net7 payment schedule. They even made it clear that webmasters with whopping traffic can negotiate their way to net1 schedule too. It means DatsPush team is much flexible in the Publisher revenue transfer. What’s best you want if an ad-network allowing your payment based on your interest?

6. User-friendly Real-Time Statistic Dashboard

Being a webmaster, you might often stumble upon the ad-network dashboard. It became much annoying once the dashboard is too complicated or with lots of information that you might don’t need. Keeping in mind users’ interest, DatsPush makes their Publishers dashboard user-friendly with the frequent updates of the real-time statics. It will help you to track your website daily performance and calculate instant revenue.

7. Ensure Quality Advertiser and Security

As per my experiences with DatsPush, I couldn’t find any suspicious advertisers on the platform. However, DatsPush also claims the same. Having been exposed to regular credibility monitoring, DatsPush contains zero false campaigns. They strictly follow Microsoft’s security guidelines.

Advantages in a Nutshell

      • Accept all geo locations
      • Easy to implement the script
      • CPA or RevShare payments
      • Stable net7 payments (even net1)
      • Prepayments to the trust establishments
      • Individual conditions for webmasters with their own websites
      • Easy to comprehend live statistics
      • 3 push notification format to monetize your traffic


      • You can only monetize push notifications (that’s actually the only purpose of the platform, though).

If you wish to join DatsPush as a Publisher then go ahead for Sign Up.

Final Verdict

You have got a clear picture of DatsPush now. Guess what? I am not going to give you the verdict. You are the one who can decide based on your above read. I guess, in your digital marketing journey, you might have come across different advertising platforms. However, Monetizing the Push Notification might be some unique concept where DatsPush emerging as a fast-growing ad-network.

Is it really worth using? As a blogger myself, it is. We are making money through affiliate marketing and direct advertisements. Why shouldn’t we monetize our push notification subscribers and earn even more?