5 Ways To Make Money From Advertisements

5 Ways To Make Money From Advertisements
Major source of online income is depend on advertisements. As in my recent article about making money with ads networks. In which try to explain the major parts of advertisement and about its work and reason of income through ads. So i recommend you to read my recent article first which helps you to boost your knowledge, which was about making money by ads.
Mostly major source of income for all websites is from ads. Most popular sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook and others big and small site have totally major source of income is from ads. But all the ads types are not same as we think. Advertisers choose different methods to pay publisher or third-party, whether  it pay for impression, per click, installation, downloads, selling product, per refer, survey  or many other ways they used.
Today i am going to discuss you about the different method of making money from ads. These methods required different ways of promotion any technique to get more benefits. Some method required your own website or blogs but other method required reference only.


Different Types Of Ad Networks

CPC ( Cost per Click )

These types of ads income is based on every click. Means if place an ad unit which is based on PPC Then every time someone click on the ad unit from your site. Advertiser pay you for every unique click, not invalid clicks. Their are many program which are based on PPC networks. But every network offer different rates which vary from $0.10 to $15. If your site have good flow of visitors and your site is about to generate good CTR ( Click Through Rate) then PPC networks are beneficial for you.
Some the Most Popular PPC or CPC networks are 
Google Adsense

CPM ( Cost Per Mile )

These types of ads income is based on every impression or page view on your site by unique visitor. Means for every unique 1000 page view or impression your got earn. Their are many networks which are based on CPM but they offers different cpm rates for 1000 impressions. The most popular sites which offers CPM service are
Tribal Fusion
Value Click Media
Burst Media
Technorati Media

CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliates Methods

Affiliates is different from CPM and CPC networks because in cpc and cpm you will earn for every impression and click but affiliates marketing depend on selling product under your reference. Until you don’t sell any product you will not earn anything. Affiliates service site save your refer on cookies based. If someone click on your affiliate refer link and  in future they buy product within 90 days or more based on cookies saved by networks site. Then you will got commission for that product or service. Their are many sites which offers difference commission rates between 10% to 25% or more on every product value you sell. Some most popular affiliates networks are
Google Affiliates
Click Bank

CPA Survey Methods

survey networks
Pay per survey programs are networks which pay you for every successful completing survey. CPA survey programs are same like affiliates but affiliates required selling product but survey need only successful completion. Their are many networks which offers different rates which may vary from $1 to $20 or more depend on location and survey choose.

CPI Methods

Another Installation cost per action programs. These programs pay you for every successful install of any software or other service. Many sites offers different rates per install $1 to $15 or more depend on program. These types of programs are also comes under affiliates program.
Pinball Publishers

Selling Ads Space

This is another way of making money from advertisement. If you have your own site or blog then you can also send space for advertisement. By using direct ads system you will get earn from interested person who buy your space for displaying ads unit.
Their are many different ways to make money online which i will try to explain in my future post one by one. Above Mentions are 5 ways of making money only from advertisement.
 If have any question in above mention programs feel free to share your comment.